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February 10, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Animesh (Panchkula)


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Name - Animesh

Interview Location - Panchkula sec 6 pnb regional staff college

Interview Date and Time - 9th feb and 8:30 am panel V

Got documents verified at 10am and they provided everyone one blank sheet to write anything in local language (Punjabi) and i wrote it and they attached it with my documents copy.

mine turn was 15th...

I entered the room at 12:15 with smiling face....

5 members 4m and 1w

wished all of them separately.

m1-so ap bathinda se ho?

m2- please have a seat..

m3- balle oye tu bathinde toh.. papa ki krde tere?
me-retired from NFL

M3-Ok...Nfl di full form?
me- answered

m3-ehna de hor kine plant ne?
me- answered

m1-ok beta apka account hoga? konse bank mein h
me- sbi

m1- sbi pe jo logo wo kaisa hota h?and uska
me- answered i gave my point of view abt meaning
they were happy.. said very good.

w1-ek account hota hai jisme every month specific
amount deposit krte h?time period?
me- rd. 6months to 120 months

w1- very good

m2-rtgs and neft?
me- answered

m4-reporate?abi kitna h?

fir m3 ki bari ayi full conversation punjabi vich

m3-lathe machine operatins? threading?shaping?
me-answered with full confidence

m3-apni city bare dso?
me- told everything

he said very good.. they all smiled and all of them
said good and said all the best..
i said thanku everyone

Suggestion:- Keep yourself calm & be confident...... All the Very Best guys......

That's it, Friends... Panel Member were very cooperative, they will give you clues, if you are trying to give the answers.

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