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February 19, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience- Harish (Salem,Iob)

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Name : Harish

Venue : Salem, IOB

Category : General

Session : Forenoon

Panel : (3M,1F)

              Hi friends I hereby share my interview experience. I reached the venue by 8’o clock. I was asked to wait at the waiting hall. There were around 50 candidates .  They stared to call out the candidates sharply by 8.30. I was eagerly waiting for my turn. 50 becomes 40 then 30,20,10 still waiting patiently and finally my turn came at 11.15. I was asked to go second floor for certificate verification.
          There they gave me a writing pad with a paper that consist of 10 topics I was asked to write any one topic in my local language(tamil). By 11.40 I’ve done with my verification, waited for another half an hour. At 12.15 bell rang for me. Gently knocked the door and entered (ohh god let the panel members not to ask any question from my stream!!) . Here the questions come.

       Male  1:
1)    Tell me about urself?
2)    Why Banking after B.E?
3)    What is ur father?
4)    Where u want see urself by the time u retire?
5)    As ur father is a bank employee, Tell me the stages in banking starting from clerk?

      Male 2:
1)    What  are the secondary functions of bank?
2)    What is mutual fund?
3)    What are the qualities need for a banker?
4)    What is demat account?

      Male 3:
1)    What is SHG?
2)    What is the main purpose of SHG?
3)    What is NPA?
4)    Types of NPA?
5)    What is priority sector lending?
6)    Tell something about Business Correspondence.

       Female 1:
1)    Tell something about APJ Abdul Kalam.
2)    About my final year project.

              That’s it. All the best you can go now. To my surprise there was no  technical questions .

THANK GOD!!. 15 to 20 minutes of interview(mix of both tamil and English).
So stay calm answer boldly whether it is right or wrong that doesn’t matter, ur attitude matters. Thank you friends.

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