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February 18, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Kavi Bharathi (Chennai)

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Name : Kavi Bharathi (Male)

Qualification : ECE (2012)

Interview Venue : IOB Regional office-Chennai

Panel : 3

Time : 8:30 AM

By confidence with smiling opened d door
Me: pls may I come in sir
Panel: yes come in
Me: Good afternoon sirs and goof afternoon mam
Panel: wish d same and offer to sit
Me: sat and said thank you sir
M1: intr yourself?
Me: by express speed of words replied but @ last stage I felt nervous
M1:rate of interest for savings account?
Me: replied 4%
M1:same as for current account?
Me: there s no interest sir
M2: interact small talk about my home town
M2: are u reading newspaper daily ?
Me:No sir, but always watching news
Lady: What is RTGS?
Me:replied simply
Lady: Name some Noble prize winners?
Me: Replied kalyan satyarti instead of kailash satyarti , amrtya sen for economics, mother Threasa for peace and sir C.V Raman for physics.
M1: suddenly mother Theresa for which state?
Me: sir she s from other country but received prize in Bengal.
M3: full form of CNN?
Me: replied sorry sir no idea
M3: full form of BBC?
M3: who is the founder of reliance industry?
Me: Anvil ambani but its not right
M3: group name of reliance industry?
Me:anil dhurbhai ambani group
Here dhurbhai ambani is d founder of RI..but answered only group name .I hope he could be satisfied.
M3:say 2 points of each about ur strength and weakness?
Me: self confidence and hard work - strength
While taking good decisions have some negative taught in mind , it has affect me to take such decisions @ right time and easily believing all kinds of persons.
M1: u r 2012 passed out ? From these time r u preparing for bank?
Me: sir I was worked for MNC BPO firm but I was left from before 6 months.
M1: what is ur salary?
Finally gave news for read ...I was readed the title about india -srilanka automic power agreement loudly but after readed d title itself M1 said k stop.
Finally panelist whished me All D Best & I replied thank you sir and thank you mam and came out with confidence...

Thanks gr8 team..

I wish all of aspirants All D Best be confidence...

If know just give your answer if don't know just reply sorry sir bcoz they have another questions to ask immediately don't take time for wrong answers..

Friends pls give feedback about my experience pls...

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