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February 17, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Madhu (Hyderabad)


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Hi friends i am Madhu from Hyderabad, Telangana first i would like to thank to gr8ambitionz team for their tremendous support...

Centre : Andhra bank zonal office, Koti, Hyderabad

Time : 8:30am,

Date : 16th Feb 2015

Panel : 2

I reached the centre at 8:15am and before me some other candidates have already came and started writing essay...then one sir instructed me to do the same and i wrote on jan dhan yojana.

At sharp 8:30 they took attendace and started verification and mine is 2nd in the list but mine verification done 1stly as the 1st one was abscent...after verification they took us to other floor where panel members were there..and after 10min they called me in side. Here we go.
There were 3m and 1f

Me:may i come in sir
M1:yes come
I wished mam firstly and then sirs
M1:take ur seat
Me:ty sir
M2:introduce ur self
M2:asked about speciality of my place Me:told
M2:why banking (an obvious question)
Me:i answered well
M2:what is highest civilian award?
M3:what is NPA
M3:what is sarfesi act?
M1:what is the meaning of ur name?
Me:told(here he cracked a joke and made the situation more pleasant)
M1:what is the formula of sulfuric acid (as i am a chemistry masters holder)
M1:tell me any two bivalent ions?
M1:if u posted in rural area how will u manage to explain ur Bank products to illiterate people (this is asked because i have worked as a medical rep and told u deal with doctors they are professional ok but how about these people)
Me:tried but he has not seemed satisfied

Finally mam asked me to read a news paper

Then told me to leave and all wished me all the best...

Tried my best and also hoping for the best

Thank you

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  1. Anybody when is the last date of ibps clerk interview ?

  2. Anybody When the qualified candidates can know their marks for ibps clerk ?

  3. can u any one plese post your sbi asso po interview expeee

  4. 1 week after completion interviews

  5. Any body is having interview in andhrabank head office saifabad
    Plz share ur exp..

  6. i m postng experience.. nd thanks to gr8ambitions...
    today went for 10 to 12 mints..
    i m frm mechanical 2014 passed out...
    venue- Hyderabad
    panal 7
    the panel members(1F+3M) are very our uncles..nd garandfather also...very cool

    my turn cme on 5'o clk
    R: may i get in sir
    F:yes plz come rithika
    R:good evng sir good evng mam..i wished separately..
    F:where are u frm rithika
    R:i said XYZ...etc
    M:what is ur father...
    R:i said,(meanwhile others are checking my certificates)
    M:ohhh.... u r frm btech..??
    R:yes sir..
    M:which branch
    M:which clg..dont u get placements der..??
    R: i said sme resons..they were satisfied...
    M:ohh...u r distinction student frm a campus university.. thats gr8....congarts rithika..
    R:i said thank u..sir
    M:asked about sme banking r rrbs..??
    f i answerd..
    M:tell me the tracter manfacturng companies..??
    (i was shocked..what these qustn)
    R:i answerd...MAHENDRA,JHON DEER..etc
    he satisfied..
    M:again asked about.. some airlines companies..??? tell me some airliness..?/names..??
    R:i answerd some names...he satisfied( vistara,spicejet, jet airwyas..qatar airways etc)
    M:tell me about NPAs..?? and WHAT is EMI?
    R:answerd...he said k..
    M:tell me some car manufacturing companies,,??/ and origin countrys also..
    R: i said about top foreign brans AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGAN etc
    .nd some indian companis like MARUTHI,TATA etc..
    he said very good..told to other persn that i m good at these things..
    M:next tell the difference between COMercial banks nd RRbs..
    R:i was little strucked at these time..
    but finally answerd..
    i mean they are shiftng frm core to bank..nd bank to core..
    so i was confused some more..
    M:finally he asked about my personal deatils..siblingss.....
    R:i said...
    M:r u tried fr any other exams..

    me answerd.....

    M finally u may go nw..
    R: i said thank u..sir..mam..
    have a good evening..nd come out..

    so frnds..
    hw was my interviw..
    average or below or above...
    comment plzzzzzz...

  7. I had my interview in saifabad yesterday
    they completely asked pharma questions as is my qualification
    No single bank question.
    They asked women among the Indian national congress founders.
    who climbed the mount everest for the first time?

  8. My interview experience
    Name : bhaskar
    Place ; canara bank mg road bangalore
    Session ; morning
    Friends I shared my interview I hope this experience help you people
    I reached morning 7.50 am and already some of candidates waiting on entrance .. They called 8.15 and said go to 2 nd floor .. All candidates went and sit . 3 sirs came and give one Wight sheet and one news kannada news paper cutting and copy to sheet .. total 27 appeared only 4 candidates know kannada others all coming from andra pradesh ..
    I start to write kannada my neighbours they don't know kannada .. ap candidate try to fill kannada words lastly all candidates submit that sheet..
    Ap students all are happy .. again one sir come then give another one Wight sheet asked 5 to 6 topics and u can choose one topic u can write ur own kannada words ..
    I start to write one topic my neighbours candidate don't know kannada and asking to me to help I helped some of correction .. Some of candidates write I don't know kannada ... finally they said arrange document one by one my verification start at 11.50 .
    verification sir asked me ur from Sir nanu bangalore enda badidini ( I am from bangalore)
    Varification sir very friendly I chatting 10 min (kannada) lastly finished next is my bad luck start
    Attender come and took my documents and said come with me ..
    I reached near interview room attender asked wait madi pa .. already 12.20 pm .. I am waiting 1.24 interview member go to lunch .. next candidat is me (I am thinking I go to lunch or not ) I had little lunch ( 5 min )
    Now my interview start
    ( 4 my . 1 for )
    Me may I com in sir
    M3 com in
    Me I wished to all
    M3 take ur sit
    Me thank you sir with smile
    M3 what is your qualification
    Me mcom sir
    M3 what is your special subject
    Me account and taxation sir ( my bad luck start )
    M3 what is ratio ?
    Me shocked lot I am not expecting this question ( nervous start ) simply sit
    M3 what is current ratio what is liquid ratio
    Me I said current ratio formula I am very confused M1 interputed bhaskar don't take tance think and said
    Me sir I don't know ans
    M3 your mcom student u don't know ans ( my confidence level little down )
    Me simply silent
    M2 what is central bank difference blw public bank and central bank
    Me answered he satisfied
    M2 what is nationalised bank
    Me answered full details about that he said good
    M1 what is your age
    Me answered
    M1 what about your family
    Me answered all about my family
    M4 give example of North East states
    Me I was confused I cont recall states
    Me mayanamar sir
    M3 mayanamar is our state
    Me no sir
    M4 said nagpur assam
    Me I cont recall states
    M1 interrupted he is not have geography subject in college level
    Me yes sir
    M3 interrupted he is studied 10 th class so geography he studieded
    Me finally I cont ans ( confidence level down)
    M4 give example current assets
    Me answerd
    M4 what is debtors
    Me answered ( F1 helping me )
    M3 what is npa
    Me answerd but he said wrong
    M3 if you take a loan for pomp set u give intrest or not
    Me no sir ( I am thinking about agricultural tax is empmted)
    M3 shocking
    Me I pay intrest sir ( confidence level full down)
    M3 what is crr
    Me answerd
    M3 what is slr
    Me answer ( I am not mention gold and govt security)
    M3 wrong answer
    Me very sad
    M1 bhaskar you know chamaraja nagara district
    Me I know sir
    M1 if you posting that place u can go ? ( that place is very far from my town ?
    Me yes sir I can go
    M1 again posting gulburga u can go ?
    Me sir edi india dali yal bekadru haki nan hogthini said very confident ( u can post anywhere in india I ll go )
    All M4 F1 laughed hardly I am also smiling
    M1 ok bhaskar you can leave
    Me I do namasthe to all members and come out ..
    This is my interview friends I am not answerd many questions confidence level down :-( :-( friends my interview all kannada language only ...

  9. i hav on 21st saturday,hyd..

  10. i have on 19 ,,,,i don`t knw telugu to read nd write....hav anybody com across ppl who don`t knw to write in their batch???

  11. Which is the highest civilian award

  12. thank you for ur having my intvw on 19th same centre n same panel...but the panel members wil be changed i think

  13. can anyone tell me is der negetive marking in acio exam?

  14. Bharat ratna
    given to former Pm atala bihari vajapayee
    madan mohan malaviya...

  15. My interiew experience....

    Name : Lakshman Kuriyavar

    Center: KVG Bank Dharwad, Karnataka

    Date: 13 feb 15

    Timing: 9-00 document verification

    Interiew : 10-00 to 10-20

    There were 5 members (1 female + 4 male)

    M1 : R u laxman ?wer u from?

    me :yes sir.

    M1: Brief introduction with using local langauge kannada?

    Me: I replied with education background, streanth and weakness

    M1: Why u cming to banking ? Your Package? Experience?

    Me:I replied ...Convinced

    M1 : What is repo, reverse repo, how to recover money from NPA?

    Me : Replied.

    M2: What is balance of trade?


    M2:diff b/t cheque and dd?

    Me: aswered.

    F1: Female member she listened my weakness point.. She suddenly throw the question How u work in bank?

    Me: I replied with smile improving my weakness point...

    All are laughed... 1 person M3 sitting quite at corner through the question How ?

    Me :replied.

    All r satisfied.

    M3:How computerization facing issue? What is cyber crime?

    Me: I aswered with example.

    Again M1 interepted

    M1: U r working in private company? Why u cming here? R u adjustable in Rural area.

    Me: I replied like sir I am also from rural areas

    M4:I think he is specilised in agriculture.. he asked me 2 questions..

    me: I did not know 2 answers.. I politely said Sorry sir I dont know

    M4: Ok U can go

    I Thanked all panel members... They also given smile

    Comment me

  16. in which language dey asked u???english r telugu????

  17. Reply me how was my interiview ?

  18. So we can expect marks in march first week for qualified candidates.

  19. hello frnz...can sm1 plz help me with 5digit by 5digit quick division methods? im new in ds line...what is numerator break method?

  20. what are the topics do you remember please tell me?

  21. @madhu did they asked u to read newspaper in telugu and also was the overall interview communicated in telugu ??

  22. Hi rithika...i hv done my pg in 2012..i hv privisional certificate nd dont have convocation certificate.. will it be a prblm??..convocation certificate is necessary?.. Nd provisional certificate issued in 2012 it valid for interview.. Plzzzzzzzz reply...

  23. Anybody from Hyderabad having interview on 20th...

  24. Today 17 th is last date

  25. hyd lo ekada? i have mine on 20th @ Saifabad.

  26. oh qualification is mine is on 19th...koti branch...

  27. no problem, it is valid

  28. thanq krishna..nd convocation is necessary?

  29. could u pls tel me d questions dey asked u from pharmacy also pharmacy student..i have done m.pharm..pls i wil prepare for dat..atleast i wil try to answr some questions

  30. yes i have on 20th hyderabad

  31. Today is last day of ibps clerical interview

  32. First they asked wt is pathology, then what is clinical pathology n difference. Then wt is toxicology, wt is anatomy n wt is physiology? wt a reactor do in a pharma company? wt r affluents? wt id diff between D.pharm n B.pharm? wt r bulk drugs n generic drugs?

  33. Is interview in English or Telugu??

  34. Are they asked to write Telugu content on paper...

  35. In which language we have to write essay in Hyderabad.

  36. Bhai at saifabad centre they are asking question in which language. Do they are asking to write essay in Telugu. I do not know Telugu .do this affect my interview

  37. after entering into the center they asked us to write in telugu, In interview also they asked 3, 4 questions in telugu. They didnt asked me to read the news paper. If u dont know how to write then atleast copy some matter from telugu news paper. I think it would help u.

  38. after entering into the center they asked us to write in telugu, In interview also they asked 3, 4 questions in telugu. They didnt asked me to read the news paper.

  39. Oh.. Do you know anyone who took interview at saifabad? Any experience from there?

  40. Yes....and interview was started in English and ended up in Telugu

  41. information


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