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February 17, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Srikanth (Trivandrum)

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Name : Srikanth G. Krishnan

Qualification : B.Tech (EEE)

Venue : Canara Bank, Trivandrum

Date : 14 Feb 2015 8 30 am

 Hello friends i would like to share my experience with you all. I reached the venue at 8:00 am and was taken to nearby hotel where interview took place  There i was  given a plain paper to write about myself and during this time the documents where also verified. Then i was called for the interview at 9 15 am . I was the 3rd person to be interviewed by  the panel. There where 4 men and 1 lady in the panel . Interview was mostly in English with a mix of  Malayalam.

                                     I entered the room with permission and from the door itself they started asking me questions.

1) They wanted to know what is the g krishnan in my name .
2) then they asked me about my height. they wanted to know how tall I am.
3) then they asked me to tell a  person who has the same name as mine.
4) then asked me to self  introduce.
5) They asked me about Re Insurance as my father is working in an insurance company. But i said i don't know.
5) as I told I play volleyball they asked me who won the national  games volleyball gold both men and women.
6) then they asked what is the speciality of today (14th feb). I said valentines day, world cup is starting but they wanted to discuss about the swearing in ceremony happening in Delhi.
7) They asked me my opinion on Arvind Kejriwal and about Narendra Modi's Suit that he wore during republic day parade.
8) Then they asked me about 2 different insurances ( life and general), asked to name the different general insurance companies and also to   explain different policies offered by these companies 
9) then the lady asked me about business correspondent and if in case i get placed in rural areas where people are illiterate how  will I convince them to open bank accounts.
10) the final question was  whether i will work if placed anywhere in Kerala.

                 Then they said thank you well done and offered me a chocolate . Hope everything goes well .keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard.

                    Always Do Smile . You Should have a smile on your face always.

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