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February 18, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience from Bandra

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Hi guys, this is Yashpal Singh Shekhawat here. I thought I should share my experience it might help someone for their interview

Name - Yashpal Singh Shekhawat

Qualification - BIOTECH

Date & time- 14th FEB 2015

Panel - 3


I reached the vanue at 12.45. as i was given the panel 3 for my intrrview so i took a chair in panel 3's row...i recognised some faces of candidates there to whom i hav mate before in ONLINE EXAM

Before the varification process, We have been given 3 topics,among them we had to choose one topic to write a paragraph upon

These topics were very can easily write 2 or 3 pages upon no need to worry abt it at all, even one can easily copy from one bother as this is a formality only..

After getting my document varification done ..

I entered the room greeted all the panel member..there was 7 panelist M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 M6 F1

F1 was looking young as compare to other .rest were arround 40- 45 in age..the clerk interview focused only in regional language,they had to check our speaking skills so whole interview goes in hindi only..

M1-  ur hometown?
M2- tell me abt ur family
I - told
M2 - what hav u done in qualification?
M2- Tell me the differenCE B/W NASTRO AND VASTRO ACCOUNT?
M3- what is money market?
M3- what is ICD
M4-what is DD?
M4-tell me the diffrence b/w cheque and DD?
M5-what is post dated and anti dated cheque?
M6- what is NI-ACT?
F1- - ha tell me abt banking?
F1- what is budget?
Then everyone said ok ho gya...thanks and best of luck

I thanked too...

So guys..this is all my interview experience...pura interview hindi me tha...its like a simple discussion hardly 10-12 minutes.

Do nt go deep of banking, as it is clerk's interview so basic knowledge is enough...

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