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February 16, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Sonu Pensia (Ludhiana)


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Name :- Sonu Pensia

Category : - OBC

Venue : - PNB Circle office, Ludhiana (Punjab)

Time : - 1:00 PM

Panel : - III

Hello Friends,
I am Sonu Pensia from Jaipur. I have appeared in Interview for IBPS Clerk CWE-IV at Ludhiana Punjab on 13th Feb 2015. I have reached to the venue on sharp 1:00 PM. (I was bit late because of traffic in the city so my suggestion please leave for the venue at least 1 hr. before as it takes 30-35 minutes from Railway station). I have done my entry at the main gate and entered in the premises of PNB Circle office. My Panel was on 3rd floor. When I reached to the 3rd floor I have seen much crowd of aspirants (because 2nd panel was also there) and I felt bit nervous. I have realized that docs’ verification has already been started. I went towards my panel and they asked me to sit and given a blank paper to writing something in Punjabi. They have not provided any topic it was up to us that what we want to write. If we are totally blank then even they are giving Punjabi newspaper and ask us to copy from it. My turn was 19th in the list. I was waiting eagerly for my turn. In the meanwhile interview also started for the persons who got their verification done. On 2:30 PM they stopped everything for lunch. On 3:00 PM they started again.

I want to share in which sequence we need to set our Documents:-
  1. Cast Certificate (As they are strictly checking this first if you have not valid certificate then they will not allow you for the interview as 3-4 students of morning shift were sitting there for same issue they called to their relatives and try to make new one. But if you are outsiders then it can be big trouble for you so make sure your certificate should be OK as per IBPS Norms).
  2. Application form
  3. Call Letter
  4. 10th Mark sheet and Certificate.
  5. 12th Mark sheet and Certificate.
  6. Degree for your Graduation.
  7. Semester wise/Year wise Mark sheets of your Graduation.
  8. ID Proof Copy
  9. Experience Certificate (If any)
  10. NOC (If Any).
My turn came for docs’ verification on 4:30 PM. They satisfied with my docs. And finally on sharp 5:00 PM bell rings for me. I have entered the room and seen 5 (4+1) board members were there.

I knocked the door and asked, “May I come in Sir”.

M1 – Yes come in.

Me- I entered the room and said Thank you Sir.

Me- Good Evening Mam, Good Evening Sirs.

All- Good Evening.

(Now Interview started in Local and Hindi Language)

M3- Kya name hai aapka?

Me- Sir, Sonu Pensia.

M2- Acha ye tika laga rakha hai konse mandir jaake aaye ho.

Me- Sir wo station ke pas tha.

M2- Kaha hai yar mujhe bhi batao.

Me- Then I told them and little discussion on My daily temple going habit.

M3- Kaha se aaye ho?

Me- Sir Sri Ganganagar se.

M3- But Address me to Jaipur Likha hua hai.

Me- Sir wo correspondence address hai m basically sri ganganagar se hu. (I replied in Punjabi)

M3- (In joke mood). But hum kese maan le tum ganganagar se ho?

Me- Sir cast certificate me dekh lo.

M2- OK. Acha tum Punjabi kese bol rahe ho kahi se coaching li hai kya?

Me- No Sir, Wo actually ganganagar Punjab ki border pe hai na to waha Punjabi culture hi chalta hai so mjhe starting se hi aati hai.

M2- Acha Hindi English aati hai?

Me- Hanji Sir.

M1- Acha Punjabi Padh lete ho? To wo paper padho.

Me- I read it but not clearly as I am weak in reading.

M2- Acha to tumne fluently likha kese hai fir.

Me- Sir mere pas puri Punjabi ki varanmala likhi hui hai koi dikkat hoti h to uss me se dekh leta hu. Or Sir last 1 week se mene banking wanking sab chod ke only Punjabi reading writing pe focus kiya hai.

(Now they all laughed a lot).

M3- Acha Graduation kab ki or konsi stream me ki. Or kya kiya uske baad?

Me- Replied.

M4- Acha tumne Infosys me kaam kiya hai to waha se job kyu chodi log to waha jane ke liye eager rahte hai.

Me- Replied and he was satisfied.

M3- Acha Aadhar card kitni digit ka hota hai?

Me- Sorry Sir, Mujhe iska Idea nahi h.

M2- Kyo? nahi hai kya tumhare pas.

Me- Sir hai.

M2- Acha PAN Card.

Me- Hai Sir mere hai pass.

M2- Kitne digit ka hota hai bhai?

Me- Sir 10 digit ka alphanumeric code.

M1- Kon kon se code hote hai?

Me:- Sir 6 numbers and 4 alphabets.

They all smile and said soch lo ek baar fir se!!!

Me- Oh sorry sir ulta hogya.

They again laughed and said no worries.

M2- Acha kon Issue karta hai isko?

Me- Sir GOI.

M2- GOI me kon president karta hai kya?

Me- No Sir, Income Tax Department.

M3- Acha aadhar card kon Issue karta hai?

Me- Sir UID karke kuch hota hai…Ha sir UID hi krta hai Unique Identification Authority of India.

F1- RBI konsi currency issue karta hai?

Me- Mam, Indian Rupee.

F1- Rupee to karta hai but kya 1 Rs ka bhi?

Me- No, Mam 1 Rs ko RBI nahi vit mantralya karta hai.

F1- Ok gud.

M4- Acha Bank ke pas konse deposits hote hai?

Me- Sir, RD, FD and CASA.

M4- Ok

Then they all looked each other and said thik h. And then turn to me and said OK beta you can leave now All the Best.

Me- Thank you all of you and have a nice evening ahead to all of you.

All- Same to you.

I felt relief and came out from the room. It was really Nice Experience for me.

Hoping for my positive result and Wish you all the best to all of you. Be confident and don’t feel nervous they are really gentle and calm persons.

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  1. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 16, 2015 at 5:04 PM

    Thankyou Gr8Ambitionz for sharing my experience :)

  2. Just tel me what would be the final cut off for tn obc

  3. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 16, 2015 at 5:10 PM

    Only IBPS knws :P

  4. thanku 4 posting experienc sonu

  5. Wow nice interview...
    My interview experience in

    Meri dhajiyya udai panel ne.
    Question asked to me...

    1.what is osmosis(chemistry specialisation)
    What is capillary condensation
    What is titration
    What is brics...?? function??!
    Brics bank?
    What is dbtl
    What types of crop loan Given by bank..for what period?

    Why reading
    Why novel only

    I gave only 3 answer....
    Any chance for selection frnds...plz support me...blanked...

  6. Grt interview all the best bro

  7. nice interview all the best :)

  8. can you guess the min and max marks in interveiw???plz share your veiw

  9. ATB
    sci walon ke sath yahi hota hai chill

  10. ALL THE BEST sonu relaxing interview!!!!!!

  11. obc ka punjab se total me kitna ja skta h

  12. Hello Friends
    Today I have given interview at Pune. I was very difficult interview.I went there at 8.00. People were lined up reading newspaper.Document verification started at 8.30. My turn was third.Document verification completed soon hardly withing 10 minutes. Then we were taken to interview room.My turn came.I wished them good moring.There were 5 people, 4 men and one lady.All above 50.M! asked me to sit. He asked my name and education qualification.
    M1: What is your name ? And education qualification?
    Me- Answered
    F1: If I want to open account of partnership firm, means there requirement is Rs 50.00 lacs, what documents you will take?
    Me: Answered
    F1: will you give loan to bar & restaurant?
    Me- Yes, If owner has all required licenses & If it profitable activity.
    M3:What is payment is due course?
    Me-I could not answer. I said sorry.
    M3- what is letter of credit?
    Me:Tried to answer but he was not satisfied with it. I said sorry. My concept regarding LC is not clear sir.
    M3-What ratios are used in balance sheet analysis?
    Me-Answered.He too answered one ratio
    M4-What is IRR?
    Me: Tried to answer but not accurate
    M4-What is discounting?
    Me- Sorry sir dont know
    M4-what is farmers credit card?
    Me- Answered well
    M2- why you want to join banking after engineering?
    M2- What is difference between hubs & switch?
    me- Tried to answer
    M2- Tell something about ATM connectivty in India
    me- Answered
    M1-What are the types of LCs( Letter of credit)
    me-Sir I know Inland LC , remaining I can not recollect.
    This is all about my interview. I said thank you and left the room.Overall I rate it as 5/10, Rest is in the hand of god. I think it was difficult interview.Lets see what happens.

  13. Pata nahi ab kya hoga...

  14. good interview.. do they ask u to write anything in hindi ...?

  15. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 16, 2015 at 7:38 PM

    Thank you :) and all the best to you too tmhara kab hai??

  16. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 16, 2015 at 7:38 PM

    Thank you and wat abt u??

  17. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 16, 2015 at 7:40 PM

    Yaa At the time of document verification they told me to write a few lines in Hindi (local Language) abt me

  18. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 16, 2015 at 7:45 PM

    Hmm All the very best its very easy just be at ur ease and answer whatever u knw dnt argue with them and if u r nt sure abt any answer just tell them

  19. ok thank u ... all d best

  20. Good interview Sonu u will definetly get selected. But why u left Infosys brother. Because I also got selected and confused to join it because I have good hope to be selected in ibps po 2014 so please guide me

  21. Same problem with me in pune..panel 2
    I also have posted my interview below
    .u can read..

  22. Dont worry relax....chill

  23. guys is their anybody who had their interview on d sm venue bt panel 5????

  24. Same happen with Me in Pune panel 2 on 15th Feb afternoon

  25. Thanks Sushil...Actually I was in BPO sector of infosys..I spent apprpx 3 yrs overthere n didnt get much growth even after fully dedication from my persnol growth no good increament....hardly they increase the salary between 900-1100 for an entire year....Only their loving ones got promotion...many other things ruined my mind so I left n started prep for bnking xamintns....

  26. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 17, 2015 at 7:00 PM

    Bhai it doesnt matter which panell u r being interviewed by today coz daily change hote hai

  27. bhai nhi behan.......i wz asking 16 feb morning shift (panel 5) bro

  28. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 18, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    :) mai bhi yahi keh rha hu dear ki panell jaruri nahi aaj jo members panel 5 mai ho wo kal bhi usi panel mai ho
    daily change hote hai panel k members waha

  29. bhai mere..... mera interview ho chuka h 16th ko aur mjhe bas yeh jaana tha ki ussi din uss panel mei koi aur interview diya tha.....anyways thanx

  30. Mera cuttoff clear ni hua bro ... Prepairing fr next

  31. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 19, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    ohhh koi na :)

  32. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraFebruary 19, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    hmm koi bt nhi prepare well ab ho jaega


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