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February 11, 2015

IBPS Clerical IV Interview Experience from Amritsar, Punjab


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Name : Devinder Babool

Qualification : B.Tech Electrical

Venue : PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana

Time : 8:30 AM, Panel-III

Hi, I am Devinder Babool from Amritsar, Punjab. I would like to share my interview experience held on 9th Feb, 2015 at PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana, Punjab. I reached the venue at around 8 AM. They allowed us to enter at 8:30 AM. There on all the candidates were segregated on the basis of panel number. Mine was Panel-III, so I was directed to go to third floor of the building.

Document checking began after half an hour. They were very strict about the document verification. So, I would suggest you must take each and every certificate whether mentioned or not and specially the category certificates, and mark sheets of all the semester of your degree. I was among the first five candidates they chose for document verification. It took about an hour or so for full document verification and then I was instructed to sit and wait for my interview. Meanwhile they gave everyone a piece of paper and told us to write few lines in local language i.e. Punjabi about anything. :D

Finally my turn came around 11:45 am. So, here comes the moment I was waiting for so long..
I gently pushed the door and asked, May I come in Sir??
Panel members: Hanji, yes come in Beta…

There were total 5 panel members. (4 Male, 1 Female) All appeared to be retired personalities.
 I stood for a moment, and then they asked me to have your seat.
Me: Thank you, Sir.
(Whole interview went in local language i.e. Punjabi plus mixture of Hindi and English)
M1: Kitho aye ho Devinder ji? (From where you have come?)
Me: Amritsar, Sir.
M2: Gave me a newspaper and told me to read one paragraph.
Me: read it.. (it was in local language)
M1: asked me about my hobbies which I mentioned on the paper.
Me: Told listening music…
M1: Which kind of music?
Me: Mood boosting songs :D here the comedy started :P
All started laughing.. Bhai yeh mood boosting songs konse hote hai ji.. (which kind of songs are these?)
Me: haha told Sir, which could cheer you up during our low times..
M2: To beta koi aise b songs hote hai jo khushi se dukhi kr de..? :D
Me: I said yes sir hote hai, but who want to be sad, everybody wants to be happy.
Everybody started laughing and said “han yeh bhi bat bilkul sahi hai, dukhi kon hona chahta” (agreed saying, well you’ re right who wants to be sad, everybody wants to be happy)
M1: you have completed your graduation in 2013, so what you’ve been doing since then?
Me: Sir, I met with an accident in Dec 2013, it took 2-3 months for me to recover and after that I worked as Site engg. For L&T project that was under my Dad at that time for 1 year on contract basis.
Then suddenly M2 asked me: Beta tumhari qualification to B.Tech Electrical hai aur ap yaha bank k interview me, muje yeh chakar samjayo? (Your qualification is B.Tech Electrical and then why are you appearing for bank interview?)
Me: I told Sir, Mera Electrical me shuru se interest nai tha.. Unfortunately I got Electrical trade according to my rank in AIEEE that time and moreover I was the 1st one from my family to persue a Degree so there was no one to guide me which branch to choose, so my dad being in this department told me to go for electrical. So, I always wanted to change my field after my graduation and I took guidance of my uncle who motivated me to go for career in Banking as it is one of the fastest growing sector in India with more stable growth and job security.
M1: You have done graduation from such a reputed colg. Of India, then you can get placed at reputed companies like TCS, Infosys Accenture etc.. Will you leave bank job then?
Me: No, Sir I won’t.
M1 insisted suppose you got selected and they are offering handsome package then?
Me: Even then I won’t.  Moreover I have less percentage(55.4%) in my graduation and their criteria is always 60% + so that’s why. (looked satisfied)
Now the real interview started J
M1: What is the term for Rajya sabha member and how it’s elected?
Me: Sorry, Sir I don’t know ( as I was not fully sure )
M1 again: How about lok sabha?
Me: Again Sorry sir, I don’t know  L
M2: Who is the Home Minister of Punjab?
Me: I tried to remember but coudnt recall at that time so I said Sorry Sir I don’t know that either.
M3 to Both M1 and M2: smiling said I think he is not interested in Politics
Me: Smiling said Yes sir, I don’t follow politics much only ther person in news.
They all said very politely, Don’t worry, koi bat nahi hum kuch aur puch lete hai (don’t worry, we’ll ask something else)
M4: Beta apne KYC norms k bare me suna hai? Kya hote hai yeh? ( Have you heard about KYC norms, what are they?)
Me: explained with all details (happy with my ans)
M2: What is PMJDY?
Me: Answered
Then asked me about Financial Inclusion as I mentioned PMJDY was a initiative of Financial Inclusion.
Answered it confidently with all facts and figures.
M1: What is inflation and how it is controlled?
Me: Answered as I prepared it.
M3: What is Wi-Fi?
Me: Explained
M3: Internet to chelate hoge? Kya ky surf krte ho? (what do you surf on internet?)
Me: I said sir I surf various websites like I did all my preparation from the websites I follow like that provide me all the current news and every detail and preparation material for exams. (he was very happy to know)
M1: Beta you have a good knowledge of banking so why clerical cadre then?
Me: Sir, I have made many mistake in my life and learned a lot from them. Like I mere degree time par basics weak reh gaye the to I wasn’t able to succeed in my studies. So mai bank me b basic se start krna chahta hu taaki age jaakar badi position par koi pareshani na aye muje.
(everyone smiled and nodded)
M1: Very good beta, All the best, you can go now.. J
F1 didn’t asked me any questions, she was just observing me the whole time.
Me: Thank you sir and left the room. J

My interview took around 10-12 mins. (longest of all my panel), other usually took 5-7 mins.
Hope it helps.
Do comment and tell me how my interview went.
All the best to everyone who are going to have interviews in coming days. May god bless you J

All the best to all of u .. 

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  1. i want to ask that it was told to u write in panjabi only in the sheet provided to you fr writting 10 lines....pllz answer

  2. was good dear....hope u vl b selected in d final......

  3. Hello friends, in details of computer knowledge i gave as diploma in computer operations, but i have certificate as diploma in computer applications .... Will that create any problem kindly help

  4. thank u gr8ambition u r great

  5. Yeah, they told us to write in punjabi only. they just wanted to test our local language :)

  6. plz tell me whatz the diffrence btw repo rate and bank rate ?


  8. finally experience from punjab..i m from patiala......mera b 9 feb nu c.....bilkul same tuhade wango...funny ......punjabis r friendly n jovial persons :)

  9. nice interview experience..thanks for sharing yaar

  10. written attempt???? how much u expect in interview???? can they give 75-80

  11. me too from punjab:) patiala..interview gone just like u

  12. neha,,can u share yo experience..???

  13. pls ahare yo experience if possible..and venue kehda si..??

  14. patiala...narayan hotel:) it takes some time 2 share..w8

  15. was mind blowing really...they asked to speak local really relax me...they said are u nervous, in local language..i said no,not at all...they asked me my age..i said 22.they said very mean u crack ibps clerk in first attempt..i smile...tell me to introduce myself in local language..i start name,i belong to patiala,about graduation..they interrupt me..asked patiala is famous for..i answered with smile...then one sir asked me some typical computer terms...i said sir,i m weak in technical knowledge...he said ok bt how u score 62 % first division..i said there are some cramming subjects too..i all start laughing..main member said girl is so confident...he said we r not going to question u any more....tell all u know about banking..we all just listen u....then i start like a bullet..hahaha...

    bank definition
    ATMS- white atm,brown atm
    interrupt.................................white atm?????? i explain that NBFC can implant their own atm which are having 100 crore creditworth..he saig good
    i continue
    smart cards,mobile banking,credit cards......................he said stop stop laughing.............all r so friendly........offer me tofee......said thank u.all the best......thats all.

    just be confident,thats the key to success :)........................

  16. my written attempt was 140.. dont know how many they'll give in interview (fingers crossed) :) Lets hope for the best..
    All the best to you too..

  17. ☺☺αηנαℓι ☺☺February 11, 2015 at 11:23 AM

    all the best...

  18. haha yeah.. whole interview went in a jovial way..Panel members were very friendly... even I did my graduation from Patiala.. :)

  19. ☺☺αηנαℓι ☺☺February 11, 2015 at 11:25 AM

    u r selected :)

  20. Finally review comes from punjab.All the best for your future davinder and neha..

  21. Finally someone from ludhiana.. thanks for sharing. Good luck

  22. Sir Maine meri percentage galt likh di
    actual myn meri 72.75% h
    aur myn 72.50 likh di so any problem in interview

  23. Thapar University

  24. Thanks buddy.. :)

  25. newspaper konsa tha nd same day ka tha ya old tha or news koi bhi padh skte h ya wo btate h...

  26. hey thats really vry swesome....gud luck dea..:)..and thnkxx again for sharing...

  27. Harr ikk tonh punjab ch likhwaiya c y?

  28. hey guys m from chandigarh nly bt i filled my exam from punjab .. i cant speak punjabi bt i cn read n write...l it create any problem ? as they asking questions in local language only i.e. Punjabi? mera interveiw bhi chandigarh mei hi hai.. plz koi btaega mai kya karu?

  29. How can u read punjabi but cannot speak that?? They will definitely ask u something in punjabi. Try speaking the words u read. U will do good in the interview. Good luck

  30. hey m from chandigarh nly bt i filled my exam from punjab .. i cant speak punjabi bt i cn read n write...l it create any problem ? as they asking questions in local language only i.e. Punjabi? mera interveiw centre bhi chandigarh mei hi hai.. plz koi btaega mai kya karu?

  31. That was good. Good luck for the result. I have mine tomorrow.

  32. thanks bt kabhi boli hi nai punjabi mai...:( itni jaldi kaise seekhun mai..?

  33. mine is also in patiala on 12th

  34. No a problem.. They just want to know that whether or not you can understand it.. and it's not necessary they will ask you in punjabi.. they ask in mixture of hindi and punjabi.. you can reply in the language you are most comfortable with..So, No need to worry as I also don't speak punjabi much.. even i practised writing few lines in punjabi a night before my interview.. and that worked :D Good luck..

  35. Comp me kuch basics ready krne hai to kya kre

  36. Maine form bharne me galti ki thee ... 2013 likh Di degree huib2014 me ... Provisnl h ... Kuch prob to nee

  37. thanku for sharing ur xperience............

  38. How many people were there in one batch. To give interview

  39. yaar kise da 16 feb nu hai ludhiana vich interview morning ch

  40. when greeting, did u greet each of them separately or all wholely, want to know the exact words you used. if it's ok to share :)

  41. you can simply wish them all together, if female member is present, you can choose to wish her forst and then the male members! :)
    "Good Morning Mam, Good morning sirs"

  42. In my panel there were total 23 students and they were selecting 5 at time for doc. verification and then one by one for interview..

  43. watch Punjabi channels.. news preferably... try to replicate whatever they say. to speak good, its important to listen good. Good luck.

  44. you can simply wish them all together, if female member is present, you can choose to wish her first and then the male members! :)
    "Good Morning Mam, Good morning sirs"

  45. thanks a lot :)

  46. Punjabi newspaper kaunsa padhwaya tha aapse jag bani ya phir koi aur?

  47. To be honest, i didnt noticed at that time which news ppr it was.. they just want to check whether or not u can read punjabi. so whichever news it will hardly matters. You should be able to read punjabi whether it is Jag Bani, Ajeet or punjabi tribune or whatever :) good luck.

  48. this is the 1st time i'm hearing from someone that he can read and write a language but cannot speak it...shocking...otherwise i have only heard people saying that they can speak very well but cannot read/write

    eh navi gall sunan nu mili ajj :P

  49. this is the 1st time i'm hearing from someone that he can read and write a language but cannot speak it...shocking...otherwise i have only heard people saying that they can speak very well but cannot read/write

    eh navi gall sunan nu mili ajj :P :P

  50. neha mam kuch likhan nu v keha c punjabi vich ?

    te do u know ki pnb,karam complex ch kuch likhan nu keh rahe hai ?

  51. hanji likhan nu kehnge jarur.kuj b ik paragraph bot naa kehn ta,newspaper read b krwa skde aa........kran complex ch newspaper krwaya c.....te ik line bolti c osi cho.likh k dikhan nu..

  52. thanks buddy..... i am also from Amritsar and my interview is on 6 feb...ur post will help me alot...nd best of luck to u....

  53. Anyone from Chhattisgarh dear

  54. Your welcome.. :) All the best for your interview..

  55. hey thanx yar.. thodi tnsn kam hui.. :)

  56. thanks in advance........god bless u too .see u in bank :) rbb kre is baar sb da ho je..........

  57. ur interview experience???hws it?

  58. no .......sneha...don't try new things.....u can look fool there.also this will cut down ur confidence.if u present urself well in hindi,present urself,instead of looking dumb......"u can tell them that u can read n write punjabi....and in process of learning speaking too....." what i write in commas,u can tell this sentence only in punjabi to impress them

  59. input output
    USB- Full form....what is it?
    HTTP- full form
    URL-full form
    TCP/IP-what is it?
    optical mouse?
    and many more........

  60. ki lgda punjab ch kini hou cutoff?

  61. can u pls send more of it coz itna kuch hai pdne ko..i am msc in IT..kuch samajh n aa interview is on 16..pls help..send me more if u can

  62. How much u attempt neha....

  63. menu ta 60-70 lgdi aa gen te 46-50 sc

  64. accuracy kuj khaas ni....tukke je b aa bot

  65. No idea.. lets wait and watch.. n hope for the best :)

  66. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Its my pleasure and fortune to share my todays interview experience with I hope it will get posted soon.

    Date : 12.02.2015
    Venue: PNB Circle Office-Patiala
    Qualification : B.Tech (Mech.)

    the venue at 8.20, Branch opened at 9.15am. the panel came at 9.35.
    Office started with a prayer ( Itni Shakti hmein dena data). Welcome
    speech by panel head. Document verification started & I got number
    13 for the interview as there were 6 girls in total & they prefer to
    take there interview 1st then started with boys. They also asked to
    write one paragraph in Punjabi language.

    Here is Interview:

    There were 5 members, 3 were 60+ & 2 were 30+. 1 F, 4M.

    M1: What is your father?( In Punjabi)

    M2: Introduce complete your self? (In Punjabi)

    M1: How much salary you are getting presently?( In Punjabi)

    F1: Being an engineer why you want to be in Banking?( In Punjabi)

    M1: What is Mortgage?( In Punjabi)

    M1: What is Pledge?( In Punjabi)

    M3: What is Bank?( In Punjabi)

    M1: Functions of RBI?( In Punjabi)

    M1: Again why you want to join Bank?( In Punjabi)

    M4: Din't ask any question.

    There was a lot of debate on this question between all the panel members and me....

    Finally they said thanks and all the best....

    I dont know what will be the result but it was fruitful experience .. hope it would help you guys...

    have command on Regional language, be confident, no one is perfect so
    believe in just you and be only you as they have rock solid

    At the end a big thanks to
    gr8ambitionz... It was only site through which got lots of confidence
    & got this much experience in central government exam...May you live
    long gr8ambitionzzzzzz...

    Thanks & Regards,

    Himanshu Makhija
    IBPS Aspirant.
    Patiala, Punjab.

  67. average.. it was tough.. for me.. went around 25 minutes. they never seemed satisfied with my answers. asked about indemnity, guarantee, risk weighted assets and a lot of other stuff.

  68. really..tough one....hope for best

  69. thanks.. when is urs??

  70. anyone have interview on 16th jan in ludhiana plz do reply

  71. not 16th jan but on 16th Feb

  72. ohkz thanx.. yar.. ya hindi perfectly fine for me.. n eng too bt punjabi naaa..... confidence hi ni haega enna.. !! thnk you..

  73. thanks alot bhai.......


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