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February 12, 2015

Ex Servicemen Interview experience IBPS Clerk

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Hi Guys...

GrtAmbition doing grt job..but we all read and have best of the content, but dont make a little hard effort of sharing our own experience, even i waz doing same last 01 yrs....but my inner conscious made me to share experience so that it may be of little help to other aspirants...

All ex service person were called in morning session at 0830hrs for panel I & II, but most of the bank in blore are conducted wit only 1 panel, instead of 4 members they are joined as 6 or 7mem conduct make it as single panel...

All members were of near 60s and with same trend of one lady officer who waz also very senior officer..
All ex servicemen are only examined on tier vocabulary over state own language...Tats it...

Plus few question on our districts like imp monuments, arts and famous politician...One question on defence who is Head of Navy or Airforce, plus  lady officer who commanded RD parade is personality and confidence test...even if U say no to 9 question out of 10 with confidence and little smiling face...still ur trough

All our GK and Maths..are already tested by online exam...just interview is for ur wish and confidence

so pls pls dont be nervous....have breakfast or launch humble Ur in list

Best of luck
Prashant K Patil 
Ex Indian Navy 

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