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February 16, 2015

Yesterday's SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam 2015 Review


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Hi I am Deepika Soni. I've appeared for SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam yesterday (15th February 2015) from Rajasthan. I would like to share few questions and pattern of this exam.

1st I attempted General Awareness   
  • 10-15 questions related to banking and rbi
  • rest from current affairs
Some questions I remember are -
  1. Related to shiwalik range 4-5 states were given nd 1 more state asked
  2. Mohiniyattam classical dance from which state - kerala
  3. Vaccine Raksha Blue recently launched for which disease - Blue tongue disease
  4. Hottest year ever since  - 2014
  5. Defense minister - monohar parrikar ( full name was given to confuse )
  6. Water week by water ministry in whic month - jan 2015
  7. Army day - 15th jan 2015
  8. Which is not primary function of bank
  9. Renminbi is currency of - china
  10. Denmark' capital - copenhagen
  11. Odyssey of my life written by - shivraj patil
  12. Recently appointed as nepal's ambassdor to india- deen dayal upadhyay
  13. Smriti irany recently laid foundation stone of IIM at - vishakhapatnam
moved on to Computer /Marketing Awareness
  • 15-17 qns frm computer rest frm marketing
  • Computer level was easy
  • no idea about Marketing level
then English
  • 10 question from comprehension - easy passage and easy question
  • 5 - spelling error - easy
  • 5- spotting error - easy
  • 5- rearrangement - easy
  • 5 fill in the blanks
  • 10- cloze test easy
    • overall English was easy
then Reasoning - easy
  • 5 - syllogism
  • 5- circular arrangement
  • 5- linear arragement
  • 5-inequality/comparison
  • 5- number series
  • 5- coding/decoding
  • 10- regular question like how many words can formed, same as alphabet in froward and backward
  • no question from blood relation
Moved on to Maths  
  • easy but lengthy,calculative
  • 10-15 simlification
  • 5 - number series very easy
  • rest from trains,profilt & loss,ratio & proportion,partnership,pipes & cistern,time & work,mensuration,etc..
  • 5 - DI
Overall paper was easy
My attempts :
  • GA- 33
  • Comp/Mktng-32
  • English - 40
  • Reasoning - 40
  • Maths - 37
    • Total - 182
All the best to remaining candidates. All the best my friends for future exam :)

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  1. hi.. about general awareness section.. wat type of questions asked in banking awareness? means stock or recent happenings in banking?

  2. its related to pure banking

  3. simplification ke kitne que the exam me

  4. anvesh kumar chinthaFebruary 16, 2015 at 9:00 PM

    madam , what type of questions asked from banking awerness in yesterday exam
    plz share ur experiences friends........:)

  5. Ashok Kumar boddupallyFebruary 16, 2015 at 9:04 PM

    Mam plz provide ca pdf up to 15 feb

  6. one related to money market,that is which is the negotiable instrument,guilt-edge fund,like that

  7. thanks for the information.....:) :)

    good attempt definetly you will get job........:)

  8. nepal ambassador deep kumar upadhay..

  9. thanks u frnd

  10. Me 164 with 100% accuracy :)

  11. Good review sister

  12. Good attempt sis all the best for future..

  13. i m postng experience..
    today went for 10 to 12 mints..
    i m frm mechanical 2014 passed out...
    venue- Hyderabad
    panal 7
    the panel members(1F+3M) are very our uncles..nd garandfather also...very cool

    my turn cme on 5'o clk
    R: may i get in sir
    F:yes plz come rithika
    R:good evng sir good evng mam..i wished separately..
    F:where are u frm rithika
    R:i said XYZ...etc
    M:what is ur father...
    R:i said,(meanwhile others are checking my certificates)
    M:ohhh.... u r frm btech..??
    R:yes sir..
    M:which branch
    M:which clg..dont u get placements der..??
    R: i said sme resons..they were satisfied...
    M:ohh...u r distinction student frm a campus university.. thats gr8....congarts rithika..
    R:i said thank u..sir
    M:asked about sme banking r rrbs..??
    f i answerd..
    M:tell me the tracter manfacturng companies..??
    (i was shocked..what these qustn)
    R:i answerd...MAHENDRA,JHON DEER..etc
    he satisfied..
    M:again asked about.. some airlines companies..??? tell me some airliness..?/names..??
    R:i answerd some names...he satisfied( vistara,spicejet, jet airwyas..qatar airways etc)
    M:tell me about NPAs..?? and WHAT is EMI?
    R:answerd...he said k..
    M:tell me some car manufacturing companies,,??/ and origin countrys also..
    R: i said about top foreign brans AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGAN etc
    .nd some indian companis like MARUTHI,TATA etc..
    he said very good..told to other persn that i m good at these things..
    M:next tell the difference between COMercial banks nd RRbs..
    R:i was little strucked at these time..
    but finally answerd..
    i mean they are shiftng frm core to bank..nd bank to core..
    so i was confused some more..
    M:finally he asked about my personal deatils..siblingss.....
    R:i said..thay semms to be satisfied..
    M:r u tried fr any other exams..

    me answerd.....

    M finallu u may go nw..
    R: i said thank u..sir..mam..
    have a good evening..nd come out..

    so frnd sau me...
    hw was my interviw..
    average or belowor above...
    comment plzzzzzz.....

  14. Definitely. Aur kya chahiye.

  15. My name is vikas sharma interview in boi noida panel 5 interview was only 5-6 min. question was about self introduction, family background and qualification. Who maee monetary and fiscal policy and their objectives. Foreign secretary of india. Currency devaluation. About 1857 revolution. Interview was bit easy.

  16. hi..guys can any body tell me that wheather sbi conducted its associate clerks exam on 31 jan,1 feb.

    7 feb& 8 feb 2015??

  17. Please post Sbi associates...........its enough now by posting interview experience.

  18. All are only posting interview experience..............Dear r8ambitionz plz encourage ppl in posting sbi associates

  19. 2 year se exam de rahi hu banks ke aur har bar kisi na kisi me reh jati hu kabhi overall cut off nhi he to kabhi koi sa section ruk jta he .....ab mere sath yeh ho rha he ki mujhe .....bahut gussa ane lage ha apne upr...aur lagta he mar jauo.....mein soocha tha jaldi se degeer complete hogi aur me job krne lago gi to family ko help krne lago gi...but kch nhi rha he mujhe .... sab jhagh esa lagta he jaise darkness ho........mujhe esa feel hone lage he jaise mujhe se kuch nhi ho paye ga ab life me...aur sab haase ge mere aur meri family ke upr..bcz sab bolte the mere mom dad ko ki mat kro is se btech iske bas baat nhi he na ho paye ga is se yeh sab. :( ;( ....feeling very deperresd n disponted with my self ............mgr me yeh sab kisi aur se share nhi kar sakti nhi to mom dad ko pta chala to wo bhi tension me ajye ge ...waise hi wo abhi tension me rehte he meri job ke liye yah post kr diya mein aaj ..........mujhe se aur nhi jhela ja rha he yeh sab .........i want chain ki need.....kiya kru kuch smjha nhi ata...raat me akele me roti hu me ......feeling very alone ,,sad,,, 25 yrs ki hoke bhi mom dad ke liye kuch nhi kar pa rahi me uhni ke paise kha rahi hu me bas

  20. i think its conducted... but dont know definitely...

  21. They don't conducted on1feb


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