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January 24, 2015

Today's SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam Reviews (Morning & Evening shifts)


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Evening shift's Review shared by XYZ (Disqus)

Hi. This is XYZ from Disqus.

I have my exam in evening shift in Bihar. I rate exam as easy to moderate.

  • Reasoning : It was most easy section.If u have practice in reasoning,u can solve all the 40 ques in 20-25 minutes.2 seating arrangements were puzzle.5 syllogism,5 inequality,5 ques from alphabetical series.
  • Maths : Easy but little calculative for me as i am weak in maths.10 simplification,1 easy DI,2 ques each from SI and CI.boat and stream and from speed and distance.5 series.series were easy.only addition and subtraction based series.
  • English : Easy...1 comprehension,1 close test,1 jumbling...all story based.10 ques from grammar.they too were easy.
  • GK : A most tough for me.section will be easy if u have read recent news,which i hvn't.
  • Marketing and Computer : Basic ques were there
 Questions asked in evening shift 24th Jan sbi associate clerk
  1. A is 75% more efficient than B.B complete work in 28 days.both A and B completes work togrther in ?
  2. Australia currency?
  3. Date of change of pre 2005 notes?
  4. Minister of overseas affairs?
  5. 1 ques on sydney attack
  6. led full form?
  7. Indian bank having economic index?
  8. Majority stake in sbi is held by?
  9. Cibil,crisil,icra are?-credit rating agency
  10. 1 ques on input and output device each?
  11. Demands became need..when?
  12. National youth day?
  13. Initial capital for payment and small bank?
  14. Lal bahudur sastri award for what?
  15. Curency of afganishtan?
  16. Carlsen belongs to which sport?
  17. Cbi new cheif?
  18. 2018 commonwealth venue?
  19. Apec recently held in?
  20. Biography of modi'modi-some emergence star'...does not remember exact name of book-written by which journalist?
  21. 0 and 1 are?-bits
  22. Highest memory?GB
  23. Mutual fund consists of?bonds,shares,securities?
  24. Which of the following is not public sector?-axis bank
  25. CD,FG,JK,?

Morning Shift's Review shared by A. Velanganni

Hi Gr8AmbitionZ friends,

     Vanakkam. This is A.Velanganni from Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

I want to share my experience of SBI Associates Clerk Exam (Morning shift) held on today 24/01/2015.

    Even though I have attended SBI Clerk Interview and cleared IBPS Clerk and attending interview on 11/02/2015, I want to try my luck in SBI Associates also.

   I have appeared at Kongu Nadu Poly Technic College, Thottiam which is really a nice place to attend competitive exams.

  Timing of this exam was 2 hours 15 minutes.

* Before starting your exam, plan accordingly.

   First of all I started with General Awareness then Computers and English. Afterwards I went for Reasoning, finally Numerical Aptitude.

In all these, English was the easiest one. Then computers and GK.

Overall exam was easy to moderate for me. I have attempted 159


 I am sharing few of the questions with answers. Happy reading…..

  1. UNESCO Head quarter- Paris
  2.  Japan given award –  Dr. Manmohan Singh
  3. 18th  SAARC summit – Kathmandu, Nepal
  4. Greece currency – Euro
  5. NITI aayog vice  chairperson – Arvind Panagariya
  6. BSF Foundation day -1 December
  7. Bharat natyam from which state – Tamil nadu
  8. Name of Visakhapatnam cyclone – Hudhud
  9. 2011 highest urban population state- Maharastra
  10. Argentina capital- Buenos Aires
  11. Bangladesh  Currency – Bangladeshi taka
  12. Sachin Tendulkar autobiography – “Playing it My Way”
  13. Roger Federer related to which sport- Tennis
  14. Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as – Durand line
  15. Who is the Union Finance Minister of State-Shri Jayant Sinha
  16. Venue of 2016 Summer Olympics - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  17. Dong Feng-31B Missile Range - 10,000-km
  18. Agni 4 Missile Range – 4000 Km
  19. Rosetta Aircraft launched by- European Space Agency
  20. Golden peacock award at IFFI 2014-  'Leviathan’(Russian film)
  21. Bridge world cup 2015 will be held at –
  22. Surendra kumar Sinha as chief justice of which country – Bangladesh
  23. Pravashi bharatiya summen presented by – Vice President of  India
  24. 14th Finance commission chairman –  Dr. R.V.Reddy
  25. Bank for woman entrepreneur – BMB
  26. Rickets which vitamin deficiency -  Vitamin D
When I remember more questions I will update to you people. Thanks Gr8AmbitionZ team for their  continuous support.

All the best dudes for your upcoming exams…….   

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  1. eving shift ques any one share frndzzzz

  2. eve shift q...

    1. 2018 commenwealth games - gold coast quesnland austraila

    2. The court of justice HQ – the Hague

    3. afghani currency - Afganisthan

    4. Australia capital - canberra

    5. external affairs minister – sushma swaraj

    6. Bihu dance in which state – assam

    7. mount carmel in which country – isreal

    8. Magnus carlson related to which sport – chess

    9. led full form – light emitting diode

    10. cbi new chief – anil sinha

    11. date of exchanging pre-2005 notes – 30 june 2015

    12. apec summit 2014 venue - beijing

    13. Switzerland beat whom to win Davis cup - france

    14. national youth day – 12 jan

    15. which bank launched economic indicator? Sbi

    16. satish dhawan space center[sdsc]-shar director MYS Prasad won vikram sarabai memorial award 2015

    17. which 1is not financial development institutions...ans axix bank

    18. Chief economic advisor – arvind Subramanian

    19. pmjy card- rupay card

    20. One question related to NBFC

    21. majority of stake in sbi held by? GOI

    22. terorist attack on which place in france

    23. fastest century

    24. bal gangadhar tilak award given to whom ?

    25. book on PM

    26. Prize given to R G Rajan recently

    27. news paper name of recent france attack (Charlie hebdo)

    28. highest mortality rate in infants state

    [21-26 not sure]

  3. SBI Associate Clerk on (24-01-2015) Morning Session GK

    1. Recently Microsoft tied up with which company for Mobile Application- IDEA
    2. Recently occurred Cyclone which hit Vishakapatnam port - Hudhud
    3. Rosetta Aircraft launched by- European Space Agency
    4. Rickets is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamin – Vitamin D
    5. Pulitzer prize is given by which Country- USA
    6.Chief Justice of Bangladesh- Surendra Kumar Sinha
    7.SWOT stands for- Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats
    8. Recently held 18th SAARC summit 2014- Nepal (Kathmandu)
    9. Minister with Independent Charge of State for Finance- Jayant Sinha
    10. Minister of Water Resources and Ganga Rejuvenation - Uma Bharti
    11. 2016 Summer Olympics venue- Brazil (Rio-de janerio)
    12. NITI AAYOG Vice Chairman- Aravind Panagaria
    13. RBI regulates which sector – Banking Sector
    14. Monetary policy reforms are regulated by – RBI
    15. Davis Cup won by which country- Switzerland
    16. During the 13th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) among the 15 awardees, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was conferred with the award from whose hands- Hamid Ansari
    17. Which one of the following is Public Sector Undertaking – NIA
    18. Which Credit Rating Agency keeps the information about the persons before giving the loans to banks - CIBIL
    19. Headquaters of UNESCO is situated at - Paris
    20. Golden peacock award for Best Film at IFFI film festival
    2014- Russian film 'Leviathan’
    21. Autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar -Playing it My Way
    22. Classical dance Bharatanatyam is related to which State- Tamil Nadu
    23. Agni 4 missile range – 4000 Km
    24. Dong Feng 31B missile range- 10,000 Km
    25. Capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires
    26. BSF Foundation day (49th Raising Day)- 1st December
    27. Roger Federer is related to which sports- Lawn Tennis
    28. Currency of Greece - Euro
    29. Currency of Bangladesh- Bangladeshi Taka
    30. Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers Award
    given by Japan to whom – Dr. Manmohan singh
    31. Which State is having highest Urban population (13.5%)
    according to census 2011- Maharashtra
    32. Boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan- Durand Line
    33. Which of the following is the instrument for invesrments- Infrastructure Bond
    34. Mutual Fund related question…
    35. 14th Finance Commission Chairman- Y.V. Reddy
    36. Bank for women entreprenuer- Bharatiya Mahila Bank (BMB)
    37. Bridge World Cup 2015- India

  4. anyone plz clear my doubt... i have my ibps po 4 interview...and my provisional degree is of june 2013 so it is valid or not ?

  5. 28. highest mortality rate in infants state - delhi

  6. anaemia defeciency of which bitamin?asked in evening

  7. Anilkumar PeddapallyJanuary 24, 2015 at 7:06 PM

    vit b12

  8. nobody talking about attempts


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