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January 23, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Guntur


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Name : Srinivas Raju 

Interview Date : 23rd January 2015

Venue : Andhra bank zonal office, Guntur, Andhrapradesh

Time : 8:30

Panel : 1

I reached the venue at 8;30 and the verification started sharp 8:30

My number was 11 from the list i completed my verification by 9:30

My term come at 11:00 am

Panel consists of 4 members

3 Gents (m1,m2,m3)

1 Lady

From my observation i think m2 was the main interviewer
I entered into the room with a smile and greeted every one
* Remember first you have to wish the lady
then they offered me seat

M2: so you are mr srinivas right
ME: yes sir
M2: why are you coming for banking sector after your btech (actually he asked it in telugu)
Me: answerd
M2: you completed your Btech in 2010 so what are you doing in these 4 years
Me: answerd
M2: why are you choosen Andhrabank as your first preference
Me: Answered
M2: then M2 asked M1 for ask some thing
M1:  what do you know about make in India campaign
Me: Answered
M3: who is the head of green revolution
Me: M.S.Swaminathan
M3: Which is known as the white gold
Me: cotton
M3: which state is known as ricw bowl of India
Me: Andhrapradesh
M4: what does the equation X^2+Y^2=1  represents
Me: circle with unit radius
M2: ok thnk u mr srinivas u can go know

   The three panel members (gents) offer me shake hand with a smile

All the questions in the interview are asked in my mother tongue (Telugu) the panel members are very cool and friendly.

I think this is the first review from Guntur. Hope it will be helpful to the Aspirants

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  1. ఇరగదీసావ్ భయ్యా.. all the best :)

  2. SUperb compilation gr8 team.. you rock

  3. United India Insurance AO Interview call letters are out.Check this link.

  4. Thanks and all the very best.

  5. all the best for final result..:))

  6. bhayya nee panel number??

  7. All the best bhayya nadi 27 th mrng 8 30,panel 1 ,btech nundi ila enduku vacharu ante answer em cheppali?

  8. Any news on sbi clerk results friends??

  9. xerox copies of certificates kavala

  10. whether interview dates are based on marks..?

  11. naadhi 28th..same panel

  12. Hello
    can any one plz tell me what answer we give for this question.

    M2: you completed your Btech in 2010 so what are you doing in these 4 years

    as i am also complete my Btech in 2010

  13. wat u do since 2010 u wrk anywhere....wat u told panel mebers....pz xplain in detail...

  14. yes i worked as a lecturer for 3 years and since from 1 year i preparing for banks
    i leave that job 1 year back as it is a private organization

  15. hello Srinivas Raju
    can u plz tell me what answer you gave panel for this question
    why are you coming for banking sector after your btech

  16. bro what is the age group of panel members?

  17. sry i forgot 1 question
    Engineers day celebrated on which day and for whose birth day
    Ans: 15 th sep mokshagundam visvesvarayya


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