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January 24, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Pavan Kalyan (Hyderabad)


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Hi friends I would like to share my Interview experience with you. Hope it will help you.this is my 1st Interview and 1st post on GA.

Interview attended for - IBPS PO 4

Name - D.Sai Pavan Kalyan

Qualification - B.Tech (ECE)

Date of Interview - 21/01/2015

Interview venue - Andhra Bank Head Office (Saifabad), Hyderabad

Panel - III

Reporting Time - 8.30 am 

Here is my Interview experience.

I have completed my B.Tech (ECE) in 2013 from JNTU-H. After B.Tech I joined in ECIL as apprentice and also joined in a institute. It was too hard to manage office and coaching but i managed it. I started my preparation before 45 days of the exam and took permission from my DGM.

I reached the venue at 8.00 am. there were only 2-3 people before me. Verification started at sharp 08.30 and I called at 11.40. They were really strict about documents so be careful.

Finally my turn came around 12.45pm. There was 5members in my panel(4M,1F) they sat like this(F1,M4,M3,M2,M1)  M3 leading the panel.

I opened the door and greeted them with a smile but i knew that i was little nervous bcs that was my very 1st interview.
Now the interview starts

M3: So, you are Sai Pavan
me: Yes, sir.
M3: ok sit comfortably and stick your back to chair.
me:ok, thank you sir.
M3: Tell me about your Graduation and pass out in 2013?
me: Explained shortly in 30secs. I included just my stream, university in that and attached my work experience in ecil to that.(I've tensed that's why i can't answer appropriatly it would be better to include our project to emphasis the graduation)
M3:What is your Father?
me:Sir, he is a State government employee.
M3:Adilabad sir.
M3:What is your Mother?
me:sir she is housewife.
M3:ok, she is homemaker.
me:yes, sir.

M3 indicated F1 to ask some questions.
F1:If you are placed as a manager what you'll do for development of the bank.
me:I explained it by considering one aspect i.e. increasing number of customers.(I had thoughts of recovering NPAs and controlling Sub prime Lending but due to the situation i couldn't explained. this is the more effective answer compared to my answer) But she was impressed by my way of explaination.

M2:What do you ask for opening a bank account?
me:Sir, to open a account every banks has to follow KYC norms guidelines issued by RBI. It includes Passport photo,ID proof and Address proof.
M2:For business persons?
me:I was not sure about this but explained like we have to consider their goodwill and backup.
M2:Only goodwill is enough.
m2:Sorry, sir i have no idea.

M4:What is EVM?
me:Electronic Voting Machine sir.
M4:How it works?(he asked me bcs i mentioned that i worked in ECIL)
me:I started explaination while this i struct little.(then F1 and M3 gave a chance to explain in telugu) explained comfortably.
M4:which components used in evm?
me:sir, assembling and components mounting would be done at special division called EMSD. so, i don't know about components.

M2: Do you heard about NITI Ayog?
me:yes, sir i know. the planning commision of india named as NITI Ayog by PM Narendra modi he is the chairperson.
M2:Who is vice chairman?
me: Aravind Panagariya sir.
M2:What is NITI stands for?
me:National Institute for Transforming India.
M2:What is Mixed Economy?
me:sorry sir, i don't know.
M2 aksed another related question doubtfully, so,xyz economy also you don't know. i told yes sir.

F1:Do you have any plans in your own to transform India.
me:yes, mam and I explained about my goal that providing education to poor children.
Almost all of them were impressed.

M4:If you placed in other state how you'll serve them?
me:Sir, we can serve from anywhere by providing support.

M5 was the silent observer he watching me very seriously due to him i was more tensed.
Ok you can go.
Thank you sir,

My Interview lasts upto 10 mins. and i'm not much satisfied.

Suggestions from my experience:
  • Don't be panic and be comfortable on hot seat.
  • Maintain smile, eye contact and gestures.
  • Be careful about your documents ready them 2days of interview they are very strict about documents. Carry Consolidated Marks Memo otherwise bring your all semister wise marks sheets.

I gave my best, Let's see what will happen.


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  1. All the best Pavan.. u did well.

  2. Superb review PK.

    All the best :)

  3. all the best.. thanks for sharing

  4. Those who attended ibps PO interview can you please tell me is it necessary caste certificate to be in prescribed format?

  5. TC and conduct certificated needed?

  6. Yes,it should be as per the central government format. They are also checking the Spelling of the cast on certificate as per the govt. norms. ex: if your cast is XYZ as per the govt norms. your certificate should be include that spelling only.

  7. I have original caste certificate but the problem is.. it is not in the prescribed format..

  8. Sorry, friend i don't know what to do. I know this much only

  9. ok.. thanku.. but if you know from any source plz tell me..

  10. I was also in pattabi bhawan, one guys forgot his provisional and was not allowed by panel IV mam, do you remember ?

  11. hi.. conduct certificate needed??

  12. yeah he was candidate finally he allowed by submitting the xerox of it. some one fax him

  13. Certificates Required:
    1)Print out of online application
    2)SSC,Intermediate,Graduation marksheets Consolidated marks memo or all semister wise mark sheets.
    4)Convocation certificate(OD), Provisional(if u have CC it is not required)
    5)Caste Certificate
    6)Photo copy of ID proof along with original
    7)Print out of call letter
    That's enough.

  14. Bedanshu Shekhar MishraJanuary 24, 2015 at 9:28 PM

    This is my interview experience on 24 Jan 2015

    At BOI Staff Training College Noida sec-62
    Panell XII
    Timing 8:30AM
    Entry started at 8:15 only I was no-4 in the list but pehle 3 absent the so i was first to enter the hall @9:15 after verification

    my Interview last for 14 min exact

    Enter Krte hi samne mam dikhi to maine unhe wish kia
    uske baad saare sirs dikhe to unhe kia
    They Were 5 in Total starting from my right F1 M4 M1 M2 M3
    M1 was the head

    Fir unhone baithne ko kaha
    Mai baith k thankuuu bola
    M1:- You are B.Tech In ece??
    Me :- yes sir
    M1:-Bedanshu Kumar Mishra??
    Me:- no sir Bedanshu Shekhar Mishra 

    Fir samne ek Pani ki bottle thi and do glasses the
    to sir ne (M1) kaha okk tell me agar mai ek glass ko full of water kr du
    and then without measuring cylinder i want to fill that glass jo full hai uska adha dusre mai exactly adha to kaise krenge??
    Me :- Thought for som seconds and then said Sorry Sir I don’t know
    M1:- You r a Science graduate apko nahi pata??
    Me:- No sir with a fake smile
    fir unhone kaha achaa mai btata hu then he explained me
    I said Thankyou sir
    M1:- Placement nahi hui college mai??
    Me:-Sir 2 companies mai hui thi but join nahi kia
    M1:- y??
    Me:- sir pay was less
    M1:-hw much was the pay??
    Me:-Sir it was 13000/-

    he then moved on to other sir on his right M2
    M2:- Beta saving deposit pe interest rate kya hai??
    Me :-sir waise to rbi ne ye haq banks ko dia hua hai to decide saving bank interest rate bt generally its 4 %
    M2:- koi bank jo isse jyada deti ho?
    Me:- sir upto 1lakh to generally 4 % hi hai bt above 1Lakh kuch banks 6% deti hain
    M2:- No no any public sector bank jo deti ho above 4%
    Me:- No sir mjhe nahi pta
    uske baad samne unke right mai jo sir the M3 unhone pucha Bedanshu aapke pass ATM card hai??
    Me:- Yes sir hai
    M3:- uspe logo kiska hai??
    Me:- smilingly kaha sir mere bank ka
    M3:- I mean Master ya visa??
    Me:- Sir Maestro 
    M3:- Smile krne lge fir kaha achaa rupay card suna hai??
    Me:- yes sir
    M3:-kya hai wo??
    Me:-Explained in detail
    M3:-Achaa hum ATM k alawa kahi aur se Cash withdrawal kr skte hain??
    Me:-I said No Sir
    he smiled and said u sure???
    I said yes sir

    Uske baad F1(mam was smilingly all the tym)
    F1:- tell me about ur family
    Me:- Told her
    F1:- what are ur hobbies??
    Me:-mam playing table tennis and listening topoems
    F1:- tell me name of some table tennis players
    Me:-maine kaha mam mjhe ek hi naam pta hai Achanta Sharath Kamal coz he wn gold in 2004 Commonwealth games for India

    She smiled 

    uske baad unke saath wale sir M4 ne pucha why banking??
    Me:- Explained he seems satisfied
    M4:- what is bank rate?
    Me:- Explained
    M4:- What is reverse repo rate??
    Me:- Explained
    M4:-What is overdraft?
    Me:- Explained
    Uske baad dubara se head ne pucha
    M1:-tell me one of ur weakness
    Me :- Sir my frankness is not appreciated
    all smiled
    M1:- okk beta tell me one thing jo krke apko bahut maja aya ho aisa kaam jise krne k baad aapko andar se khub khushi hui ho
    Me:- (Samajh nahi aya kya bolu bt) I said sir RBI mai 4 marks se reh gya tha Uske Baad IBPS ka paper dia andar se khushi hui I was like ye to ho gya
    M1:-Educational nahi beta kuch aur
    Me: (Samjh nahi aya kya bolu bt I managed) Sir school days mai Table tennis tournament mai jab maine apne frnd ko haraya coz he was like a champion that tym aur maine tb start hi kia tha khelna table tennis use harana mtlb famous hona in whole school
    He smiled

    Uske baad unhone Thank You kaha maine bhi sbko thank you kaha and then leave krte waqt have a nice day mam
    have a nice day sir kaha

    This was it plzz tell me hw was it Did i stand any chance ???

  15. mostly regarding my edu and college

  16. hehe that's me :)

  17. hi hw ur interivew went .. i am also panel 4 member .. i am not satisfied with my performance .. totally blocked .. starting itself good mrng told instead of good afternoon

  18. Ok,thanks Kumar

  19. If u have recent certificate its not neccesery

  20. can you please tell me how many members are there in the panel...and how was the interview.... i too hv interview at the same venue..

  21. mine was also not satisfactory from my side... but they seem to be impressed with my college (LPU, punjab)...
    no problem even i said GM... we can wish GM also if we are meeting them for the 1st time in the day...

  22. No. I took original caste certificate in 2003. till now i dint face any problem with that. but in reviews i have read like at IBPS interview they are checking line by line.. so i got doubt.

  23. not upto mark... just average

  24. 4 male, 1 female....
    no need to worry just keep smiling, they are appreciating that


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