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January 11, 2015

Questions Asked in Today's NIACL AO-Generlist Exam (Afternoon Shift)


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Hi Friends, I am Kamal. I want to share the Review and Questions asked in today's NIACL AO (Generalists) Exam (Afternoon Shift). Happy reading :)

My Attempts
  • Reasoning : 23
  • English : 46
  • Gen Awareness : 44
  • Quant. Apt : 27
    • Total 140
Quant was time consuming especially single questions :/ because of which only 20 mins left for reasoning :(

I could able to remember following GA questions.

Hope you will find helpful..

  • Capital of Canada?
  • Currency of Oman
  • Author of The good bad and ridiculous?
  • Author of The Dramatic decades?
  • 5Regulator of commodity market?
  • Major work of IRDA
  • 2018 common wealth games venue
  • Ritu Rani related to which sports
  • Nobel prize in literature
  • Largest river after ganga
  • Tata institute for social sciences don't have branch at? (hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, banglore etc)
  • vindhya mountains are not spread in which state?
  • a denotes in wma in context of rbi loans?
  • Michael Adam related to which sports?
  • world's mountain day
  • 14 th prime minister of india?
  • Credit rating agency owned by banks?
  • Major stakeholder of orientatal life insurance?
  • LokSabha recently amended motor vehicle act 2004 for ?
  • Indian blind cricket team won against Pakistan at which country?
  • Ebola is a?
  • 15mw solar power project by welspaN india Ltd located at?
  • Illegal theft of one's credentials and performing online trading?
  • 100% fdi allowed in?
  • RBI half yearly report name?
  • KCC related to (Micro credit,farm credit or trade credit )
  • Mohmmad yunus is famous for?
  • WHO head quarters?
  • cabinet minister for rural Panchayat raj.....?
  • india is not hosting which of the following hockey International tournament?
  • international hockey winner who defeated pakistan?
  • supplement to GPS new satellite launched by which country?
  • gslv launched by india from where?
  • Nickkkie 51(number not sure) which exchanges Index
  • bharatiya mahila bank is (scheduled, non scheduled, commercial, private,public,)
  • during saarc, all countries pact an agreement on? (energy conservation, environment, trade)
  • USA signed agreement with which country for reducing their carbon emissions?
  • Twin sisters who climbed all highest mountains are from which country?
  • falling of one's currency due to market slumping? (currency, devaluation, depression, depreciation, declination)
  • who is heading the SIT team investigating on black money
  • Largest payment corporation of India?
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  1. no..there is no mention of sectional cut-off in the notification...there is only mentioned that candidates will be required to clear total cut-off

  2. Consult..Bankers Adda for interveiw..Much better..

  3. As per notification there is overall cutoff, no sectional cutoff.

  4. Generalist exam had 50 questions.

  5. 50 each for generalist!

  6. Super bro..thanks..

  7. 1. TISS Campuses – Mumbai, Tuljapur, Hyderabad and Guwahati
    2. Nalanda is situated at – Bihar
    3. Rural Development Minister – Chaudhary Birendra Singh
    4. Upcoming Sports Events and their host country.
    5. Solar Power Station related question.
    6. Longest river after Ganga – Brahmputra
    7. Commodity Market controlled by?
    8. Function of IRDA.
    9. Oman Currency – Rial
    10. SIT on Black Money headed by – M. B. Shah
    11. The Dramatic Decade – By Mr. Pranab Mukharjee
    12. The duo sisters climbed to seven mountains – From Dehradoon, India.
    13. GSLV III launched from?
    14. Some satellite launched which is similar to GPS. (don’t remember exactly)
    15. WHO HQ –Geneva
    16. Winner of Hockey tournament held at Bhubaneswar – Germany
    17. Cricket tournament for deaf held at?
    18. Maximum share at Oriental Insurance?
    19. 100% FDI at?
    20. Bhartiya Mahila Bank Type – Commercial Bank
    21. One question related to CIBIL.

    My Attempt:
    Quantitative - 23
    Reasoning - 31
    Gk - 42
    English - 46
    Total - 142

  8. Also
    Name proposed for the BRICS bank ?? - New Development Bank
    RAF(Rapid action Force) is the wing of ??( BSF, CRPF, NAVY, AIRFORCE )

  9. What a memory? Salute you

  10. friend it will lost for only short duration ... after one day ... Gajini (extended version ):P

  11. hi..i have attended today;s morning session
    my attempts: 138/200
    eng: 46
    reasoning: 30
    gk: 30
    overall the exam was of moderate to difficult level.
    eng: easy to moderate, less time consuming
    reasoning: moderate to difficult( in terms of time consumed)
    maths: moderate but calculative
    gk: ok but yes gotto be well prepared. I dont rember much but Some of the ques were:
    capital of kingdom of cambodia
    headquarters of OPEC, INTERPOL
    gov plan on financial inclusion: PMJDY
    ques related to monetary policy,RBI
    majority stakeholder of New india insurance
    Full form of NAV, NRE
    GPS is from which country
    Lets hope for the best...!

  12. I too appeared in this exam.Unfortunately wasted too much of my time in apti section.Also didn't saw the questions of simplification and sufficient conditions ( as i would usually solve them first ).and when i saw them i had only 10 mins left with me.The same thing happened in syndicate po exam.As a result total attempts were only 101.Hope not to repeat this stupidity next time.

  13. commodity market regulated by

  14. Thanks friend .. Forfot NBFC... ..
    Non Banking Financial company
    RAF I guess CRPF

  15. thanks to you mujhe 20 bhi yad ni the

  16. can anyone tell me the previous year cutoff for AO NIA for GENERAL category ???????

  17. manchester of india

  18. I attempt 124 in automobile .only4 student in my centre &1 is absent .plz share your review in auto.

  19. glonass satelite of which country

  20. For our surprise AHMEDABAD :P

  21. sorry question was manchester of east and answer is kanpur

  22. today morning shift review please share

  23. Neo #The Matrix Path#January 11, 2015 at 9:52 PM

    General - 125

  24. Next commonwealth will held??

  25. wil someone provide me dec banking affairs plz
    . . .

  26. who is information & broadcasting minister

  27. I hv exam on 17 any busy guide me plz

  28. sorry Arun Jaitely is correct

  29. gold coast australia

  30. i have obc certificate dated 12 dec, 2014 but as per notification of ibps clerk it should be dated 1-09-2014 on or before 1 year. so, will i be allowed for interview or not ? mam pls help mee.............

  31. hi this is Hasan from Telangana this career path finder is so nice i lyke ur posts and comments ,can u please send me the large size or more clarity of path finder image "If possible", thanking you

  32. Qa was quite lengthy today attemps 148

  33. 40 in specialist section

  34. where was your center

    at my center there were about 180 student excluding all other center in my city(jodhpur)

  35. put review for morning session

  36. -What is usually cut off for specialist category? As today's paper for maths & reasoning seems to be very time consuming.
    -Is there any sectional (subject wise) cut off or merit list shall be single criteria for interview selection?
    -I attended only 123 que in this exam. Eng, GK & Finance was good but in reasoning only 6 que attended.

    Admin Please Help........

  37. NIACL Morning 11-01-2015
    1. Hornbill Festival is celebrated in which State? – Nagaland
    2. Which river flows through China India and Bangladesh - Brahmaputra River
    3. gobi desert kahan se kahan tk faila hai?
    4. According to the State Census 2011, the most populated state – U.P.
    5. gps service kaun manage krta hai?
    6. The world's largest stock exchange per total listed companies – NASDAQ (NYSE was not in the option)
    7. Which institution prepares bi monthly monetary policy - RBI
    8. What does NAV stand for? - Net Asset Value
    9. Full Form of GDP - Gross Domestic Product
    10. What is "E" in the NRE Account? - External
    11. ebola kiske naam pr rakha gaya?
    12. Government Recently Launched a Financial Inclusion Scheme, what is the name of the scheme? – PMJDY
    13. For the development of model villages, Members of Parliament, adopted Villages under? Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana
    14. 'Good Governance Day' to celebrate the birthday of ___? Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    15. Forward Markets Commission (FMC) is a ____ Body. - Statutory Body
    16. Reliance MediaWorks sold Big Cinemas to? - Carnival Films
    17. Currency of Republic of Germany - Euro
    18. Capital of cambodia - Phnom Penh
    19. ______ is for an insurance company to reduce the risks associated with underwritten policies by spreading risks across alternative institutions. - Reinsurance
    20. Market expansion ke liye rbi kya action legi?
    21. One common tax for indirect taxes? GST
    22. Highest Onion Production state? Maharashtra
    23. Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Headquarter - Vienna, Austria
    24. Headquarter of Interpol - Lyon, France
    25. 19th SAARC summit-Islamabad in the year – 2016
    26. Nobel in Economics - Jean Tirole
    27. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting – Arun Jaitley
    28. debang wildlife sanctuary where? Arunachal Pradesh
    29. Transactions using debit card details without swiping atm card? CNP (Card Not Present)
    30. Gaofen-2 HD satellite was launched by? – China
    31. Head of Expenditure Management Commission – Dr. Bimal Jalan
    32. PV Sindhu defeated Kim Hyo Min, which country she represents – South Korea
    33. National Energy Conservation Day - December 14
    34. modi ke upar koi book aayi thi author poocha tha?
    35. Who holds maximum shares in National Insurance Company - Government of India
    36. Who regulates the Portfoli’s in Banks, SEBI or RBI?
    37. Which one of the following is a Market Derivative – Futures & Options
    38. ICICI Bank had last split the face value of its shares from ____ ? – Rs 10 to Rs 2
    39. South African, Norman Gordon died recently at age off 99 related to which sports? – Cricket
    40. one from a scheme of women & child development ministry jisme options the 10 lakh women in next 3 years or 5 years?
    41. Constituency of Water Resource Minister Sanwar Lal Jat? Ajmer

  38. Oooo I m out of the race I HV attempted 120

  39. guys do we have sectional cutoff in niacl ao exam which held today

  40. Gold Coast or Queensland,AUSTRALIA ???

  41. It's My pleasure friend

  42. wrong entry but may ii know when are the sbi associate po's results gonna b announced, any idea dosth e????

  43. me too having same doubt. many told that we will not be allowed but somne are telling that we are eligible. totally confused..

  44. manchester of east india that is kanpur

  45. download in it..

  46. ok.....with me lots of people said that no problem.............lets hope for d best...............,,,,,,,,,,,,,all d best which state u belongs to?

  47. special forces are part of?

  48. As per notification they have NOT mentioned specifically on the sectional cut off but on minimum total score(refer page No. 5 of 24 )

  49. As per notification they have NOT mentioned specifically on the sectional cut off but on minimum total score(refer page No. 5 of 24 in Notification )

  50. pls share the expected cut off in karnakataka of 11.01.2015 evening session exam

  51. NIACL AO exam results out!!


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