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January 10, 2015

Questions Asked in REPCO Bank Clerks Exam dated 9th January 2015


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Hi Friends, this is Alex, a Bank Aspirant. Yesterday's morning (9th January 2015) I had the Repco bank's clerk exam. Many wont know this exam since it was for Southern Region. So I just thought of sharing the questions asked in the exam. Hope this will be helpful for remaining aspirants. All the Best all :)

  • Arundhati bhattacharya is the chief of?
  • Currency of Denmark?
  • Berlin is the capital of?
  • A commercial bank formed from a development financial institution? ICICI, SBI, PNB etc..
  • The incumbent CM of Bihar is succeeded of whom?  Nitish Kumar, Jitan Ram Manjhi etc..
  • Definition of Arbitration?
  • Balance of payment option means?
  • Amartya sen won Nobel prize for her work in the field of?  Peace,Economics, science, etc..
  • One que based on Kaushik basu.. I guess president elect chief economic…
  • Current SLR rate is?
  • Repo rate is termed as?
  • Base rate is determined by?
  • Rural employment scheme now known as?
  • Head of Aadhar project?
  • In PMJDY card issued is ?  Rupay card, Master card, etc..
  • World Heart day?
  • Author of a book? I think book name was “Gandhi’s….”
  • First bullet train proposed in which sector?
  • Tourist place in india called as (I guess) ‘Great triangle’? i. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur I.Bhopal-Indore-Varanasi  etc… (Don’t remember exactly)
  • Which of d following is not a function of RBI? One option was regulating insurance companies
  • RBI’s function? Only 1 option related to banking function.
  • Govt securities refers to? treasury bills, shares of public sector banks, Post office term deposits,Debentures, Equity shares of oil companies..
  • Central bank of Us is known as?
  • Apex bank of our country?
  • Cheque reading based on? MICR, OMR, BAR code, etc..
  • Tennis icon laurels grand slam winner?  Leander paes, Viswanathan anand, etc..
  • IMF Head Christane Legarde is from which country?
  • ISDN stands for?
  • Linux is _______ OS?     Microsoft, Mac, open source, etc..
  • DSL is related to_______?       broadband, network, dial up etc..
  • Which of the following is not a network?    MAN,LAN,WAN,RAN,PAN
  • Which of d following is not a MS Office version?   Office 2007, Office 2000, Office 2003, Office xp, Office vista
  • HTML is ______ language?   Programming,scripting, etc..
  • Output device which display information from computer as image in paper?   scanner, touch panel, plotter, mouse, etc..
  • Which is not a storage device?  Floppy disk, hard disk, printer, etc..
  • Intranet refers to?
  • Peripheral components of a computer which we can touch is called?
  • Process of copying from internet to computer is called?
  • CPU speed measured in? mips, bps, etc..
  • Processor speed measured in? Gigabyte, Megabyte,Kilobyte, Gigahertz, etc..
  • OS is _______ software?  Application, system, utility, etc..
  • To cancel the last made action in Ms word? Redo, Undo, etc..
  • An unsolicited email is called?
  • In MICR middle 3 digit refers to? City, bank, branch,etc…
  • ____ tags when attached to animals can be used to track and locate their movements? RFID,OMR, GPS, POS, etc..
  • Which of the following is not a programming language?  C++,Java, Ms word, etc..
  • Process of finding errors in a program is called? Debugging, Testing, etc..
  • Protocol linked to Internet?
  • Which of the following is not a harmful & ID theft?  Hacking,Virus,Spam,etc..
  • Process of copying from storage device to Hard disk is called?
  • 1 billion byte is  equal to  1 _______  bytes?  kilo, Mega, Giga
  • Easiest way 2 move a text in a doc?   Copy and paste, Cut and paste,etc..

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  1. Thank you brother. Waiting fr this. All the best

  2. Thank u so much for posting shivai mam!!

  3. Wish u the same :-) So u wrote d exam yesterday??

  4. How much u attend ???

  5. Replying u 4 past 15 mins.. Says holding 4 moderation by gr8 n finally not posting..
    All d best 2 u too!! so u wrote d exam yesterday?

  6. Wat about IBPS clerk cleared ah and how much attend in apps???

  7. Dint prepare well.. Did 1ly 17 in apps.. Wat abt u??

  8. Friends any body attended Repco bank Probationary officer exam???

  9. Ya cleared... attended 20 in apps

  10. have u attended Repco Probationary officer...??

  11. 21, wat about IBPS clerk ???

  12. Yea. It's ok. Seems therez some problem with the website. Mine was noon shift.

  13. No frnd.... dint apply.

  14. oh k k.. so how was it?? how many u attempted??

  15. Thanks a lot, I never remember so many questions

  16. hi guys morning..

  17. I was unable to view my status in ibps site.. is that link deactivated?? I was qualified but dint take printout.. from yesterday i was trying to take printout.. plz help me.

  18. thank u i think this is the best education site

  19. they will activate the link, before 10 or 20 days of interview..!!! keep checking :))

  20. ok.. thanku.. is status printout needed?? i mean interview call letter is enough na??

  21. Reasoning was very very easy.... Other sections are similar to ibps...

  22. Satyannarayana YedlaJanuary 10, 2015 at 10:42 AM

    Thank you.. My dear friend.

  23. Nope.. the Application Printout is Mandatory.. and please check the advertisement for the necessary documents for the interview. and make it ready...!! we have more than one month time... :))

  24. whn ibps clerk scores declear?

  25. Friends evening questions plz plz

  26. Friends evening questions plz plz...

  27. S... Waiting for cut off... 152 I did.. U cleared ah...

  28. Reasoning was very very easy.But in quan i have attempt 19 ly. Other sections r similar to ibps. Total attempt was 154.

  29. I also feel d same.. Reasoning u can do 40 out of 40..,

  30. CPU speed measured in? i dont know the ans. pls tell

  31. yesterday exam was easy or tuff

  32. how much the cut off will be for repco bank

  33. IBPS Clerk - IV Score Card Out

  34. yes ibps clerk 4 score card out,but score are not available for selected candidates for interview

  35. Ghz (Giga hertz) - Its the clock rate of the processor.

  36. ya. again i checked. sorry bro

  37. u also tn right
    obc cutoff ?????

  38. It's ok no probe.

  39. Ya . 104 same for obc and general . From sources.

  40. 104 for obc and general.

  41. Computer knowldge ke answers bhi bata do pls :)

  42. I have attended the exam


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