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January 21, 2015

Prathma Bank PO Interview Experience


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Name – Abinash kumar

Bank – Prathma Gramin Bank

Post Applied for - Officers (Scale I)

Cat – OBC

Venue – Muradabad Head Office 

Date – 19 Jan 2015

Time – 12.30 PM

Duration – 10 Min

76 students called for OS 1 interview , 

Many of the candidates' signatures were not matched. So they took their thumb impressions.

I talked to alot of candidates, they were having more then 150 marks but they don't know how to talk in pure Hindi :-P

95% candidates were from Bihar.

Panel asked funny  questions to them like. Tell me about your Khet ( field) about Akbar Birbal like this. 

But they asked me only banking questions. 

* In interview they asked all questions in Hindi only.

I entered interview room at 6.45 pm ,there were 4 male members of them 1 was silent observer, greeted all of them and then they asked me to sit down.

Q1.So apna naam btaiye?
Ans. I told.
Q2. Fathers name and mothers name?
Ans . I told.
Q3. So aapne Btech kis branch se kiya? Iska bank ko kya fayda hoga ?
Ans. I explained.
Q4. CBS kya hai?
Ans. I explained/
Q5. WAN kya hota hai?
Ans. I told

Q1. Tell me 2 famous person from your native place.
Ans. I told them 

Q1.Tell me Fund transfer.
Ans. Answered 

M1- prove me that u will stay here for a long time.
Ans. i assure them. 
M1 offered me few toffees  and say goodbye.

That’s it! Panel was co-operative and supportive !!

(Best of luck everyone)

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  1. Abhinash,How do i convince them that i will stay for a long time?

  2. how to get ereceipt for rrb po and clerk?

  3. tell them that getting bank job is your ambition and without hesitation say them that anyhow I am gng to sign one year bond ;) as on completing my probationary period I will advance myself with the same organisation for the next step of my career.....this question doesnt have any 100% solid answer they vl check our confidence through these kinda questions...jus a suggestion may be this is not an exact answer...:)

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience.....

  5. only 76candidates were callled for 74 posts??/

  6. 95% candidates from bihar O M G................ now understand y average candidates do not get chance for interview

  7. I told them that. I am staying here at ghaziabad since 2 years and Prthma bank is best coz of low NPA so i will stay here for a long time.

  8. well all the best

  9. And all of them were Also called at Shgb on same date and they were absent at that place.

  10. Only 1 was from rajasthan and one was from utrakhand :-P

  11. Not luck but, they might not be selected as they were talking in hindi (mixing local), dont know max answers but all of them having more then 150 marks. But bank dont have many option so they might me selected.

  12. having good marks is their +ve point thats y bank prefer them

  13. LOL looks like this man is still solving percentage related problem....when he said 95% hailed from bihar...and the best part was Bihari don't know how to speak Hindi...really?

  14. All of them are called for all RRB's and all of them told me that see you at MBGB.

  15. mixing hindi and local language.

  16. ab kya kr sakte h bhai jinke jada marks h or jahan wo eligible h wo to bharenge but all the way u get a chance for interview and that was good also so best wishes to u again ,tension ka point to hm average marks walo k liye h

  17. Thanxs 4 sharing Frnd.. All d best:)

  18. achchca beta tumhe to Hindi aati thi na. Kitne marks laye ho ye bhi likh dete

  19. thats not so much important that they are mixing local language. Important thing is that how much they have knowledge of things. since if they bring only passing marks marks in interview they can beat another persons.

  20. bete ek to tum swayam hi Rajasthan se aaye huye ho aur dusro ke upar comments de rahe ho. See yourself first

  21. aspirants from madhya pradesh waiting for notification for rrb offc assist plz post there marks...

  22. Yes bro your are right panel was very cooperative,
    My interview was today@ 8:30 here
    They only asked about family & hobbies, Hindi language make me more comfortable....!!!


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