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January 19, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS PO IV


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Name : Gagandeep Singh

Panel : 1

Interview Date : 19th January 2015

Time : 1 PM

Interview Venue :   
Hotel Platinum Plaza ,
Sector 14 ,

Document Verification :

At the time of the document verification they gave us a blank A4 sheet and asked us to write anything on it, whatever we want to write (approx half page) and then asked us to submit that page along with documents.

During the Interview
Panel consists of 5 Members (1F,4M)
  • M1 leading the panel
  • M2 was a Sikh
  • M3 technical expert
  • M4  just for observation
  • F1  for banking questions
I too a deep breath, asked permission and entered into the room. I  said good after noon mam and good after noon to all sir

M1 – please …baithiye (please sit down)
Me – thank you sir

M1 – kuch apne bare m bataiye (tell us about yourself)
Me- explained I mentioned that I worked in TCS for some time then resigned.

M1- TCS se resign kyu diya vo to bahut aachi company hai. Foreign country ghumne ka bahut mauka milta hai. (Why did you resign TCS ? It's very good company. You will get chance to visit foreign countries)
Me- I was ill so took leave and came to my home. Later I came to know about the Banking Sector from one of my friend who was preparing for banking sector. I inspired from him and then resigned to my job…came home, done freelancing for one year then started preparing for bank. Maximum of my family members are also at Govt Sector, they also inspired me to be an officer.

M1 – ni yar kuch convincing answer ni hai tumhara. Kuch aur batao jisse me convience ho jau (I am not convinced with your answer. Tell me something to convince me)
Me- sorry sir I m aapko convience nahi kar sakta kyoki uske liye mujhe jooth bolna padega aur vo m nahi bolna chahta… (Sorry sir, I can't convince you. Because I have to lie to convince you, but I don't want to do that) then M1 passe a smile and I relaxed

M1- ok tell me something about your hobbies
Me- I explained him.

M1 asked me to tell some guitarist in the world as I told them I like to play guitar and I explained him some guitarist from English bands Indian guitarist and some Pakistani artists. He said good really it seems to be your hobby.

F1- kya aapna kabhi CAMELS k bare me suna hai? Expand CAMELS (rating system)
Me- I explained only CAM and told them that I forgot remaining...
Then she explained me the full expansion and said ; thoda sa guitar wala passion iss field m b hona chahiye naa” and I said sorry mam I will definitely read about this after reaching home.

M3- so you have done B.Tech in IT
Me – yes sir

M3 – How will your IT knowledge is beneficial for bank
Me – I explained

M3- asked done HCL support services which he provides to bank
Me- sorry sir I never heard about that

M3- who is the founder of HCL?
Me- Shiv Nadar and Arjun malhotra

M1- what are your other hobbies apart from you explained earlier? Kya aap  TV dekhte ho?
Me- to be very honest sir me TV nahi dekhta kyoki papa dekhne hi nahi dete :)
    Everyone in room smiled

M1 newspaper padhte ho? Kaun sa padhte ho? Kis terhe ki news aati hai us news paper me?
Me- yes sir, Dainik Tribune (M1 assked other that is it hindi version of The Tribune)
Then I explained him some news which I read on Gr8ambition but told them that I read it from newspaper (thanks a lot gr8ambition), I explained him news of IS group in detail. And M1 said good aapko itni detail maloom hai. And I said thank you sir (with smile)

Then M1 started asking some situational questions. He raised his question and left the room to attend a call.
Que was – If any customer came to your branch in drunk condition and You are the manager, what will you do?
Me – explained

M2- If he has a deposited of 2 Crore in your branch, then what will you do?
Me – I explained….and he smiled and said ok you can leave now

At the same moment M1 enter the room and said no no I want to ask one more question…please be seated

Que was- If any of your branch’s employee came in same condition (drunken) on duty, then what will you do?
Me- Sir this is not a tolerable condition…I will immediately talk with him Instruct him to go back to home and mark His absent.
M1 – why ?
Me- because this is not professionalism, we all are working professionals and we have to maintain a decorum to perform the duty assigned by our organization
M1 – excellent

Then he explained me one government rule which was similar to my answer….that no govt employee can enter his premises in certain conditions and said thank you….you can go now

I said thank you and exited the room.....

Actually they asked maximum questions from those topic which we wrote on that A4 sheet. I wrote about my qualification, experience, hobbies and my Idol

My interview lasted around 20 minutes.

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  1. Very nice Interview. Best of luck.
    Giving the candidate the A4 sheet to write something is a new and interesting thing.

  2. One of the best interviews so far. All the Best sir

  3. hey it was very nice way of ansering... hope u ll be in... my best wishes for you...

  4. Thank you brother. May God bless you

  5. A4 sheet is given every where that new concept

  6. i dint undrstd ...A 4 SHEET?

  7. you read the last line of the interview A4 sheet is provided to write about yourself

  8. Could you please tell the answer which u told for that drunk customer question ? It would be helpful for us

  9. In simple words, A4 sheet means a blank white sheet

  10. @ Vikash : They followed same procedure last year also... I appeared for Clerical exam. In that, they asked me to write something in local language.

  11. Bhăwàņį PrađhănJanuary 19, 2015 at 11:10 PM

    no one cud be so informal with the jury as yu were ..... anyways gudluk !!

  12. i appreciate that you have said Sikh and not Sardaar. best of luck..

  13. plz share the correct answer for this question

  14. Suggest me any book for interview prperation

  15. Hi..whether we have to sign with gazetted officer or self sign on photocopies of our certificate

  16. yar interview k pehle koi form bhi de rahe h kya bharne ko?as he said he wrote something on A4 sheet

  17. 1. Drunks respond better to someone who approaches them in a friendly manner rather than an authoritative manner
    2. Whenever possible, involve the drunk's sober friend or colleague.
    3. Drunks do not like to be told what to do. Offer them choices such as "Walk over here with me," "Can I call you a cab" or "Is there someone I can call for you?

  18. You are right... Last year when I appeared for IBPS CLERK interview, they asked candidates to write some thing in the local language. But that was for knowing the proficiency of candidate's local language. but here no where mentioned about local language...may be it is centre specific...any how better to be prepared for that too :)

  19. please answer me, if any one comes in drunk condition to bank, then what is your answer.please send the answer...

  20. Will they accept the obc certificate after registration date. Anyone pls reply me i'm tensed. I'm having the obc certificate registered on 15.12.14.

  21. nice interview
    i have the interview on 29 th jan
    i am thinking that as i got less marks in written my interview is at the last date
    will any one clear me

  22. hi. no dear it's not like that, some people have at the frst and sme have last dates, no need to worry about it, be confident, they may sort according to category or may b accrd to roll no''s not the problem, prepare well, .....all d bst

  23. Thanks a lot Gagandeep Singh. All the best...

  24. why they give white paper..nd asked to write something.??

  25. anybody from kerala done with interview?

  26. it was bio data form

  27. Having interview at same place

  28. qury.frm me.. i m passed out in 2014 only..
    but still now i did nt have convacation certificate..only provisional nd marks memo are there...those are enough for interview..??

  29. what we have to write in A4 sheet?

  30. I entered wrong percentage in application form.
    what should I do??
    my Interview is on 23.
    need help

  31. yeha it will be acceptable as it is new one only right means u have taken in december 2014 it is no problem

  32. as customer is king to banks we had to treat him like rest of customers only and try to solve his problem first and send him as soon as possible or else it will create problem to other customers

  33. they have neatly mention to self sign only buddy

  34. Thanks manikant
    All the best for ur interview
    I will be confident , try to get the job this time
    I think it will be a bit difficult for the coming po 5
    All the best to all of u

  35. first of all congrance,but how you prepare for at,did u use any short cut tricks

  36. if he is try to deposit some money, would we accept it or not

  37. dear, answer vary from person to person. Try to create your your own answer because they will do a lot of cross questioning on your answer if you will remember my answer will not help you.......for reference answer given by vibhor sharma is satisfactory

  38. thank you bhai.......m also Sikh and know its importance:-)

  39. Mam ...not any book will help just practice and practical exposure .

  40. just they want to know on which topics you are confident to answer

  41. Dear I mentioned it in interview description......

  42. thank i didn't use any short trick. It was just experience as I appeared in my bank interviews

  43. no...this is not the reason. they are calling for interview according to category first ST then SC followed by OBC then GENERAL. I think you are from general category. Don't think about your marks just prepare for interview

  44. What u wrote..on that paper

  45. ofcourse we will accept the money i told we will take care of him first and send him soon

  46. Yeah good thanks

  47. 1 personal detail
    2 educational detail
    3 work experience
    4 my hobby
    5 my idol


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