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January 28, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Adithya (Tirupathi)

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Name : Adithya

Interview Date : 27th January 2015

Venue : Tirupathi

Time : 1:00 PM

Panel members were awesome they will talk very friendly

Certificate verification with in 5 minutes completed.I asked my number. Mam told 15.Then I asked her shall I go for lunch.  She told me ofcourse you can go.Had lunch and came.

Waited for my turn
Finally my turn came.
Panel members 4
3 male and 1 female
Me: may I come in sir
M2: yes come in
Me:good afternoon sir and good afternoon madam
M2: please sit down
Me: thank you
M2: Mr adithya right
Me :Yeah Iam adithya sir
M2:what is your father??
Me: told
M2: when did your btech was completed?
Me: 2012
M2:Ohh 2 and half years what are you doing?
Me: Iam working in x company sir.
M2:why you want to join in bank??
Me: in software whom we are serving we don't know sir. If I did hardwork then I will get appreciations but that it motivating me but not satisfying me.But in Banks we will get that satisfaction by serving people directly. That too we will work for our country.
M2:Then if I posted you London for Bob u are ready to work or not??
Me:yes sir I will work because I wanted to work in bank.
M2: Asked about my project?? Work location??  About technology??  About role??
Mostly conversation between me and m2
But for one answer m3 was satisfied for my answer
Next turn goes to m3
M3: what are all the schemes launched by NAMO?
Me: PMJDY,swatch bharat,deen dayal,indra dhsnuh.
M3: Indra dhanuah... Ohh I didn't heard about this what is this can you send explain??
Me: explained they impressed 😃
M2: what is smart city project ?

F1: what is the recent scheme launched by NAMO ??
Me:sukanya samrudi yojana and explain in detail.They impressed with my answer
F1: who won ipl7
Me: answer correctly
F1:runner up??
F1: correcting me
Me: Thank you for correcting me
F1: KYC norms?
Me: explained
F1:what are the festivals in telangana ??
Me:: told samaka sarakka.
F1: any festivals
Me:madam Iam not able to recollect
F1:which state swatch bharat
Will conduct monthly once ??
Me:madam I don't know exact answer . I think Ap
F1 : it's correct
F1:who is rbi governor ?
Me: Rajan
M2:Okay adithya .interview is over
Me: thanks sir and thanks madam

Between the interview only one person is asking and remaining persons are disturbing so I jus look at then and continued my interview . I thini that is for interruption only.

My interview is went for 10 min .I was satisfied with my performance but 3 to 4 answers I Didn't told.

What about your views about my performance

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