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January 28, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Anjali (Bangalore)


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Name :  Anjali

Category : General

Venue :  Canara  Bank, Bangalore

Date : 25/01/2015

Time : 8:30

Qualification : BE (EEE) with 2.9 years of exp in IT

I reached  around  8 am and they called us for verification after 8:30 am..Verification process took around 5 to 10 minutes and it was over by 10 for all the candidates.

We were asked to go to 1st floor and wait for our turn and the nervousness started.

We all were given numbers and I was 9th one to go for interview. My turn came around 11:45am and it was for about 10 to 15 minutes.

There were 4 people M1 ,M2, M3 ,M4(female)

Me: may I come in?
All: please come in and take your seat.
Me: thanku
M4: so Anjali you are from UP rite? Where exactly in UP?
ME: told
M4: (all became excited after hearing which place I belong to )…:p…..and we had 1 min discussion on the same.
M4: why did you leave your job? Your company is a very good company
Me: told my points.
M2: gave a long lecture that how IT sector is important and we should give chance to government to make the necessary changes instead of leaving etc etc..went on for 2 mins.
Me: I told my points. They caught me in between saying that means if you get a chance you will go again ?. and I refused and told them I wont . I told there was no recession when I left my job so that’s not the reason .
M4: (supported me) saying yes and there is no recession  now also.( pointing at m2)
Me: yes maam .
M2: now he looked kind of satisfied!!!( well not sure, but with his expression I think he was)
M2: so wat is google?
Me: told
M2: you are saying from the perspective of an engineer . I want the real meaning!!!( well I donno wat he meant by that.)
Me: (confused and smiling)
M2: it means wandering( with a big smile as If we were playing quiz competition and  he won!!!):p
Me: oh!!....was thinking in my mind that if u wanted to know the synonym of google!!!gosh  I wouldn’t have answered that  !!! and I doubt if google means wandering!!!
Me: with a smile, thanku sir
M1: different type of accounts?
Me: told
M1: interest paid on saving account?
Me: told
M1: why private banks give more interest than psbs?
Me: told
M1: anything else?
From there the talk went to how  much interest does private bank offer and I told him about diff banks and there interest rates.
M4: introduce yourself!!!
Me: I did… ( due to nervousness it went little up and down  but ok)L
M4: 5 to 6 questions about my family and 2 to 3 regarding job .
Me: answered
M2: what is risk management?
Me: I told him I donno the bookish definition but I can explain it to you and I explained.
M2: types?
Me: explained
M4: again about my personal background
Me: answered
M2: after a long pause he said hope for the best  with a big smile.
Me: yes sir
M2:After sometime. well Anjali u have been staying here in Bangalore from long time then will you be able to relocate ?
Me: explained
M3: satisfied . all had smiles on there faces
M3: ok anjali . I thought it was over but after a pause anjali please tell me what does ur name means!!!
Me: offering sir..divine offering..:)
M3: interesting!!! ( with a smile)
M3: ok anjali
Me: thanku sir, thanku mam
M2: please take chocolates
Me: took the chocolates .wished them happy republic day in advance.
All: thanku..
And I came out

PS: whether you know the answer or no don’t loose your confidence. Chances are high that we get so nervous that we forget what we knew just some time back!! . so understand whatever you are reading so that even if u don’t remember the exact definitions or what you by hearted at least you can explain the concepts to them.

Due to nervousness I fumbled few times and my English was also not up to the mark and it disappointed me but the good thing was I didn’t loose my confidence and kept on smiling throughout.
Just don’t show that you are uncomfortable and give your best.
Thanks :) :) :P

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  1. Thanks and all the best.

  2. All the Best Anjali!!! Please tell me two convincing points for leaving IT and prefering bank sector...Becoz i also worked in IT and hunting for proper reason .

  3. please do correction in #Rule 9

  4. All THE Best ms.Anjali

  5. i think they got satisfied what you said. Iam hoping may be this year every one will get job

  6. Actually my technology is very old so I convinced dem saying everyday new technologies r coming up and dey don let us change our technology . And it was my bad luck that v were trained on dat ... Wat ever u say have proper reasons to support it as dey Ll start digging questions one after the other based on Wat ever u say .

  7. Hii anjali congrats how u prepare for po exam

  8. Thanks for your reply:)

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  10. hai anjail... u really did well... hope u wll get positive result... congrats in advance... and will u pls tell me what is the reply u gave for the interest paid for savings account and why private banks offer more interest than PSb's????

  11. private banks give higher interest to attract customers, as majority of customers are opening there account in PSB rather in private bank


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