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January 22, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Mumbai


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Name - Sachin Waghmare
Qualification - Graduate in Pharmacy and MBA in Pharma management (only thing which is focused throughout the interview)

Date - 19-01-2015

Venue - BOM, Mumbai

Time - 1 PM

Panel - 1

Document verification done till 2pm, they took interview for 7-8 min. for each candidate, mine was also for 8 min, i was prepared with some regular interview que. or you can say i mugged up these que and some banking terms...

i was second in list, interview started at 2.30.

i entered with a smile and smile left me at the door only.. i wished them, they asked me to sit.
there were 5 people in a panel ( 4 male and 1 female)

when M1 started asking que, M2 was busy on call and M4 was busy with my documents.

M1- so, sachin.. tell me about urself.
me- answered
M1- why you left your field and why you choose banking?
me- explained in detail (he was convinced)
M1-  tell me what other things bank do except accepting diposites and giving loan
me- i explained other functions of bank.
M1- can we leave our valuable things in a bank, what does it called?
me- yes sir, in safty locker deposite
M1- then he fired 4 que to me, 1. can we buy any kind of product from bank, I SAID NO.
2. can we buy railway tickit from bank, I SAID NO.
3. can we buy gold from bank, I SAID NO
4. can we donate money to temples from bank, (b4 answering this, thought i answered 3rd que. wrong,, n if m nt sure i shud say no) n i said dont know about this,, M1 and a lady was smiling loking at each other.

then M1 asked female to proceed,
F- what is RTGS, NEFT, difference between them n what are the limits (she asked one by one)
me- i answered all the que.

M2- (he finished with his call now) asked again, why banking after pharmacy graduation, how you will managed in banking.
me- i grab his attention towards my MBA and explained some things which can be useful for banking ( like customer and product management etc) he was not looking satisfied.
M2- if you are good at customer management and have ability to convince them, then y don't you join private banks, you will get good growth there.
me- i explained my interest ans benefits of public sector, bt he was not looking satisfied.

M3- what is CASA?
ME- answered
M3- what is interest rate on saving account in nationalized banks?
me- 4%
M3- why it is nationalized?
me- (i dint got his que.) and said sorry sir i don't know.

M4- (all the time he was looking at my documents) finally  he paid attention in interview n asked same thing... why you left pharma field, there is also a growth?
me- (i was expecting this que. bt not 3-4 times) and i was tired repeating same things n said..... sir i was not gud at studies during graduation...(dint.finished my ans)
M3- interrupt n said why u were nt gud, your patents are teacher? ( as i told about my parents profession while explaining about my self)
me- i was like what to say about this n i kept quiet.

all are saying ok you can go. I was about to say thank you..
M3 asked again- do you really want to work in a bank, bcz ur qualification is totally diff.
i said YES sir.

they said ok, all the best.. i said thank you sir n left the room.

throught the interview they were not looking satisfied with my interest in banking, nyways, hoping for the best.

finally i wanted to say a big thank you to gr8ambitionz team which helped me lot to crack written exam n also for interview preparation.

All the best for remaining aspirants for their interview.

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  1. pls share ur answers also it would b very helpful plsssssss

  2. They liked ur skills dude..that is the reason they have asked yet again in d last..good luck nd very gud interview

  3. i too from pharma what answer u have given why pharma

  4. Thank u dinesh.. I wud be able to ans about nationalosatn if he was specificaly asked about this..

    May be the que. Was like why intrest rate on saving acount set by nationlised banks now, as erlier it was maintain by rbi

  5. hi sachin me too from pharma background but didnt have satisfactory answer to tell.can u plz tell me ur ans wich u had given to will be a big help

  6. Hi, do they ask 12th certificate? i only have 12th marksheet

  7. bhai character certificate to nhn chahiye na??

  8. Que was like y not pharma, y banking?
    1st about y banking i answerd- sir i always wanted to do a job which will asure me future growth, stability n respect in society, n thing bank is most caring organisation if an employe work hard for bank, bank will definatly take care of him in al d aspects, one more thing which atracted me towrds banking is fast n fair selection process n neat and clean job, means there is no political interference in selection proces n also we get an opportunity to work in political free environment. (I took this ans from this site only ;-) )

    Que. 2 why u left pharma field, how you will manage?
    Ans- sir bank is diversifying its work netwrk nw a days, more product will come in d market n compition level wil increase, so managing products and customers will b more imp and as an mba student i will help with those things, i will provide best service to the customers which will help banks in long run.

    Q3. But In pharma sector growth is also there, why i left this.?
    Ans- (while telling about myself i told i was working as medical representativ)
    Sir, job satisfaction n stability was not there.

  9. No they dint ask for 12th certificates or marksheets.. But if u donts have birth certificate, so they will ask for 10th or 12th certificate


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