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January 28, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Pavan (Bangalore)


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Name : Pavan Kumar

Qualification : M.Sc Biotechnology

Venue : Syndicate Bank Training Centre, Bangalore

Date of Interview : 27th January 2015 

Time : Morning (9.15AM)

This is the first time i want to share my experience, because i want to know how i did my interview it went for hardly 5-7 minutes i don't know what they get please share your feelings about my interview. I am great follower of gr8 ambitionz. this site helped me a lot for my exams and interviews as well.

I am the first person in the morning to face the interview:

Total 5 members one lady and four gentlemen ( m1,2,3,4 and lady).


They offered seat for me to sit, i said thanq you for that.

M1 : K MR.Pavan kumar if you were a COMMISTIONER FOR BANGLORE
         how you solve the problem of garbage, which is a major problem in banglore
Me: I will appoint some volunteers sir and i will bring awareness among public about clean and green.

M1: K every one in banglore maintaining cleanliness i and u k, but what we have to do with that garbage.
me: my face was blank for 10 sec and i said slowly we can do recycling sir i said

M1: how you recycle any idea
me: i didnt tell the answer my mind was blank at that time. M1 asked M2 to ask the question

M2: who is the queen of biotechnology
me: Suddenly answer didnot strike for me i said sorry sir

M2: who is founder of biocon:
me: i take 5 sec and i told Kiran Majumdar Shaw

M2: kk  that what i asked you

M2: who got ashok chakra award ?
me: i said one name unable to recollect the second name at that time even i studied in morning. it is the stupid thing i did

M2: For what purpose ashok chakra famous for
me: sir  it is for peace and gallantary award, he satisfied with that.

M3: what is NEFT?
me: Which is used for electronic fund transfer there is no min and uppercieling for        NEFT sir even one rupee can transfer through neft sir i said.

M3: thats it the what is RTGS? and diff between RTGS AND NEFT?
me: i told RTGS is also for fund transfer but it saves the time with immediate             effect. NEFT takesplace through batches sir i said.

M3: At what intervals it takes place
me:  for every 2 hours NEFT occurs i said, he said r u sure. yes sir i said

M3: What is LAN AND WAN ?
me: i said local area network and wide area network

M3: which is faster in speed? i said WAN sir he said no LAN.
me : thank you sir for knowing me.

Lady: Tell me about diff types of accounts ?
me: i said savings and current account fixed and recurring deposits madam:

Lady: What is CASA? explain them ?
me : i said current account and saving account madam and i explained neatly.

M4 : finally m4 asked me how your subject helpful to our bank ?
me: may be my subject not related to bank but my work experience as computer operator, basic knowledge in computers it will definetly help full to bank sir.

M4: You worked in company no why you left that job ?
me: sir it is a part time job, i have a strong desire to work in govt sector. last year        i have cleared IBPS PO but i lost by 1% mark still i didnot loose hopes sir            iam hopeful of selection may this year,   im trying for bank job only sir.

M4: How many you have attempted in IBPS PO IV ?
me: i said 112 sir

They all looked each other and said

All the best and best of luck, take a CHOCKLATE from here.

when I was leaving

M1 person asked me, you are willing to join any where in India pavan,

 I said yes sir i am willing to join any where sir.

Thank you sir,

Friends this is all about my interview please tell me genuinely whether how much i have done in this interview. 

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  1. anybody here having any idea about sbi asso PO results??

  2. Meri dad k initial me ek extra initial add hua he its actually B but came as B M koi problem hoga kya both in 10th and caste certificate but not in application

  3. anilkumar alluri ChowdaryJanuary 28, 2015 at 12:26 PM

    neft is hourly batches

  4. Meri dad k initial me ek extra initial add hua he its actually B but came as B M koi problem hoga kya both in 10th and caste certificate but not in application

  5. when will the new india assurance assistant and sbi associate po result come out?

  6. All the best Pawan..

  7. hello evryone
    i have apply for CWE-Clerk 2014 actually at the time of filling the application of CWE-Clerk to by mistakes or scroll down of mouse my date of birth has been changed and my interview held on 13 feb i really very tns about dob . so please tell me the procedure to provide a solution..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. ques 18 and 88 are same and answers are diff

  9. hi, i know to read tamil but cant write, in my application also i have given like this. will this affect my ibps clerk interview?

  10. Hope for d best bro...

  11. Who is queen of biotechnology

  12. on applying i mistakely put my date under date of tat make any pblm?

  13. u wl loose few marks may b 3 or 5 as compared to those who r proficient in tamil.... over all u wl get 1 mark less in final list.. dats all..

  14. there are some mistakes in answer please check it out. 18 and 88 questions are same bt answers are nt same .


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