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January 22, 2015

IBPS PO-4 Interview experience @ Ludhiana


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Hi Friends, I am Navneet Singh. I am sharing my interview experience with you guys. I hope this will boost confidence in some of you.

Name : Navneet Singh

Interview Venue : Punjab National Bank, Zonal office (Near Westend mall), Ludhiana

Time : 8:30AM

Panel : II (Two)

Date : 21 Jan 2015

As the interviews started on 19th Jan.Like many of you I was searching for an interview experience till 20th evening hoping that anyone from my interview venue might have posted his/her experience which will give me a rough idea of interviewer's region of putting question but of no benefit. 

Although back of mind everyone knows it is of no use even if you come to know the type of question being asked to previous interviewees as all these interviews are unstructured. Questions are only put from your answers to previous questions. It is game of words only, I read this somewhere. All you need to know is to use the rightpiece of words in your answers.

Banking is a like a sea of knowledge and none could claim to be expert even after 35 years of service. It is a very vast sector guys so how can we expect ourselves to learn so many concepts in such little time.
In my opinion even the interviewers are not looking for extra banking knowledge in you. They just want to see your Interpersonal skills and how you are going to use them in banking sector. It is fine if you gothrough basics of banking but don’t waste time in learning in-depth knowledge of it.  Better to enhance replies on personal questions.

Ok now about my experience.

I reached the venue at 0800 hours. Our document verification started by 0900 hours and my turn came @ 1100 for document verification.

Everyone was cooperative at the venue. As it was cold we were even offered tea and snacks. Tea was something I was looking for as it was raining outside and it charged me up. My documents were all Ok. And Iwas told that my turn is after 3-4 guys. A common face came to me with whom I’ve met in the SBI zonal office (Chandigarh) during clerical interview last month. We discussed couple of things about current topics in the name of revision. Finally my turn came.

I entered the room, with a smile on my face, wished them “Good Morning”. Grabbing the seat the first question came from the head of the panel….Hanji tussi kitho aaye? (From where have you come?)
I was like…oh my God…he is speaking local language and I was not expecting this at all for a PO interview. All my nervousness was gone as Punjabi is my mother tongue and I felt like more confident within fraction of seconds. It was like speaking to an elderly person at home.

All the questions were asked in Punjabi and only the head of the panel was putting questions.

Ques1: Where have you come from? What is the importance of the place.

Explained very well

Ques2: What are your hobbies?

Told him Diary Writing and Pencil Sketching.

Ques 3: What is the benefit of Diary Writing? What else do you write?
Told him the benefits and I do content writing for an NGO as well.
Explained him what content writing and all I do for that Ngo.

Ques 4: What is NGO? Any Act for this?

Now, I was expecting this question and like I said above, NGO word was used by me knowingly.  I explained confidently like prepared. He was impressed as I knew about “Society registration Act 1860” under which
Indian NGO’s are registered.

Ques 5: What are qualities in a leader?

Again a prepared question. I had a long list of qualities to share.

Ques 6: Drug-Abuse is a big problem in Punjab, what steps are being taken by govt to stop this?

Thank God I read newspaper, I knew about the steps being taken by Punjab Govt so explained. He looked satisfied.

Ques 7: As a banker what changes you expect to see in a bank?

A random question, but I managed to answer by using the customer handling angle and the problems faced by weaker section/old age people during their visit in bank.

He gave me an Ok reaction and I was like shoot.

Ques 8: Ok. I got the changes you want to see. Tell me how innovative you can become for selling products at your own. What steps will you take from your end?

Answered about using print media, involving village heads (using Panchayat), Canopy set up at door, Scheme announcements through Gurudwaras/Mandir etc etc.

He gave big smile being totally convinced. I kept on speaking 2-3 minutes on this.

Ques 9: What are influences of monetary policies?

Ques 10: What are Public Sector banks? What is public in this? Any acts?
Answered very well.

At last the Head of panel commented in Punjabi, very good boy, you managed to answer very well.

All the best.

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  1. gr8 ... all is well ... hope 4 d best .. :)

  2. Great... i too had at the same venue. And had a similar experience.. it was in punjabi and it went well.. questions asked to me were... NPA... Kcc.. functions of rbi... repo vs reverse repo.. risk weighted assets.. ponzy schemes.. etc.

  3. Finally an interview experience from punjab...thanks bro and all the best for final results


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