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January 14, 2015

Interview Experience of Syed Khalid


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Name : Syed Khalid 

Name of the Post : Officers (Scale I)

Name of the Bank : Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank

Interview Date : 8th January 2015

As I begin to ponder my thoughts about scenario of my interview, I wonder how much and how far would I be able to do justice to what actually happened, as there is so much to digest and so much happened in those minutes, probably hard to write but I try my best of my memory to reproduce, so those who appear in future may get a leaf out of this.

At the very outset let me tell about various intricacies during Verification of document. At the verification, I realized everyone pretending as if everyone’s Chutzpa is at its Zenith; I knew inside we were all jittery but not showing on faces. As I was first to be verified at 9:00am, it hardly took 5min for my verification (May be Staff was very active as its early morning time), Whole staff was very friendly in verification and after that they informed us to wait up to 10am as panel member arrive at 10am. Verification of OBC certificate is very strict for reserved candidate; some were not allowed to appear. 

After 10’o clock some 5 members (All Engineers) were informed to reach at first floor for interview. There having sofa to sit near chamber of Chairman (Ashok Reddy). First a girl went inside for interview, after 15 min I was about to go but in last moment another person who was before my no. in list arrived and they said me to allow him first. So basically I was third to be doomed, one senior lady in very amicable manner apologized for this interruption (She was also encouraging us for interview to feel us relaxed). Meanwhile So many superstitious thoughts running in mind like teen tigada kaam bigada etcetera. I was somehow convincing by saying All izz Well and another sound was reverberating in heart as Ghanta All izz Well and I realized actually two souls reside in our body one is positive and another negative both are necessary for leading good life.    

Finally my time arrived nearly about 10:45, I entered with a broad smile on face and greeted good morning (three person sitting in room of chairman (CR, M1, M2 (very serious person)) one front (CR), our Right side and another left side and everyone was very busy in reading my bio data. I asked CR may I take a seat, CR yes please.

CR: After 10 seconds of my bio data scan, So Khalid what is your ambition in your life?
( Oye teri! So many question I mugged up for starter like introduce, why banking, why bank after Engg, why gap and what heck is this?)
Me: Sir, right now to become a banker.

CR: From when this ambition you have?
Me: sir from final year of Engg.

M1: what was ambition in childhood?
Me: Sir, I was not enough mature to decide about my ambition in childhood.
(M1 nodded and said ya u r right)

CR: What is VSAT?
(As he has already seen Engg percentage which is very less does this question needed at this juncture?)
Me: I said Sir Very Satellite aperture terminal

CR: no, it’s small
Me: oh yes sir, its small aperture terminal. (Questioning myself how the hell I can do this mistake at beginning)

CR: What are layers of OSI model?
(I realized this interview gone :( )
Me: somehow with bumpy voice managed 6 layers another I was not getting.
(Mind keeps remembering every answer in bathroom but when actual time comes it betrays you, luxury of mind!)

CR: What are crops of India?
Me: Sir Rice, wheat, millets, pulses, sugar cane, jute.

CR: what are pulses?
Me: Tur ki dal (CR asked then? I said this is only I knew as I was confused what things comes in pulses, CR was not giving expression of convince, later I realized he may be expecting my answer as kharif, rabi and zaid, may be I dint understood his question)

CR: you visited villages?
Me: sir I studied my Engg in Bhalki(A town in Bidar Dist, Karnataka)

CR: but its taluk place
Me: yes sir but I visited some villages nearby with my friends.

M2 (Right side): What is Nabard?
(Sigh of relief! Now my time)
Me: Sir, National bank for agriculture and rural development.

M2: What are its functions?
Me: Replied in detailed manner.

M2: When established?
Me: Sir 1985

M2: sure?
Me: not sure sir I’m not good at remembering dates but its nearby that year.

M2; who is chairman?
Me: Sir, Dr Harshkumar bhanwale. (M2 looked convinced)

M2: What is RBI and its function?
Me: replied everything in detailed manner. (Panel giving sufficient time to put your point without any interruptions) 

M2: In Islam you have a crescent moon what you call it
Me: Sir chand ki raat you saying?

M2: No, ok which calendar you use?
Me: sir Hijri, (M2: yes hijri)

M2: Asked same question about moon
Me: sorry sir I don’t knew (M2 answered it, I said ok sir but I dint heard about this). Now M2 passed the baton to M1.

M1: you said in your RBI functions something inflation what it means and how it happen?
Me: Replied every intricacies of inflation, in-between said due to price decrease and suddenly CR interrupted and said u r contradicting your statement, I said sorry sir it’s called Deflation, CR nodded yes u r right. Albeit I explained everything about inflation M1 expecting some points which was in his mind may be I fail to produce that.

CR: when is your Pragati Krishna bank interview?
Me: sir on 20th.
CR: so if you selected in both where you join.
(Getting hard to think out of box at this juncture, somehow tried my best to convince but I feel I fail to do it.)

Cr: Ok Khalid, Good luck for your future, you can go.
Me: with a broad smile, I uttered thank you (heart reverberated Bhag Milkha Bhag)
Overall Interview Experience was good and it went around 10-15min, I got this opportunity after long gestation period of failures. I never felt much anxious for having hope of another interview in coming days. Sometimes I wonder how strange it is, the Whole perseverance will be decided by those bit of minutes. Right now I cannot predict result in my own way. I do come to know whether I have finally getting a role for movie or I’m still struggling actor who need to gear up for another rehearsal, only time will decide! 

PS : When yesterday Gr8ambitionz updated about result immediately after downloading pressed Ctrl+F and searched my name, Thank god like every time it did not said ‘Reader has finished searching the document. No matches were found’, this time it’s finally beside my name “Selected”, Journey starts now.

Thanks to Gr8ambitionz for helping banking aspirant in their endeavor, keeps the good work going.

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  1. Excellent Khalid.

    A small req. Can you please tell me how to get such a good grip on vocabulary and English language like you ?

  2. Congrats Syed Khalid......

  3. How much did you score in rrb brother

  4. When Sbi clerk final result come ??

  5. One of the best interviews I have ever read. Thanks Khalid sir


  7. Saeed Khalid..dude why some r not allowed to take up the interview..Because OBC cert?


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