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December 16, 2014

SBI Clerical Interview Experience 2014


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Name - Chandan Prajapati kumbhar

Place - SBI Administrative office MR-4 Road Vijaynagar Jabalpur(MP)

Qualification : - BCOM(HONS) Sambalpur university

Date:- 12/12/2014

Time:- 12 PM

I decided to reach 1 hr before the zonal office however due to crush at traffic reached only 10 mins before the reporting time and I felt relaxed. Finally reached and suddenly my name was called and I was shocked. Actually they were the verification team and were very strictly dealing in verifying each document.

A form was given and we all had to fill that. Did it and my documents were checked carefully (both original as well as their copies). Character certificates (fresh dates) and cast certificate (after 1 april 2014 till the date of interview) was indispensable without any compromise.

Verification ended with shocking news that among entire students mine no. was 1st. so guys carefully inquire about your no. of interview during verification to make yourself mentally prepared.
Mine was panel 1 which had 4 members (3 male and 1 female) . All were was a hall however sittings were very close that every gesture could be easily observed. I entered with smile and greeted them very well. All four copies of bio data forms were given to each panel members and they were asking deeply observing my bio data form. In SBI interviews this is the reason why they demand bio data and their copies.

M1(male)  was like server and rest were like clients.
M1- what’s your father’s occupation?
Me- Answered
M1-what are the subjects do u teach students of junior classes ?
Me- being primary teaching a hobby I answered as math and science(wrongly) and he asked me abt Gravity, centre of gravity and answered very well but  he was firing me with questions like Newton’s law of motion bla bla .and I replied apologizingly  as I teach junior students up to 5th standard and hav no knowledge in depth.
M1- u performed weak in graduation. why?
Me- answered that 1st year didn’t make well effort to some subjects like company LAW and Economics.(mine hons is 71%  but aggregate is 61% and mentioning aggregate ispite of hons could be the reason.
M2 (F)-types of company and difference between public and private company?
Me- answered very well
M2(F)- what is security market and bears and bulls?
Me- answered smoothly
M2(F)- why u want to join bank?
Me- Answed as decided what to tell in advance and they satisfied with answer.
M2(F)-do u get angry ever and if so , why and upon whom?
Me- answered laughingly thinking  yaar aise ques to koi bhi prepare karna tha kyaa.ha ha….
M3- do u hav an a/c  in any bank?
Me-answered yes and in SBI
M3- what type is it and tell me types of a/c in detail?
Me- it was my quintessential answer as every aspirant knows it.
M4-why is your hometown famous?
Me- answered.
I thanked them and it lasted around 12-15 mins..
Luckily I was not asked even a single ques on GK. Full friendly behavior removed my anxiety  and I stood straight making a proper eye contact. Don’t know how did I get such a confidence while answering..

Wonderful experience no matter I will achieve it or not.Fingers crossed.

Reach 1 hr before as reaching late totally bring a depression. Although there is a fear of elimination but always feel ki organizations ko bhi hamari jarurat hai  so wo hamse hamari details hi to puchhte hain.unke questioning style ko sikhne ki kosis karo ,u will feel like learning. And keep a formal outfit keep smyling during interview as it will make u feel confident.
Ok. Thank u (
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  1. anyone from telangana whose interview completed

  2. ultimate buddy.. all the best..

  3. Thanks chandan fr ur exp..but tell me tht what ans did you give the question of WHY U WANT TO JOIN A BANK...?

  4. Not yet mine is on day after tomorrow

  5. All the best.

  6. Mail id of gr8ambitionz? Want to post my review


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