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December 21, 2014

Questions Asked in Today's (21st December 2014) IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam


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Hi Friends, I am Chhipa Bushra. Here I am sharing some General Awareness questions of Today's IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam. Happy Reading. 

IBPS Clerk 21th December (morning shift) GA questions
  • 16th G20 will be held in?
  • 'Antodya divas' was celebrated for whom?
  • Author of book  ' lawland'
  • Author of book 'election that changed india 2014'
  • C. K. Naydu trophy 2014
  • Capital of australia
  • Commercial paper issued by whom?
  • Constituency of sushma swaraj
  • Currency of Argentina
  • For which science pratap raychaudhri received bhatnagar award ?
  • Jandhan yojnas target of account till 26th january
  • Lucknow situated on which river bank
  • Name of NASA s mars mission
  • Nobel in economics
  • Payment bank paid up capital
  • Population density as per census 2011
  • President of brazil
  • Vijayhazare trophy won by karnatak defeating which state?
  • Who is drwee in cheque?
Check more reviews and complete study materials of IBPS Clerks IV from here 

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  1. Sectional cutoff for this 2014 clerk exam will be following following:

    Eng - 11
    Math - 10
    GK - 22
    Resoning - 17
    Comp - 24

    And total aggregate cut off will be 102 for general, and 91 will be for reserve category. this has been made by analysing last 3 year data.

  2. Jis din mera exam hota hai us din is tarah ke question ate hi nahi...........pichla pattern hi badal dalte hain IBPS wale.......kal exam diya 1st shift.
    Pichle dino se ek hi pattern se question puch rahe the mere exam me sab badal dala..Aaj phir se wahi pattern ke questions............what a luck?

  3. you are right, paper was time consuming, i have done 137, 20 dec, in[ maths -15, eng -31, gk,-30, reso-25, comp-37 ] 90 %

  4. Thanks rohit for your will help us alot.. :)

  5. you are giving more time on a particular section than expected . prepare sectionwise within specific time limit : jaise math ko agar 35 min dene hai toh utne hi dene hai usse jyada doge toh dusre sections ke easy question reh jayenge . gk and computer 15 minutes . english 25 minutes and remaing 80 minutes for math and reasoning . agar resoning 30 minutes main ho jati hai toh baki math ke liye nai toh 40 -40 minutes math and resoning ke fix krke chalo

  6. Computer ga n english me work karo attempt khud hi bhad jayenge..

  7. paper wasnt easy ....:-(

  8. Hello friends, i m sharing my experience of ibps xam (20-12-14) morning shift.. sorry for the delay as i dont want to repeat d same ques shared by others.
    So here i start-
    First of all some computer and GA ques asked in d xam were
    1. PMJDY is different from previous financial year,how?
    2. Error is also called- bug
    3. Linux is -OS
    4. joystick used for- gaming
    5. In excel formula starts wid '=' symbol
    6. Which among the following is not a network- MAN ,LAN ,RAN ,WAN ,PAN
    7. In excel addition done by - avg, total, add, sum?
    8. Demat mandatory document- PAN
    9. Census 2011 sex ratio-
    10. India's largest solar power plant
    11. 1MB= 1000bytes
    12. International criminal court headquarter- The hague
    13. Rupay developed by - NPCI
    14. PLR also called as - base rate

    REASONING- attempted 37 its eaay bt time consuming. My suggestion do not attempt puzzels unless u have enough time for it. As it will eat ur time.
    1 linear arrangement- 2 rows with 5 people each. row1- LMNOP facing north
    Row2- VWXYZ facing south.
    1 square arrangement(easier dan linear one) wid 8 people 4 sitting at corners facing d centre and 4 sitting at the middle facing outside.
    Syllogism-5marks (2 simple one n 3 possibility types)
    Data suficiency- 5 marks
    Coding decoding like you can go written as "na pe ro" - 5marks
    Three digit number ques - 5marks
    Symbol, number, digit in a series ques - 5marks

    ENGLISH- 31 attempts easy overall
    Pasage on motivation in workplace 10marks *(2 synonyms)
    Close test- 10 marks
    Error detection -5 marks
    Para jumbles -5 marks
    Rapid fillers (two blanks in two different ques, to be filled wid one word only) -5 marks
    Phase correction -5 marks

    QUALITATIVE APTITUDE - 14 attempts :-(
    Easy bt calculative.. i hv no time left to attempt the rest ques feeling scared for dis section cufoff.
    Simplification -10 marks
    Series -5 marks
    DI -5 marks
    Rest micellaneous ( S.I CI, mixture n alligation, pipes n cistern, train, age, partnership etc.)


  9. Hope it will come true as i hd attempted jst 14 in maths so scared :'(

  10. did anyone apply repco bank

  11. Hi, can anyone tell any good book for mocktest for nicl AO exam

  12. s myself were is ur centre

  13. ga n quants were not so easy

  14. Time management k zariye.. jese maths me fast calculation. Reasoning me jyada se jyada practice taaki kisi bhi type ka ques aaye to usme jyada time na ke saare topics perfect hone chahye.. english me passage aur grammatical errors etc inki practice se english bhi improve hogi.. aur GK ke liye daily newspaper aur gr8ambition ke gk updates... aur usse bhi jyada imp time management h.. kis section ko kitna time dena h exam me... aur weak section ko aur strong kro.. fir tmare attemt bhi ache hoge with good accuracy..

  15. Satyannarayana YedlaDecember 21, 2014 at 3:57 PM

    Congratulations my dear friend. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Satyannarayana YedlaDecember 21, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    Thanks for sharing my dear friend.

  17. specialist officer networking based question

    1. Which of the following of the TCP/IP protocols is the used for transferring files from one machine to another?

    A) FTP C) SNMP

    B) SMTP D) Rpe

    1. A

    2. In which OSI layers does the FDDI protocol operate?

    A) Physical B) Data link

    C) Network D) A and B

    2. D

    3. In FDDI, data normally travel on ..................

    A) The primary ring B) The Secondary ring

    C) Both rings D) Neither ring

    3. A

    4. The ............layer of OSI model can use the trailer of the frame for error detection.

    A) Physical B) Data link

    C) Transport D) Presentation

    4. A

    5. In a ................topology, if there are n devices in a network, each device has n-1 ports for cables.

    A) Mesh B) Star

    C) Bus D) Ring

    5. A

    6. Another name for Usenet is

    A) Gopher B) Newsgroups

    C) Browser D) CERN

    6. B

    7. The standard suit of protocols used by the Internet, Intranets, extranets and some other networks.

    A) TCP/IP B) Protocol

    C) Open system D) Internet work processor

    7. A

    8. State whether the following is True or False.

    i) In bus topology, heavy Network traffic slows down the bus speed.

    ii) It is multipoint configuration.

    A) True, True B) True, False

    C) False, True D) False, False

    8. A

    9. Which of the following is the logical topology?

    A) Bus B) Tree

    C) Star D) Both A and B

    9. C)

    10. Which of the following is/ are the drawbacks of Ring Topology?

    A) Failure of one computer, can affect the whole network

    B) Adding or removing the computers disturbs the network activity.

    C) If the central hub fails, the whole network fails to operate.

    D) Both of A and B

    10. D

  18. Congrts !!
    Can u share ur views on "how to prepare for eng." ??

  19. congrats rohit

  20. Hello friends, myself puja.. i had my ecam on 20-12-14 (morning shift). Overall paper was easy to moderate. My attempts - 140.
    Maths - 14 :(
    Reasoning- 37
    English - 31
    Computer -31
    GA -27
    M going to share my experience. Sorry for d late as i dont want to repeat the same ques Shared by others.

    Some computer and GA ques-
    1. PMJDY is different from previous year, how?
    2. Error also called - bug
    3. Which is not a network- LAN,MAN, RAN, WAN,PAN
    4. linux is - OS
    5. Joystick used for- gaming
    6. In excel formula strt with '=' symbol
    7. in excel addition done by- avg, total, add, sum?
    8. Demat mandatory document- PAN
    9. Census 2011 sex ratio-
    10. india's largest solar power plant
    11. 1MB = 1000 bytes
    12. International criminal court headquarter - the hague
    13. Rupay developed by -NPCI
    14. PLR also called - base rate

    REASONING- easy bt time consuming. I would suggest not qaste ur time in puzzels as dat will eat ur only if u hve extra time.
    5 marks- linear arrangement 2 roows wid 5 people each *( row1- LMNOP facing north. row2- VWXYZ facing south)
    5 marks- square arrangement 4 at corners facing the centre and 4 in middle facing outside (easier dan linear arrangement)
    5marks- syllogism (2 simple ones &3 possibility types)
    5 marks- coding decoding ( like 'you may go' written as 'na pe to')
    5 marks- data sufficiency
    5 marks- three digit number question
    5 marks- symbol,number,letter series
    5 marks- micellaneous

    MATHS- easy but very calculative. Due to lack of time i could able to attempt jst 14. So sacred for dis section cutoff :'(
    10 marks- simplification
    5 marks- series
    5 marks- DI
    Rest micellaneous( SI CI, mixture & alligation, pipes n cisterns, train, age, partnership, profit loss etc.)

    ENGLISH -easy
    10 marks- passage on mofivation at workplace with 2 synonyms*
    10 marks- close test
    5 marks- error detection
    5 marks- para jumbles
    5 marks- rapid fillers( two blanks in two sentence each, to be filled wid the same word only)
    5 marks- phrase correction


  21. gk cant be more than 13

  22. Thanks Rohith, can u pls share me ur id will be helpfull.

  23. What about Telangana State Sectional and total Cutoffs, Any idea Dinesh??

  24. pls can u tell for tamilnadu??pls

  25. can you tell wat was the sectional cuttoff for tamilnadu

  26. Attempted 160
    felling low
    MATH 22
    RSNG 34
    ENG 30
    GK 34
    COM 40

  27. What might b d cutoff for ibps rrb officers and assistants???

  28. all 3 notifications are out for Karnataka state... lucky guys.... wn will be for telugu states? :(


  30. congratulation rohit Thanks for ur experience

  31. rashmi singh chaudharyDecember 21, 2014 at 6:00 PM

    anyone will plz tell about prathma bank cutoff as haryana bank took up so high cutoff for rrb

  32. Thanks for sharing your success story . I would like to know how you prepared for Data Interpretation and Analysis in detail. Will anxiously wait for your reply on

  33. gk me bahut zyada ut off de dia... not possible

  34. Rohit first of all i would like to wish you a good future.
    I have some questions regarding preparation for SBI PO
    I am a Hindi background student & having very less knowledge of English subject.Generally I have seen that most of the selected candidates are from Engrng background & english background.
    Can you suggest me that How can I prepare for SBI PO because I have only 2 attempts left & Got only 46 overall in 2014 exam?
    Is it possible to jump over 100 marks for students like me?
    Please Reply.

  35. U too all the best bro

  36. anybody from TN who cleared sbi po...plz share ur ll be useful for us...

  37. Just will be out soon

  38. Depends on individual RRBs

  39. how can it be 16th G20 summit when recently concluded summit in australia was only the ninth one..

  40. your analysis is good except GK may be GK will be less....because last year also it was low...

  41. Hi friends Good evng,anybody please provide sample answer for"tell me about yourself"for bank po



    what a video friends to learn national international days...proud to share with you all..

  44. sonu bhai... my score is 150 obc category..... cutoff kush kamm hoge ki nhi.... kusshh month ke baad

  45. Belonging from west bengal, I've attempted 136, comprising mah -20, GA-28, Comp -32, ENG- 24, Reasoning - 32. Can anyone tell me how is the chance of sucess? (provided, I've not answered more than 5% wrong)

  46. Bhai to ibps me job kar raha h kya ..............

  47. You r select
    Don't worry
    It's good attempt

  48. Can any1 tell the Cut off of GK,because I attempt only 29 ,bt I hav doubt in gk

  49. Attempt 134 ,bt confused in GA

  50. for officer scale 1 everyone will get job . because this time there are less number of candidates cleared the exam. prepare well for interview. believe in yourself. do well in interview. Good luck.

  51. Punjab sc ki kya cutt off ho sakti hai? Plz telll...

  52. Are yar gujarat ki bari kab aayegi ? Any news frnds...

  53. if comes after april then their will b chance 155+ 128 +

  54. I think cut off marks for Andhra and telangana
    reasong 15
    English 10
    Arthamatic 10
    computer 12
    Ga 12
    total 120-125

  55. is this a confirmed cut off?

  56. 146 in oa any chance in Hindi state

  57. 112 in os1 4m up any chance????

  58. Pk chance to banta hai.....

  59. what vil be d cut off for maths for sc..last time it was 6?

  60. wat vil b d sectional cut off maths for sc...last time it was 6?

  61. Thanks......Waise main jyada time maths me hi laga deti hun.

  62. Par main to sabse jyada time maths me hi laga deti hun.

  63. December 21, i could hardly attempt total 132 question in IBPS Clerk exam..... little vary about my result . please anyone tell me that is it good or bad??????????

  64. hai santosh I am sravan from suryapet
    give me your mobile number
    so that we'll be in contact
    send a message to 8500078730

  65. overall cuttoff 102 i think you r correct... but i don't see gk going 22.. it will be around 15

  66. 116 mere hhai mujhe batao



  68. ga me sectional 22 nahi jayega

  69. When KGB is short listing for Interview..?


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