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December 25, 2014

List of Sport Related Terms and Associated Trophies


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Friends, we have already learnt important updates of Cricket, Tennis and Badminton of the year 2014. Today we shall learn another important topic  which have been frequently asking in competitive exams, i.e., Sports related trophies and Sports Terminology. Happy Reading :)

Sports related Terminology and Trophies

Related Trophies
Related Terms
Irani Trophy, Netwest Trophy, ICC Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Rani Jhansi Trophy, Sheesh Mahal Trophy, Vijay Merchant Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Rohington Baria Trophy, Cooch Bihar Trophy, Vinoo Manked Trophy
Hat-trick, Maiden, Follow-on Gully, Yorker, Bouncer, Pull, Googly, Hook Fick, Stumped
Lawn Tennis
Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Open, US  Open, Davis Cup, Hoopman Cup
Backhand Stroke, Ace, Love, Slice, Volley, Ground Stroke, Deep Volley, Double Fault, Delice, Half Volley, Let, Slice, Smash
Baradoloi Trophy, Santhosh Trophy (National Championship), DCM Trophy, Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy, B.C Ray Trophy, Nagari Trophy, Ashutosh Trophy, Begum Hasrat Mahal Trophy
Central Pass, Back Pass, Mid Field, Goal Keeper, Corner, Free kick, Indirect kick, Striker, Forward, Direct kick, Lines Man, Goal Kick, Scissor Kick, Dribble, Extra time, Abbey, Marking, Sliding tackle, Flag, Touch Line, Lines man, Volley, Send off, Foul,  Cross, Booking, Fair Change, Sudden Death, Second Half
Dhyan Chand Trophy, Khan Abdulgaffar Khan Trophy, K. D. Singh Babu Trophy, D. C. M. Srivam Trohpy, Lady Ratan Tata Trophy, B.M.W Trophy
Soda Line, Tiebreaker, Infringement , inside Right, Sudden Death, Hat Trick, Polley, Right Back, Left Back, Under Cutting, Cricle, Roll in, Push in, Shooting Circle, Centre Foreward, Gloves, Pad, Half Volley, Long Corner, Short Corner, Penalty Stroke, Reverse Flick, Lines man, Scoop, Penalty Corner
V. C. Gupta Trophy, Golden Eagle Trophy, National Championship, European Championship
Pack, Dribbling, Three Point, Head Ball, Lay up, Goal Tending, Turn Over, Jumb Ball, Assist, Tap, Throw, Streal, Pivot, Post Screening, Tip in
Volley ball
Mannarket M. M. Joseph Trophy, Poorning Trophy, Indira Pradan Trophy
Tennis, Hoosk Serve, Lines Man, Double fault, Dig, Love, Power serve, Floater, Block, Forearm pass, Set up, Aerialsmash, Double hit, Rotation, Net ball, Net fault, Floater, Service, Volley Pass, Base Line, Blocking, Heave, Foot Fault, Himp Set
Ramanujam Trophy, Padmavati Trophy
Foil, End Line, Centre Line, Back Spin, Late Control end, Penholder Grip, Rally, Reverse Sandwich, Swing Stroke, Service Top Spene, Net Grip, Chinese Grip, Counter hitting, Side Spin, Push Stroke
Lincoln Trophy, Paralaondi Trophy, Topolino Trophy
Founsane, Putting, Caddy, Tee, Put, Link, Vrily, Bogey, Hole, Nivilick, Bunker, Best Ball, Fairway, Gred Holes, Rough, Stymied
Thomos Cup, Uber Cup, Narang Cup, Agarwal Cup, Sudhirman Cup, Challenge Cup, Konica Cup, Yonex Cup
Drop, Deuce, Smash, Love, Double Fault, Touch, Base Line, Backcourt, Bird, Carry, Clear, Center Line, Court, Drive, Kill, Rally
Base Ball

Perfect Game, Home, Pitcher, Put out, Strike
Billiards & Snooker
Walker Trophy, Thomas Cup
Cue,Canon, Long Jenny, Short Jenny, Frame in-off
Federation Cup, Val Baker Trophy
Rounds, Knock Out, Jab, Hook, Punch, Count Down
Holkar Cup, Rana Gold Cup
Rubber, Trump, Little Slam

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