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November 24, 2014

SBI Associates PO Online Exam Reviews of 23rd November 2014


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Review shared by Rajasekaran

Hi Friends, I am Rajasekaran from Tamil Nadu – Chennai. Yesterday evening (23.11.2014 ) I attended SBI ASSO- PO exam in TCS OMR road.
Overall paper was easy to tough
  1. Reasoning – Easy to moderate
  2. Aptitude – Moderate to tough
  3. English – Moderate to tough
  4. General awareness– Easy to moderate
    • Computer – Easy
    • Marketing – Moderate
    • Banking awareness &
    • Current awareness      - Moderate to tough
Some General awareness Questions
  1. Vodafone M-pesa is related to which bank ?
  2. Select the correct one
    • Minister of Tribal affairs – Jual oram
    • Railway minister – Sadananda Gowda
    • law and justice - najma heptulla
  3. What is the full for of MTSS ?
  4. Where is the HQ of Allahabad bank ?
  5. Oracle is an ?
  6. HTML full form ?
  7. Short cut to insert new excel document ?
  8. Network speed is measure in ?
  9. Minimum paid up capital for small banks ?
  10. Router is used in which purpose ?
  11. Full form of CTSS ?
  12. Select the correct one
    • China – yuan
    • Japan – Yen
    • Bhutan – Rupai
  13. One countries capital ?
  14. Short cut to select entire data from document ?
  15. DSA full form ?
  16. Anytime anywhere bill payment system ?
  17. Amount of data transfer in give time ?
Descriptive Questions
Letter writing
  1. Letter to ur frnd to inform him abt discipline in office who is disturbed by his bossy boss behavior
  2. Write a letter to company recently you buy the laptop it was fault now eventhough it haves replacement policy the shopkeeper not accepting it instead of that he says free service ?
  3. You are the manager, write a letter to one of your clients to reactivate his debit card mentioning all the benefits which he has blocked/deactivated because of Annual charges.
Precise related to labour laws
Comprehensions question
  • Social Security
Paragraph writing
  1. Benefits of online shopping
  2. Rights of Consumer
  3. Qualities of Marketing Personnel
Essay Writing
  • Article on stable economic policy regardless change in government

Note : We saw that some of the GK current affairs questions are wrong which was old one .

All the best for Banking aspirants Prepare well do well J

Review and Questions shared by Prabakaran.C from Dharmapuri
  1. Full form of DSA?
  2. To select all in a page- ctrl+a
  3. Currency of china,japan
  4. Which one is not the member of SAARC india,Bangladesh, Pakistan, srilanka,male
  5. Allowable amount of money to bring with us while travelling to foreign except nepal and Bangladesh?
  6. Headquarter of Allahabad bank?
  7. Full form of MTSS? - Money Transfer Service Scheme
  8. Who is the minister for Tribal Affairs? - Jual Oram
  9. Router is a? - Networking Device
  10. To open a new workbook sheet which key is used? - Cntrl+ N
  11. One question from Yojana

  1. Benefits of online purchases
  2. Consumer rights
  3. Mutual funds in financial planning
  4. Complaint on online selling company for gave defect product and not replacing in 30 day guarantee
  5. Letter from manager of a bank to customer to pay service charge for debit card for second yr and activate it.
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  1. thank u for review :) all the best for results

  2. What abt review of morning session...

  3. thanks for sharing the exam experience with us

  4. What about your attempts ...

  5. can u plz suggest me what to read for ga ..5 days left for my exam

  6. Vamsi Krishna SettipalliNovember 24, 2014 at 10:08 AM

    friends i have united insurance assistant exam on jan 1st week. in this
    exam gk section like bank gk section or ssc gk section, plzz reply me
    thank you friends..............

  7. yes you can get job

  8. I think 2 questions from GA are wrong. One is currency and another one is ministers

  9. Hey
    I think da pattern is different.
    In first round der is no GK

    if u clear first round, der will b a second round

  10. can anyone say that study materials for sbi associate clerk are same as sbi clerk? plz reply

  11. wat are you sure ??
    then and wat is the pattern of 2nd round

  12. hello ...someone please tell me..that in descriptive except precise and comprehension do we have choice for letter, paragraph writing and essay...

  13. Check the notification..
    There z a pdf
    It is written der ki in first round, reasoning n apti
    In second round, gk n descriptive..

    Or something of this sort.. Pls check it..i don't remember much

  14. can anyone say that study materials for sbi associate clerk are same as sbi clerk? plz reply...........

  15. can anyone say that study materials for sbi associate clerk are same as sbi clerk?

  16. to gr8ambitionz team... plz provide ibps clerk 2014 quick reference for last 6 months banking awareness & current affairs.. the exam will start dec 1st week.. please provide as soon as possible

  17. The pattern of second round is similar to IBPS PO

  18. dont worry bro no one knows what ll be cutoff so hope for the best if ur acc is gud thn u hv chance.people ll demotivate u dont think about that .no one is from sbi penal so hope for the best

  19. i did it gud attempt or bad for sbi

  20. which category you belong

  21. Thanx alot...jack??..
    Thanx for ur motivation...
    Thanx a ton....

  22. no prblm bro nevr ask anybody they ll demotivate u just give ur best rest is on ur destiny and god :)

  23. Thanx i will surely ask u..:):)

  24. thanks for your reviews

  25. Anyone here who appeared yesterday?

  26. For gen category atleast 135 plus attempts for selection . But also accuracy on higher side if u think u wanted to be on the safe side on descriptive u should secure atlest 25 to 30

  27. sahil how can we know our accuracy my exam is on sat plz give some tips m in general catogery

  28. Mahendra Krishna YadavNovember 24, 2014 at 12:22 PM

    GA many quns are from Marketing(Pricing,Advertising,Product life cycle).
    vice president of capitals,currenys..
    Qunt & Res are easy

  29. Mahendra Krishna YadavNovember 24, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    Morning session review 23-11-14

  30. Sadanand gowda is forma railway mini. Curre. Suresh prabhu is railway minister..

  31. U have to practise make a chart on a copy each time u solve a paper write ur actual score and negitve question after the 10 or 20 or 30 papers set u will se tht ur negitive score is lets say varied from 25t0 30 or whatever is even after the the real real exam u can predict tht what will be ur wrong question but this project is for atlest one month.. I wish I can help u with more but this the only actual working method I knw..

  32. Which state ...and which exam

  33. Infinet is fibre optic network

  34. Attempted 120 question with 90% accuracy ! paper was modeerate to tough !Descriptive was also tough !! #evening session

  35. Satyanarayana NarayanaNovember 24, 2014 at 2:32 PM

    I attempted 91

    Resonging-18. I got confirm above70

  36. i gave morning session exam. My questions in gk were related to marketing mostly,
    like how packaging is good, what are the harms of computer :
    for saving a file ctrl+s, for deleting permanent a file from computer:shift+delete
    full form of LAN:local area network.
    chief minsiter of haryana.
    what is 'A' in NPA: non performing asset, its asset..
    full form of ascii: american standard code for information interchange.
    who got padma vibhushan for literature.

  37. i attempted 97 on 9th there any chance for me ?iam from andhra pradesh...

  38. in sarva haryana grameen bank can we apply from other states???


  40. friends, i have attempted 134 ,i ll get 120 of them ryt i belong to gen . is thr any chances of getting selected ??

  41. Dear Friends,From the past one month I thought i would prepare for SBI asso. PO seriously,as this time good number of posts were there for Gen.category.But due to time constraint i postponed my preparation like a fool... and finally i wrote my exam yesterday.I have past experience of this PO exams(may be i wrote twice before).But believe me I wrote extremely well yesterday in compared with my earlier attempts.That was just because I thought this exam was my life's last one,and didn't even neglected a single minute. My approach was Earlier i started GA(it was quite confusing,except some acronym like MTSS,HTTP etc),within 15 min. i attempted 27 que. and went for DI,where i spend 40 min. exactly i solved 26 questions with 100% accuracy(this time DI was quite easy as they gave 2,3 easiest ones in every DI set),then i went for English where i left passages completely because they are not direct,and even with complex terminology,so i tick only antonyms and synonyms and left the remaining,but all closet and fill in the blanks were below clerk level so i could managed to solve 33 que. Finally after spending 20 min. on english i went for Reasoning,but it was a nightmare again.Input output is like that 'we can give noble prize for her/him,if they do it'.So after spending 5-6 precious minutes on it i left it for god.then 2 puzzles were tough,we can't solve them in hurry(it's sure).If there is any section which i under performed,then that must be reasoning only,but with 100% accuracy i solved 24 que. by the way i have decided that my mind won't permit me to think reasoning anymore,so in last 10 min. i went to GA again,but this time i got answers for at least 7-8 questions(because my mind was thinking smart at the end of the exam),so i finished GA by attempting 27+12=39,finally the clock showed 30,29,28....then i stopped it,because that was the time we were forced to tick wrong one's especially in GA with some gut finally my attempts are 34,26,33,24 in GA,DI,Eng,Reaso. resp. so i hope in my 117 attempt all except <3 will be wrong,so i guess 115 will be my score,with this core i won't expect miracles but let me hope for best.After that I solved descriptive paper,40/50 i attempted,copying the questions on the paper from screen is just like a stupid task,but for job we need to be stupid here.I left all 2 markers as the cost benefit ratio was not good,but now i felt repentance as i would not have done so.But on an average I gave my best this time without enough preparation, i can say i will get 30/40(as i attempted only 40) in descriptive. I lost everything this year starting from RBI grade B mains,SBI PO's and some of my personal one's.But i never give up hopes,because I know i must deserve best for my knowledge,but what requires is proper wisdom.I suggest my friends like you to please solve Reasoning more,on an average it was quite confusing and tough nut this time.All the very best.And i am sure at the end of the this academic year hope every one of us will come with flying colours.

  42. hey guys reasoning ws vry easy one cn attempt 40 questn in 40 mint.....

  43. Yes but u must have Hindi as ur subject in either 10th/12th or Graduation..

  44. maharashtra nd sbi associates po exam its my first attempt nd you r from which state

  45. if u did with 100% accuracy means... it is possible ya.

  46. nd ha thank you for your tips i know its late bcoz i have my exams on sat then too thanks

  47. hello sahil. i am fom andhra.. what would be the safe score for written and descriptive..??(gen cat)

  48. Good Strategy..and thank u for ur review..


  50. Yes in first round there is screening test and in this no gk will be asked, only QA,ENGLISH, REASONING in that...
    It's clearly given in notification..

  51. READ shortcut keys of word & excel.. cabinet ministers.. banking awareness
    currency of countries.. Asian games & commonwealth games etc.

  52. As I mention I can only give roughly idea tht those who attempted 135 plus and can get 25 to 30 in descriptive can be on safe side 135 plus attempts and u shold be acurate not more than 24 wrong guess wotk says tht..else sbi associate knows

  53. Ok all the best m from punjab.. do more thing try that u shold master in reasoning as you know that in all exam maths are coming very in 35 min if you attempts 30 question for example and in 45 min u will do 25 to 30 question in math so u can see the difference urself by experimenting in the end you will be in benifit if u more focus on reasoning on the other hand its also depend upon ur streth and weakness..

  54. Realy motivating bro... all the very for ur result.....,

  55. i can't wait :( plzz post the capsule for g.k

  56. If you can score more than 105 in objective and at least 30 in descriptive for Gen. category then you will surely in.Because the cut off will be decided by two factors---> relative toughness of papers&shifts on different days via normalization and based on number of posts.This time huge number of posts were there,so there is max. possibility for less cut off, and one more thing most of the people who wrote exam on first day didn't marked descriptive answers on the screen,so they are losing their attempt now.Even SBI won't be sympathetic towards them,because SBI has given 10 min. to read descriptive instructions.So like this there are several factors. but don't be panic now,all the best

  57. thanks sahil m good at reasoning hope for the best

  58. pls somebody tell me how many posts are there in wbengal state for sbi associate po.

  59. hiii can someone plz tell me how different are exams of united insurance and new assurance company......

  60. Hi friends !! Anyone please tell me is there any book available for banking awareness n current affairs

  61. What r the evng session exam timings?

  62. I did the same thing. :( God what was I thinking. I am assuming the worst. I think they wont be lenient. Well what's done is done. Dont worry and keep your fingers crossed. (y)

  63. Sahil r u working in punjab and sindh bank...?

  64. naaa i was working with axis bank

  65. descriptive papper main on papper 4 questions attempt kia hai lakin online main 3 done kiya hai aur 2 question marek as unread rakkha hai kea wo log 4th number question ka anser dekhega

  66. I dint get any admit card ..Without getting admit card how do you know the exam dates bro ?

  67. I haven't saved my descriptive paper ? Will that be evaluated ??


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