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November 16, 2014

SBI Associates PO Exam Review of 15th November 2014

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Hi friends, I am Sai Hima Bindu from Hyderabad. I attended SBI Associates PO Online Exam on 15th November, Evening shift..
Total exam was moderate...
I will give you section wise review..

first i attempted, General Awareness section. the questions in this section were moderate... computer questions are not direct...but they gave some easy questions full form of IC (integrated circuit), what to do to reach the end of the ms word document?(press end). overall one can attempt 25 questions with 100% accuracy(if prepared well). completed this section in 15 min and went to attempt to DI.

calculations in DI were long as usual. but you can attempt atleast 25 with good timing...probability questions (3) were very easy, then data sufficiency also easy, but we need to know quantitative apti well...i didn't go to series problems as i have no time. but i saw the questions. they gave a series and following it we have to find other series for which they gave 1st number. but 1 puzzle in DI is highly difficult. no clue at all to find the values...

then English...I felt English was quite easy..i attempted 36 questions (i dnt no how many of them will be correct). there are 2 passages and both are long.

last section that i attempted was Reasoning. questions were easy to answer (what i felt), but highly time management is needed.I attempted 25.

descriptive paper is given in system itself and time is wasted in copying questions in answer sheet. questions are:
 1) letter to police complaining about losing your wallet, that has credit cards and debit cards, in crowded train.
2) letter to a company (you are a bank manager) asking for statement..
3) letter to a bank manager asking him to provide loan to buy a new have already got a loan for your previous house and you didn't repaid it..

paragraph: importance of hobbies, importance of separating wet and dry waste.

essay: your suggestions to reduce over heating of earth, other one inflation related. i didn't remember other one.

precise was difficult.

that's all i remember friends, my sincere suggestion is, please don't be tensed seeing the time and attempt DI in between sections.. its working out well. what i mean is, after GA attempt one DI table, then go to English, after English again attempt DI 2 puzzles. like that. I followed the same and i think its a good idea to complete all sections with satisfaction.

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