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November 01, 2014

Questions Asked in Today's (1st November 2014) IBPS PO IV Online Exam


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Questions shared by Shanthi Priya 
Hello friends I am Shanthi Priya from Andhra Pradesh.. Here I am sharing some questions of today's IBPS PO IV Online Exam (Morning Session). Hope it helps.
  1. HDFC Ergo related with which scheme - JanDhan Yojna
  2. Prathma Bank is located in which place- Moradabad
  3. Women and child development minister- Maneka Sanjay Gandhi 
  4. PM Modi addressed which session of UN general assembly- 69th 
  5. Hum hain naa tagline which bank- ICICI Bank 
  6. Founder of Wipro- Azim Premji 
  7. RIDF full form- Rural Infrastructure Development Fund 
  8. FAO headquarter- Rome 
  9. Peso is the currency of which country- Argentine 
  10. NPS full form- National Pension Scheme 
  11. My years with Rajiv and Sonia written by- R. D Pradhan 
  12. Number of gold medals won by India in Asian games- 11 
  13. Beirut is the Capital of - Lebanon 
  14. NRLM Full Form- National Rural Livelihoods Mission 
  15. PIO Full Form- Person of Indian Origin 
  16. Penicillin discovered by- Alexander Fleming 
  17. India's number in Successfully reach mars mission in Asia- 1st
  18. Bajpai committee is related with- New Pension System
  19. Star Series Notes issued by RBI for- replacement of defectively
  20. Printed notes
  21. World Investment Report issued by-UNCTAD
  22. What is CIBIL- Credit Information Bureau Limited
  23. Max Life Insurance tie up with- Toyota finance services
Questions shared by Sanjeev Kumar Pitani
  1. Star series note for which purpose
  2. NRLM full form
  3. HDFC ERGO related with
  4. Beriut Capitol
  5. Pencilin descoverd b6+
  6. Hum hain na is the tag line of which bank - ICICI
  7. Peso currency
  8. RIDF full form
  9. Azim prem ji chairman of
  10. Prathma bank on which place
  11. Lebanan Capital- Beirut
  12. Germany Currency- Euro
  13. Women Welfare Minister- Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
  14. Founder of Wipro- Azim Hashim Premji
  15. Narendra Modi addressed which session of UN General Assembly- 69th
  16. SBI Multi International Currency Countries-
  17. Max Life Insurance tie up with-
  18. NRLM Full Form- National Rural Livelihoods Mission
  19. PIO Full Form- Person of Indian Origin
  20. RIDF Full Form- Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
  21. Star Series note for which purpose
  22. PESO is the currency of which country- Argentine
  23. Penicillin discovered by- Alexander Fleming
  24. FAO Headquarters- Rome, Italy
  25. peso is currency of Argentina
  26. HDFC Tag line-we undrstand ur world
  27. MAC Mohan line is b/w India n China,
  28. State Bank of India's its first multi-currency international card 

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  1. (1) What ‘I’ denotes in RIDF- Infrastructure (Rural Infrastructure Development Fund)
    (2) Who is the Founder of Wipro- Azim Premji
    (3) Who is the current Women Welfare Minister- Maneka Sanjay Gandhi
    (4) When banks invest in government securities by depositing collateral, it is called? Asset Securitization
    (5) Where is the Headquarter of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)- Rome, Italy
    (6) Narendra Modi addressed which session of UN General Assembly in Newyork- 69th
    (7) Which bank has the tagline ‘Hum hain naa’- ICICI Bank
    (8) What ‘S’ denotes in NDSL- Securities (National depository securities limited)
    (9) Director of Ramleela movie- Sanjay Leela Bhansali
    (10) Penicillin discovered by- Alexander Fleming (in the year 1928)
    (11) Currency of Argentina- Peso
    (12) Which Indian movie nominated for next year Oscars- Liars Dice (Director- Geetu Mohandas)
    (13) Full form of NPS- National Pension Scheme
    (14) Number of gold medals won by India in Incheon Asian games- 11
    (15) Author of the book “My years with Rajiv and Sonia”- R. D Pradhan
    (16) Where is Prathama bank in India- Moradabad
    (17) Purpose of starting Minor account for 10 years children – Financial inclusion
    (18) What ‘K’ denotes in KCC- Kisan (Kisan Credit Card)
    (19) Beirut is the capital of which country- Lebanon
    (20) HDFC Ergo related with which scheme- Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY)
    (21) Full form of NRLM- National Rural Livelihood Mission
    (22) Full Form of PIO- Person of Indian Origin
    (23) MacMohan line is in between which countries- India and China
    (24) Currency of Germany- Euro
    (25) RBI has recently mandate a two step mobile authentication for e-commerce-car rental company- UBER

  2. Expecting detailed review of ibps po exam morng shift !!!!!

  3. Plz provide apti nd reasoning questions as well asked in todays ibps po exam....thank u.

  4. mera exam 11 oct ko tha

  5. my xam also held on 11th many u have attempted aruhi


  7. did u attempted ?

  8. my frined also attempeted 98 with 90% accuracy paper is so tough compare to previous weeks

  9. accuracy kitna h

  10. 85 doubt is about only in english yar

  11. dont worry sab kuch upar bale ke hah me h

  12. can u plz tell me aruhi xpected cut off marks for obc

  13. pichle sal to 65 to usi anusar hi 70-75

  14. k thank u....if u dnt mind do u have fb a/c aruhi

  15. My attempts reasoning-13, quant- 13, eng- 20, gk-23, comp- 16....:((((

  16. could u give me ur id...i'll put rqst i can't unable to talk quickly in this site yar

  17. HDFC ergo is a insurance firm... not RELATED to JAN DHAN YOJANA!

  18. it all depends on otrs mark na :) hope will qualify this tym

  19. Last year cut off was 61

  20. wen will sbi clerks results will come

  21. i'm also waiting they said oct last week but they are not yet launched.. so keep ur patience

  22. million dollar question...

  23. can any body tell me how to solve assumption ques and machine input in reasoning???

  24. pls share as soon as my xam is tommrow morning..

  25. is the ga ques will be aproxly same as today..4 tommrow xam???

  26. HDFC Ergo will provide a Rs 1-lakh personal accident cover to RuPay cardholders who are comes under JAN DHAN YOJANA SCHEME.

  27. NPS full form National Pension System

  28. my attempt
    with 99 % accuracy ny chance????

  29. last year cutoff 61 tha

  30. one more i add to ur list is Walmart is what kind of e-commerce company
    1) B2B
    i don't remember the other option,
    what will be the ans, i think it should be B2B

  31. my exam was on 11th oct and attempted 89 ques

  32. Question on Modi UN visit was asked in a different manner as given above, the question was rather

    Modi emphasized on reform in UN security council before UN celebrates it's ___ th anniversary next year. - 70th

    69 is wrong answer

  33. hellow friends i have attemted 97 questions with 90% accuracy .is there any chance this time , i m very tenced


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