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November 15, 2014

General Awareness Practice Test for SBI Associates Clerks - Set 21


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  1. The exchange of commodities between two countries is called ?
      1. Balance of Trade
      2. Volume of Trade
      3. Bilateral Trade
      4. Multilateral Trade
      5. None of these
  2. Which of the following abbreviations and their full forms is not matched correctly ?
    1.  IPO - Initial Public Offer
    2. NRHM - National Rural Health Mission
    3. ASHA - Accredited Social Health Mission
    4. SME - Small and Monopolistic Economy
    5. VAT - Value Added Tax
  3. At which of the following places RBI does not have a regional office ?
    1. Shimla
    2. Lucknow
    3. Panaji
    4. Guwahati 
    5. Kota
  4. The founder of World Economic Forum ?
    1. Robert Zoellick
    2. Paul Krugman
    3. Pascal Lamy
    4. John Galbraith
    5. Klaus Schwab
  5. India is not a member of which of the following organizations ?
    1. Commonwealth 
    2. SAARC
    3. NAM
    4. APEC
    5. WTO
  6. Now-a-days Banks are selling third party products. Which of the following is an example of a third party product is ?
    1. Mutual Funds
    2. Term Deposits
    3. Credit Cards 
    4. All of these 
    5. None of these
  7. When the rate of inflation increases ___________________
    1. Purchasing power of money increases 
    2. Purchasing power of money decreases 
    3. Value of money increases
    4. Purchasing power of money remains unaffected 
    5. Amount of money in circulation decreases 
  8. Interest on savings bank account is now calculated by banks on ________________
    1. Minimum balance during the month 
    2. Minimum balance from 7th to last day of the month 
    3. Minimum balance from 10th to last day of the month 
    4. Maximum balance during month 
    5. Daily product basis 
  9. Whose signature appears on Indian Rs. 100 note ?
    1. Finance Minister 
    2. RBI Governor 
    3. Finance Secretary 
    4. Chairman, Planning commission
    5. State Governor 
  10. RBI stipulates a healthy mix of CASA in the business figures of banks. What is CASA ?
    1. Customer Analysis and Savings Pattern 
    2. Cost Appreciation and Selling Analysis 
    3. Current Account and Saving Account
    4. Credit And Savings Aggregate 
    5. None of these
  11. Which of the following is NOT an institutional credit agency ?
    1. Cooperative society 
    2. Money lender 
    3. Commercial banks
    4. Regional Rural Banks
    5. Government Agencies 
  12.  The study of population is known as _____________ ?
    1. Hydrology
    2. Demography
    3. Climatology
    4. Populology
    5. Peoplology
  13. According to the census 2011, which of the following states has the maximum rural population ?
    1. Maharashtra 
    2. Bihar
    3. Uttar Pradesh
    4. West Bengal
    5. None of these
  14. Which one of the following Car makers does not belongs to Japan ?
    1. Toyota
    2. Honda
    3. Nissan
    4. Suzuki
    5. Hyundai
  15. The currency of Saudi Arabia is ?
    1. Dinar
    2. Manat
    3. Rial
    4. Dirham
    5. Shekel
  16. What is the purpose of National Greet Tribunal ?
    1. It is a Save Earth Campaign 
    2. It promotes awareness towards climate changes
    3. It will hear cases related to environmental degradation 
    4. it gives suggestions to protect forest cover 
    5. none of these
  17. Which of the following is a cricket related term ?
    1. Push in the back
    2. Scissor kick
    3. Hook
    4. Smash
    5. Dribble
  18. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the area of music ?
    1. Saraswathi Samman
    2. Vyas Samman
    3. Thansen Samman
    4. Jnanapith Award 
    5. Moorthidevi Award
  19. The Radcliffe Line is a boundary demarcation line between ?
    1. India and China
    2. Russia and China
    3. Russia and Afghanistan
    4. India and Pakistan 
  20. Thomas Cup 2014 was hosted by India. It is an ______________
    1. International Chess event
    2. International Cricket event 
    3. International Squash event 
    4. International Athletics event 
    5. International Badminton event 


  1. Please guide me. Unfortunately I could not take the printouts of application form of RRB. What to do? Very worried. Please help me out.

  2. I m from up
    I get 118 in oa and
    100 in os1

    Any chance of my selection.....pls

  3. 19/20. feeling great... Thanks.

  4. any from gujra?

  5. any from gujrat?

  6. i got 152 in OA from Andhrapardesh, genera any chance to get?

  7. Sushmita RoyChoudhuryNovember 15, 2014 at 9:18 PM

    thnk u......

  8. Which publication u follow for new bank assurance plz tel me

  9. what about m2.. i am not clear about M1 M2 and M3.. pls exlain

  10. I was unaware of the fact that I have to take printout of application form and payment challan of ibps po and clerk. Please guide me. Is there any possibility that I can take the printouts in future, i.e., before the interview?

  11. they activate link at the time of interview

  12. thanks mam...give more quiz on banking awarenes

  13. 16/20 bt waha exam me to 20 out of 14 bhe muskil ho jata ky ho ga god knows

  14. Thank you GA for the above quiz :)


  16. Don't Worry IBPS Allow candidate to re print by entering reg no and password

  17. U don't have to be worried they will activate the link for candidates for interview then u can do the formalities.... They did this in 2012 so don't be worried about that

  18. Odisha 119 & 170

  19. dont worry it will give another link at the time of requirement.

  20. SAME WITH ME...:( if u found any solution ,tell me too

  21. rrb will activate the link once intercview will start

  22. Can u plz upload last year's cutoffs in north region's rrb to be called for interview...
    Gen category... OS-1---- 119 & OA---- 157 from himachal

  23. 19/20:
    rrb3 Os1 120 From up any chances for interview call.

  24. what about m2.. please explain clearly,
    please reply me madam- is there any need to carry resume also along with biodata form to sbi clerical interview. my interview is in pune on 19th this month. this is the first ever interview in my life, feeling very tensed... please help me

  25. hello mam, i have my interview on 19th this month- sbi clerical , iam from pune but i dont know marathi, i can understand and speak simple hindi. is knowing marathi compulsory for clerical. getting mad about this,.. dont know how to convince them that i can manage , mam please help me , tell me what to say to convince them when they ask me . please


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