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November 30, 2014

Afternoon Session's Reviews of Today's SBI Associates Bank PO Online Exam


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Review shared by Veena. B
Overall exam was easy to moderate

1) syllogism-3 were direct questions, 2 were possibility type
2) inequalities 5.. Al direct questions.. Easy
3) 4 from weaken and strengthening argument
4) 2 seating arrangement..1 circular facing center and out.. 1 facing north and south.. Tough
5) arrangement type- people living in different floors. Little confusing..
6) 3 questions were like people living in a hotel.. Q lives for 10 days.. P lives lesser than only Q.. R lives more days than two people and so on..

1) 5 from line graph.. Income, expenditure type
2) bar graph.. 3 companies  X,Y,Z production
3)table.. Officers and managers in 6 different departments with male female ratio
4) 2 pie chart ..people in differnt fields from unit 1 and unit 2
5) l, b, h of room is given.. 4 questions Cost of painting the floor ,ceiling with some changes lik one side has a window of some measurment
6) number series.. 6 to 8. Few were easier.. Lik *1+2,*2+3..
7) data sufficiency
Overall it was easy to moderat

2 passages with 5 questions each
Rearrange the sentence
Close test
Complete the sentence filling appropriate phrase
Error spotting

General A
Marketing was a bit tough.. Computer was easy..
General awareness
1) anoushka sankar belongs to which field
2) cts 2010 is related to cheque reforms, network reforms something like that..
3) old names of countries Istanbul, Zimbabwe, Palestine were given.. Find which is correct..
4) which countries has dinar as its currency.. 3 were givn
5) scheme for development of children below 6 years
6) name of scheme for village development- sansad adarsh gram yojana
7) what is the option that totals the sum of group of cells in excel- autosum
8) which type of ms-word is not present.
9) jefrey g some surname an American was released recently from which country
10) a question related to irda
11) demat account is opened with whom.. SEBI, concerned share market
12) national spot exchange limited will be merged with- nse, BSE and 2 more were given
13) Uno was started in which year..
I could remember only this.. For computer questions what gr8ambitionz has provided is more than enough..

Descriptive writing
1) letter-  you have failed to pay insurance premium for 2 months. You realize that Insurance policy has lapsed. You don't know the procedure to renew.. Letter requesting the officer to provide details regarding renewal procedure.
Don't remember the other topics

2) paragraph- necessity of self discipline, joint family

3)precise related to significance of marketing in banking..

4) related to education and its impact on different categories of society

5)essay- Basel 3 norms in indian banking industry.

Review shared by Uma Deepika. K. V
Hi friends, Iam Uma Deepika K V from Chennai,Tamil nadu, I have appeared for SBI Associates PO exam on 30.11.14 (Aafternoon session).

The overall paper was not that difficult when compared to SBI PO.

General Awareness, marketing and computer was easy with questions like adopting gram yojana scheme, mpesa,4 Ps of marketing, marketing to end products, simple version of web page, computer language,etc

English was asusal moderate.

DI was moderate with some easy questions in pie chart, line graph and tables with easy ratio calculation. The others were time consuming so I attended only the easy questions.

Reasoning section had 5 easy questions each from height order,circular arrangements, syllogisms,  inequalities. Overall I attempted 141 with 90% accuracy & 7 answered with marked for review.Hope I would get above 120/200 this time.

Descriptive section was moderate with marketing related precis.Thanks Gr8ambitionz team !

Review shared by Sidhartha Singh
Hello friends......... I am Sidhartha Singh from Himachal. I gave my exam today (30th November 2014) SBI Associate PO (Evening Shift).

The exam was easier than IBPS PO exam.

  • Reasoning - moderate to difficult.Well some questions were easy some were could attmept 40+ questions with good speed.. my attmept 33 only.
  • Data Interpretation - easy but so calculative...u need to do huge calculations even for one mark with fast calculative speed could easily attmept 35+ attempt 23 only....very less attmept I know but I have focused more on accuracy.
  • General Awareness, Marketing and Computers - easy...all direct questions only 8 or 10 challenging questions..basic marketing...basic computers..n current affairs from last one or two months.My attempt 46
  • English - easy...except parajumbled paragraph and one or two comprehension  questions I attmepted all other attempt 43.
  • Descriptive  Paper - easy questions..
    • paragraph on advantages of joint family...
    • letter to newspaper editor  for cybercrimes in banking industry... 
    • precis writing on marketing in banking.. (
    • essay writing on advantages and disdvanatages of privatization of public sector...                                   
My total attmept 145...I have zero hope for this should need to attmept 155+ to secure a interview spot in this exam.and last but not the least.. GA attmepts credit goes to you guys rock :)
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  1. Hi friends i've answered 149 questions......eng 48 reasoning 33 quantitative 29 and gk section 39.....n yes the paper was easy to moderate....

  2. Could any one answer this plz. I forgot to chose mark answered for desc instruction page and after exam it showed not answered 1 but showed answered 5 For desc question so will my desc gets i subitted 5 question for desciptive .

  3. Please provide some tricks how to qualify in english section of ibps clerk iv exam 2014

  4. 111 with 90% accuracy from ST...

  5. is thr any gud book for DI means it have question difficulty leve equal to sbi po ....?? plzzzzzz reply me

  6. evn i hv d same doubt...anybody plz help us in understnding ds.....

  7. Pls Provide September Current Affairs Bits,
    lyk u did fa October Current Affairs Bits..
    Pls Provide ASAP..
    Thanq Team in Advance:)...

  8. Advantage of join family

  9. Same i did. . I thnk it wnt b prob

  10. dont worry i asked the invigilator he told it will be like tat because instruction page by default it will display as not answered.. so dont panic

  11. no problem with descriptve but what about the objective part bro

  12. when is the result to be expected

  13. when is the result expected

  14. Even Sunday also we getting some useful content thanks..

  15. yes paper was difficult can go for 200 questions,,thats not the point we are talking about....seals closed...results will be declared in january...dont make prejudices about cut-off,it will be a silly thing to do considering IBPS PO cut-offs...but one can expect it to be 105-110....dont get suprised if it crosses 120...BEST OF LUCK!!

  16. yes u r right how could any one say that the the exam was easy

  17. thanks a lot gr8ambitionz

  18. bhai itne q pe bhi agar koi chance nahi h to ya to aapki accuracy 50% or less h ya to aap NPA ho banking ki language person who has attempted only 97 q in sbi po got final selection.what would u say and most of the ppl who attempted 130-155 are rejected.

  19. Kya khaya hoga in bandho ne jo 152 or 133 Quest. attempt kiye

  20. gr8 yaar nice attempt now accuracy matter alots

  21. English is moderate,
    Gk, computer is moderate
    Reasoning is hard
    Aptitude is moderate

  22. Sahi he mera to 114 hi huye

  23. I attempted 109. Marketing awareness was tough. Reasoning also... English very big paragraphs. It takes lot time to study then understand n then answer the question..

  24. Have you applied for ibps clerk and nai associates clerk

  25. Theres no point comparing IBPS PO4 and this exam..I attempted 118 in IBPS PO n gt shorlisted for interview...but this exam is indeed easier thn IBPS PO..and why I am not sure...just compare the vaccancies of both the exams mate...and 97 for SBI PO..well i belong to GEN category mate.

  26. Can anybody expain me any one number series question asked in sbi po exam? I haven't seen or attempted such questions before

  27. not tik mark discriptive.............wht is the status.......
    attempt 135 ques........

  28. hi frnds.................plz help me whether i should apply for the sarva haryana gramin bank recruitment or not as i hv OBC certificate of yr 2012 & i do apply wid d sme 4 RRB III CWE as at dat time dey do mntion the issued date of certificate and nw i m cming in the CREAMY layer

  29. hi frnds.................plz help me whether i should apply for the sarva haryana gramin bank recruitment or not as i hv OBC certificate of yr 2012 & i do apply wid d sme 4 RRB III CWE as at dat time dey do mntion the issued date of certificate and nw i m cming in the CREAMY layer

  30. Any1 can tell me what is the cut off sbi Po 2014?

  31. hi frnds.................plz help me whether i should apply for the sarva haryana gramin bank recruitment or not as i hv OBC certificate of yr 2012 & i do apply wid d sme 4 RRB III CWE as at dat time dey do not mention the issued date of certificate and nw i m cming in the CREAMY layer....wat to do....???

  32. not all the subjects names

  33. bhai wo candidate b gen se tha sbi po 97 attempted and made it to final list

  34. Myattempt 102.Please let me know any possibility??????????

  35. leave all the RC questions except synonyms and antonyms, daily remember some words..get good knowledge on grammar (just for the exam), that's it :)

  36. Hey brother just tell me who is that lucky guy who got selected after answering 97 questions.Are you kidding?

  37. I am damm sure that cut off will be between 110-120

  38. Yes bro u are right

  39. Ok fine..thnks for ur reply.......

  40. bhai site pe banking section me sbipo wale column pe jaana.waha kuch selected n nonselected ka discussion h.

  41. bhai dekh lena cutoff max 110 jaa sakti h warna 95-105 jaayegi

  42. plz provide last sis month gk my email id plz

  43. how long you prepare for banking po ?

  44. it will cross 115+...

  45. ur talking about the overall cut off or jst objective test cut off... if its jst objective , then cut off will be in between 90-100, and overall including descriptive it will be more than 115+

    lets c .. kya hota hai.. agar cut off 115 se kam gaya then its gud ..

  46. thank you so much it is very useful for me

  47. it will be checked... I tlked wth ibps people over telephone..they said it ll be checked..

  48. i talked with ibps people over telephone..they said it ll be checked..

  49. ref example 3: why not can option c come last as it makes a good concluding sentence.

  50. thanx madam...for the valuable guidance...


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