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October 11, 2014

IBPS PO IV Online Exam Experience of 11th October 2014 (Morning Session)


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Hello friends,this is Jisha,from Kerala. I also gave IBPS PO exam today.First of all,don't loose your confidence at any moment during theexam.

Computer Awareness
Firstly, I did this section.It is not a difficult deal to score 15 in this section.No complex questions.Even though i cannot remember questions exactly,here are some of them which gives the same idea.
1.Full form of PSTN.
2.In which of the types of devices you see input and output devices
 outside-options were PDA,Laptop,Desktop etc.
3.What does the formula =SUM(A5,A8,50) in excel returns ?
4.One question on Network.
5.What helps to access web (something like this-)-ans. is search engine
6.One question on web.

No shortcuts. No deep questions.

General Awareness
Then i went to this section.If you are  prepared,you can score around 20-25.Only 1 question from Sports-The name Serina Williams is associated with which sports ?.No questions from Budget(Union and Railway),CWG,Asiad,1 question from census.No questions on- names of governors,CMs of states,headquarters of bank.Currency-Spain,capital -Arunachal Pradesh.From banking there were very easy questions as well as higher level questions,but atleast we can do 5 of them.Some questions
1.What does 'S' stands for, in RTGS.
2.What does 'L' stands for,in LAF.
3.Pradhan Manthri Jan Dhan Yogana is a prgm of -Financial Inclusion
4.The name Serina Willams is associated with which sports ?
5.BKS Iyengar was conferred with which Award.
6.One song lyrics-who is the author.
7.Author of the book-Curtain Raiser
8.NPA's days.
9.Which of the following is not true about BSBDA.-ans. is 'only weaker sections are allowed to open this account'.
10.Full form of ADR.
This was an ok-ok section for me,i left all those doubtful questions.

Then i went to this section.The first passage was related to economic crisis.It was a difficult deal.I skipped almost all questions on this passage...:D......But that time,we will go under pressure seeing all those 'red' buttons on the right side....but never loose confidence.I couldn't do sentence arrangement-one of my weakest section,also i use to leave it,there was no question as which is the 'first' sentence,so that mark also gone...:D.

Then the other passage was easy.It was about Organisational Learning.Not a long passage...but longer than the first one.I did almost all from this passage.Then error correction.Not complex.Then cloze test-a paragraph on Ebola Virus.

Friends,when you come to the end of english-you find it easy...but be areful,accuracy matters......I am scared about this section as i don't have much accuracy.Don't get panic,you have enough time to go till end of english,if you skip difficult ones.

One of my favourite and strongest sections...:D.....I was very happy when i reached here.....1st puzzle was seven people,their favourite colors and languages they speak.After spending 2-3 minutes,i realised that it will take time,so i skipped.Next one was a seating arrangement-people are standing in a straight line,some are facing north,while some are facing south.I got this question's answer,but when i started to read question and options(which of the following is not true-type),i realised that it went wrong skipped it..:D.Then i did Data sufficiency-it was lengthy..but not so complex-think for a second,you will get it correctly.Then was asked in another way,that 'Which of the following conclusions does not definitely follow logically'

For eg: Statements :All flowers are gardens.Some gardens are cats.
Conclusions:All school are flowers.
                     Some flowers are gardens.

Friends,here "All school are flowers" doesn't follow....that's it...there were 4 statements,and 5 conclusions-4 are correct and 1 does not follow.There were possibility cases also. Then i went for the next seating arrangement-A square table-8 persons are sitting at 4 sides and 4 corners.Those who are sitting on the sides are facing inside while those at the corners are facing outside.Also,these people works in various banks like Union,BOI etc...that too given.....At a first look,i skipped this.....:D.Before this,i did inequalities-easy ones.Two long(eg A=B>CP>Qsuddenly i saw a girl wiping tears on the other side in the name of maths.......then the girl who was sitting very next to me was telling disappointing words to herself that she spend much on maths and did
nothing..Then i thought,even if i stop there and go for maths,i may do 3-4 more in that (because i am very slow in maths,so if lengthy and tough comes,then i am super slow..:D) better is to give some more
time for reasoning.Then i went to input-output...Thank God that i took that decision-Input-Output was easy and also i did 2-3 question(one problem-2-3 questions) based on direction sense.I was satisfied as
well as panic that i took time from maths....

Quantitative Aptitiude
Finally,Maths.......I felt like "This is what you call 'maths'.." :D.....started skipping difficult ones......:D....Landed on the 1st DI....solved it.....Question was - No. of passed and appeared
candidates are given in  a table.First question was Which state/city(i dn't remember exactly)has highest percentage of passed to appeared candidates.Then the next were find the ratio between this and
that....did it...but it was a bit lengthy one and the most easiest one. Then the next DI was a line graph showing the number of Nokia,Samsung and Sony products manufactured by 7 companies....It was a lengthy
one....but you won't get confused about what to do for a particular question.One among those were very very lengthy..on reading itself,i skipped it...:D
In between i did 1 partnership based question-simple one...Then the next DI was also a table showing No. of people applied for Visa from Austria,Scotland,Ireland etc. and percentage of visa granted.This too
was very long....question was like to find how many people were not granted visas from so & so country....ratio of no. of people who were not granted visa from 2 countries to no. of people who were not
granted visa from another 2 countries(total 6 countries from 2007 to 2012 were given)..all questions were like that...consumed so much time.....Thats all i could do from maths...just 11 questions......

Friends,at this last moment,better focus on DI...because you may not remember all short cuts that time...then regarding GA-just revise what you have read....Select and Solve.....just read a question..think for a second...if u are confident,then go ahead...Thanks for team Gr8ambitionz for providing all those valuable quiz sections....All the best to all those who are giving it on coming days.....Be cool and
give your best....!!!

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  1. DI is one chart based or mix chart base... plzz explain about DI...
    and put some lights on Reasoning puzzles and seating arrangements

  2. Same feeling is here....
    Maths only 12.. After skipping questions I came to knw dat there is no simplifications nd approximation.... I thought jst finished.

  3. thanx 4 sharing experience

  4. Thank you.yur so funny buddy

  5. ur review is like ..... am giving exam online .... well done .. :-)

  6. accuracy ??

  7. Thx Jisha for sharing your experience in detail.

  8. jisha u scared me a lot.............but i learned from this review what to do and what not to do.....thank u very much

  9. gr8 gud chances to clear

  10. scared....?? so sorry for that. :o...i thought of helping others as they won't get any surprises or disappointments in exam....

  11. difficulty level as compared to 2013?

  12. Yes...Fingers crossed.....

  13. difficulty level as compared to 2013 po?

  14. don't say sorry.........u helped us with ur review............u explained it very well..

  15. Sorry friend,i didn't appear for 2013 PO...This is my first time for IBPS PO.

  16. i too have given the examination , and m frm guwahati morning session, what i can say is even the maths geek will find it difficult to crack all the questions of quants. so much time consuming , barely could complete 29, ya jisha is ryt fellow aspiramts should focus on DI ... ,the GA section was good rather easy ,computer section too was easy some questions directly lifted from CIF magazine...... rest english was good......didnt find any difficulty in solving the cloze test and comprehension......///

  17. hi manish do u have any idea k this questions will ask tomorrow exam is tomorrow morning at 9.00

  18. on currency notes 17 lang. are their front side eng and hindi and back side15 recogniged languages

  19. they mentioned exclude tat hin & eng

  20. mukti ur attempt ..............??


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