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October 30, 2014

Computer Knowledge Online Practice Test


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  1. The Operatinhg System (OS) uses Which of the following protocols to generate error message ‘Host Unreachable’ over a TCP/IP network?
    1. HTTP/1.1
    2. ICMP
    3. PPP
    4. ICGM
    5. TCP/IP
  2. The process of checking the validity of information held in a transaction file is known as ?
    1. Verification   
    2. Test data   
    3. Validation   
    4. Updating   
    5. None
  3. What does SNMP stands for?
    1. Simple Network Mail Protocol
    2. Single Network Mail Protocol
    3. Single Network Message Protocol
    4. Simple Network Management Protocol
    5. None
  4. To produce a high-quality graphics (hard copy) in color, you would have to use a _____________
    1. Virtual Printer
    2. Laser Printer
    3. Ink-jet Printer
    4. Plotter
    5. RGB Monitor
  5. First Technopark in India is located at ?
    1. Bangalore
    2. Kolkata
    3. Thiruvananthapuram
    4. Delhi
    5. None
  6. Which of the following directories is mandatory for every disk ?
    1. Root
    2. Base
    3. Sub
    4. Case
    5. None of these
  7. What is Mail-Merge?
    1. a web based e-mail service with no spam
    2. a name of Yahoo! MINDSET search feature
    3. a new virus-hoax which can delete data from mail-inbox
    4. a feature of MS-Word used to create multiple documents like letters, mailing labels, name tags etc.
    5. None
  8. What would you see while spell checking the phrase “My father was write”?
    1. The word “write” is misspelled.
    2. A red line appears under “write”
    3. A green line appears under “write”
    4. The word “father” is misspelled.
    5. No errors.
  9. In MS-Excel 2003, the default workbook sheet contain maximum ____________ rows
    1. 65535 Rows
    2. 65536 Rows
    3. 1048576 Rows
    4. 65537 Rows
    5. None
  10. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by a multiple processor is known as
    1. Multiprogramming
    2. Multitasking
    3. Time sharing
    4. Multiprocessing
    5. None of these
  11. Which of the following is not a part of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) ?
    1. Arithmetic and Logic Unit
    2. Storage Unit
    3. Program Unit
    4. Control Unit
    5. None
  12. A(n)_____________ is a private corporate network used exclusively by company employees.
    1. Internet
    2. Local area network
    3. Peer-to-peer
    4. Intranet
    5. None
  13. The problem statement should include all of the following except:
    1. Input
    2. Output
    3. Processing
    4. Storage
    5. None
  14. Which of the following statement is not true?
    1. LOGO stands for Logical Outlook Graphic Overview
    2. BIOS is a system software
    3. GRUB is a Linux bootloader
    4. Ruby is a web scripting language
    5. LILO is a Linux bootloader
  15. To make a notebook act as a desktop model, the notebook can be connected to a _____________ which is connected to a monitor and other devices.
    1. bay
    2. docking station
    3. port
    4. network
    5. None of these
  16. The && and operators are useful to __________
    1. compare two numeric values
    2. combine two numeric values
    3. combine two Boolean values
    4. All the above
    5. None of these
  17. Hot-Key is a
    1. Fire Wire port
    2. Alternate Key
    3. Keyboard Shortcut
    4. Primary Key
    5. None   
  18. A digital computer compute the value of expression 2 * 5 - 2 >2 inside
    1. RAM
    2. CPU Chip
    3. Hard Disk
    4. Floppy Disk
    5. MS-Excel
  19. Which of the following statements is true?
    1. To insert link in Ms Excel, Ctrl + K is used.
    2. One can edit selected cell in Excel by pressing the F2 key.
    3. Shift + space is used to select the entire row in Excel.
    4. Ctrl + space is used to select the entire column in Excel.
    5. All 1), 2), 3) and 4) are true
  20. As you know, Hotmail is a free web-based email service. This service is operated by which of the following companies ?
    1. Apple
    2. Rediff
    3. Microsoft
    4. Yahoo
    5. Google
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  1. Thank you Gr8Ambitionz !!!

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  20. SBI clk results will be declared after all aspirants settled in various govt jobs :)

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  24. open this page in google chrome.. then press ctrl+p and then change the destination to "save as pdf"

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