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September 20, 2014

Today's (20th September 2014) IBPS RRB Office Assistants Online Exam Reviews


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Morning Shift review shared by Badhur nisha from Tamilnadu
Hi Aspirants,
I am BADHURNISHA from Tamilnadu. I attended IBPS RRB Multipurpose Office Assistant exam today (20.09.2014) I wanna share my experiences. The Exam was moderate. First, I tried Computer Section which was very basic. Some questions :
  • A hard Disk is a ___________ flat,rigid,........
  • Dot pitch is the distance in millimetres between________   a.points b.picas c.pixels d.cursor (I don’t know)
  • Unit of RAM speed____ a.megaseconds b.seconds c.microseconds d. nanoseconds
Then I moved to General Awareness section which was moderate.
Then I tried English section which was very basic. For Cloze test, there was a simple story.
then I did Reasoning, was moderate.
  • Eight persons sitting around a circle........ very easy, not tricky.
  • Seven persons standing in a straight line facing north....... also  was basic.
  • Answer questions  based on the numbers given  like 123, 456 ,678, 129, 567
Then I did Aptitude Section which was unexpectedly easy. Because there were only 3 r 4 wordings problems. The rests were simplifications ( +, -,*,% ) If u r strong in simplifications, it will be very very easy for u..... :)
Totally I attended 170 questions with 90% accuracy.
Some personal suggestions :  Topics to be studied (in bracket the questions asked today)
  • Budget 2014
  • Indian States and Capitals (‘Agartala’  is the capital of ________ )
  • Cabinet Ministers ( Minister of Home Affairs _________ )
  • Countries Capitals Currencies ( ‘Oslo’ is the capital of _______ )
  • Gulmarg hill station, which state?
  • how many AIIMS to be set up?
  • RBI Rates (CRR,SLR,....... )with definitions
  • IPO,FPO,QIP expansion related to SEBI?
  • International Organizations-Head Quarters-Chief ( Who is Christine Lagarde? )
  • Objective of schemes newly introduced by Central Govern. ( Pradha Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana, Sampoorna Vittiya......)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Tax is levied on Companies with net worth Rs._________crores and above.
  • Chief ministers and Governors of Indian States ( Jitan Ram Manjhi is the CM of ____ and O.P.Kohli is the Governor of ________ )
  • Commonwealth Games Winners with their respective event ( Gold Medal Winner in CWG 2014, Yogeshwarr Dutt is related to _________ )
  • Expand IIP 
  • Nationalised Banks – Headquarters – CEOs/MDs ( Kamath is the Managing Director of which bank )
That’s it........  :) a Very Big Thanks to GR8 AMBITIONZ Don’t forget to read Gr8 ambitionz’s materials......

Evening Shift review shared by Tiny Namindla from Telangana

Hi, I am Tiny Namindla from Warangal , Telngana,

Today's paper was very easy.. anyone with minimum knowledge can do well...

 GK question's
  • mallikarjun karge - leader of Congress in Lok Sabha
  • chanu - weightlifting
  • gagan narang - shooting
  • ques on vistara _ tata and singapore i think
  • Buenos Aires is capital of - argentina
  • ques on lupin
  • 45Mw power project located in
  • teesta III located in


very simple, a ques on 7 men facing north side, F is centre , one
person b/w Aand F

C is second left to B, C is not inmediate to F, A is in b/w E an G but
E is not at extreme end......
one sitting arrange ment -- simple


one table i wasted 5 min on one ques, and not answered....
reaming were simple




attempted 36

TOTAL- 180 with 95% accuracy

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  1. Is thr any qsns relatin to seatin arrangment like some r facing north n some r facin center.........?

  2. good questions

  3. gr8ambitionz rrb material covered all

  4. thanx .... i guess it will work :)

  5. any suggestion for 27th sept's exam????????????

  6. Ws dre any question from census 2011?

  7. just go throw, gk section, as apptitude and reasoning was easy, so look gk , mainly- commonwealth games- one question must, and country capital, budget,

  8. Thnq guys :-):-PB-)

  9. No..ques was about facing north was quite simple

  10. Yes...which state has shown increase in employment

  11. what does it means
    actually i belongs to OBC non creamy layer and my obc certificate issued on 9.07.2011 so i just want to ask the same certificate is valid for the IBPS PO, CLERK or not.

    In case of candidates belonging to OBC category, certificate should specifically contain a clause that the

    candidate does not belong to creamy layer section excluded from the benefits of reservation for Other

    Backward Classes in Civil post & services under Government of India. OBC caste certificate containing

    the Non-creamy layer clause should be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e. 01.09.2014

    (issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration).

  12. go through mahindras "Computer Know" i attempted lot of ques from that.... ques were same as in the material....

  13. go through mahindras "Computer Know" i attempted lot of ques from that.... ques were same as in the material...

  14. go through mahndras "Computer Know" i attempted lot of ques from that.... ques were same as in the material...

  15. in current aff , dont js read the js the heading,try to go through some more deep...

  16. jan dhan yojana insurance.... in ques "....000" in option 100. I.e, 100000 (one lakh)

    two ques on football players

    cristiano ronaldo

    James Rodriguez

  17. Dear readers,

    Here we are posting some of the General Awareness questions which was asked in today's IBPS RRB Office Assistant Exam. Evening Shift.
    almost all the questions are easy those are reading news papers they can get good marks....
    General Awareness Questions

    1. PM Jandhan Yojna insurance amount – Rs 1 Lakh

    2. Who is Cristiano Ronaldo – Football player

    3. Vistara is name of air lines of which of the two companies – Tata & Singapore airlines

    4. Govt wants to revamped labour law based on which act:

    5. Who is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: Indian investor and Trader

    6. 44MW Hydro power project inaugurated by PM in which state – Jammu & Kashmir

    7. James Rodriguez belongs to which game : Football

    8. Germany defeated Brazil in FIFA world cup by what score – 7-1

    9. Full form of CRR – Cash Reserve Ratio

    10. Which bank will provide mobile banking facility in its 1st phase: ICICI (doubt ful to me)

    11. How many countries are member of SAARC - 8

    12. Thambi Durai related to which party: AIADMK

    13. Who is Mallikarjun Kharge - opposition leader in the Lok Sabha

    14. Buenos Aires is- the Capital of Argentina

    15. what is the position of delhi with respect to population: second

    16. Who is Dayanidhi Maran - Former Telecom Minister

    17. OECD abbrivation - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    18. recently there was a news on papers regarding cleaning of which river: Ganga

    19. Mithali Raj belongs to - Captain of Indian Women's Cricket team

    20. Who is Gagan Narang - Indian shooter

    21. National Academy for Customs & Excise at Hindupur in: india

    22.arjun award winner Renubala chanu belongs to : weight lifting

    23 there was question on Lupin:

    english is easy; all are basic level
    reasoning also easy level
    apptitude also modarate
    comupetrs also easy.....
    all the best friends ....

  18. Hi frnds can any one tell me, hw many simplification sums wr thr......

  19. For office assistant.........wording problems(matter problems)....hw many may come approx.....mainly which concept should cocentrate ..mmplz any one guide me.

  20. @tiny namindla from where did u purchase the accuracy meter machine

  21. 20 out of 40 questions are from current cover for last three months.remaing are from banking.then study currency capital,sports related topic

  22. hello exam wll be on 27 ....RRB
    so i just curious to knw wll u provide any reference guide bfr it....
    i need this....thnks

  23. how to prepare reasoning for bank po any book or online page ?

  24. what was the section wise cut off for rrb clerical last year for Tamilnadu.... Please reply.....

  25. thank u so much... :) i'll

  26. thank u so much... i'll :)


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