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September 06, 2014

Reviews of IBPS RRB Officers (Scale I) CWE III of 6th September 2014 - Morning Session


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Review shared by Praneeth from Vijayawada
Hi everyone... I'm Praneeth.  I've given my RRB Scale-I Officer Exam on 6 th September in the Morning Session.

The paper is neither too Easy nor too Difficult....

1.Computer Section :

This time questions were not that easy as compared to earlier. They made it to the next level. But one can attempt 30 ( of  40 ) easily.

2. General Awareness:

This section is as expected. Most of the questions were from Current Affairs and Banking.

Some Questions :
  1. Prakash Nanjappa is related to Which Sport ?
  2. A Question related to Missed Call Service of Banks.
  3. RBI " On Tap Listening ".
  4. ISIS is operative in which parts of countries ? ( Jordan, Israel... )
  5. Italy Currency.
  6. Ebola in 1976 was discovered in which part of Africa ?
  7. Shimgo / Shishirotsava ( a festival ) is from Which state ?
  8. First Public Sector Bank to Set up its own Payment Gateway.
  9. A question on Micro Insurance.
  10. Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary is in Which State ?
  11. Which Country is hosting 2015 G-20 Summit ?
  12. What is Aajeevika ? ( A Programme by Govt of India in 2011 )
  13. Where is NTPC Barh ?

One Can attempt 20-25 questions.

3. English

This was an easy Section. A paragraph, 1 set of Para jumbles, find errors, etc...

One Can attempt 25-35 questions.

4.  Reasoning.

4-5 questions on Critical Reasoning.

Puzzle - 7 persons in 7 floors with 7 different Agriculture Farmings ;
Puzzle - 9 persons sitting near table facing center.

~ 5 questions on Data Sufficiency

Inequalities, Syllogisms, Alphabet series....common topics..

One can attempt 25-35 questions

5. Quantitative Aptitude.

Personally I feel this section difficult every time. ( Even this time...)
  • 2 sets of Data Interpretation
  • Questions on Series.
  • Questions on Calculations.
  • Questions on Simple / Compound Interest.other topics...
  • One can attempt 20-30 questions.

An average aspirant can attempt  ~ 110 - 130 questions.

I wish all the other aspirants to give their best.


Review shared by Rituparna Das Gupta from Kolkata

Hi, friends I am Rituparna Das Gupta. Today i had my RRB Officer Scale 1 exam.

The paper was moderate. computer and gk section was tougher than any other bank exams. Basic computer knowledge is not enough. Gk questions asked
  1. Cartoon character made by Pran 
  2. Question on credit card 
  3. G-20 meet
  4. Italian currency
  5. Capital of Bhutan
  6. RBi guideline for minor
  7. Ajeevika yojana

Math section was moderate. 3 DI questions which were time consuming. one from time and work, one from simple and compound interest, two from average, one from profit & loss, one from percentage. 5 series, 5 simplifications which were very easy. 5 questions from quadratic equations.

Reasoning section was easy. But I didnt attempt puzzels. questions from blood relation, alphabets, data sufficiency, inequalities, sylloligsm.

English was also easy one. passage, arrangements, error finding, fill in the blanks, paragraph etc.

My number of attemps are
1. Reasoning: 27
2. Quant: 20
3. English: 30
4. GK: 26
5. Computer: 36

Total: 139
I am not satisfied with the quant as i have done only 20. I am also tensed with the section cut off of Maths. I should have answered atleast 10 more questions.

Anyways hope for the best. Best of luck guys.

Questions shared by Mukti Prasad from Odisha

I am Mukti, I have attended  IBPS RRB Scale 1 officer today Morning Shift itself. Here I share some GA questions.
Ga Questions Asked in IBPS RRB PO 6 September Morning Shift
  1. Capital Of Bhutan-Thimphu
  2. Italy Currency- Euro
  3. Current CRR- 4%
  4. World habitat day- October 6(observed every year on the first Monday of October throughout the world)
  5. Minimum limit for RTGS-2 lakh
  6. Boeing plane crashed down in which country- Ukraine
  7. Current foreign minister- Sushma Swaraj
  8. Rural population as per census 2011- 72.18%
  9. Length of railway tracks as per railway budget -115,000 km
  10. Sania mirza is a brand ambasder of which state- Telangana
  11. Mettur Dam on Kaveri River is in which state- Tamil Nadu
  12. Role of Banking Ombudsman - resolve complain of customers related with banking services
  13. Role of KYC- KYC is used to verify identify of customer to prevent money Laundering
  14. Which Author Got Padma Bhushan recently- Ruskin Bond
  15. Largest consumer of antibiotics- India
  16. Who is ISIS- is a Jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria
  17. Where is Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary located- Karnataka.
  18. Parupalli kashyap related to which sport- Badminton
  19. Cartoonist pran famous for- Creating Chacha Chaudhary
  20. G20 Summit to be held in -Sydney (Australia).
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  1. thank u buddies for ur review...
    acrndg to u question will remain moderate ...
    whose exam will be next week prepared quant and gk well :P

  2. rural population 68%
    g-20 (2015)-turkey

  3. thank you so much,love u

  4. thnq frnds for review..........can ny one tell me how can we solve series qstn......every time i got confused in it.............

  5. 1. Capital of Bhutan –

    2. Children under 10 cannot hold which account – Current account.

    3. External affairs minister – Sushma Swaraj.

    4. Comedian Rran kumar sharma who died recently is a creator of – Chacha

    5. Bagat Sanctuary in – Uttar Pradesh.

    6. Currency of Italy – Euro.

    7. World Habitat Day – October 6.

    8. CSAT Full form

    9. Current CRR – 4%.

    10. Rural population as per 2011 census – 68.84%.

    11. Minimum RTGS Transfer Amount – 2 lakhs.

    12. Face to face video communication in which bank – IndusInd Bank.

    13. Palestinian Hamas is – Palestinian Islamist political organization and
    militant group.

    14. India and Brazil agreement 2014 – trade and investment flows.

    15. Ebola first discovered in which country – Democratic Republic of the Congo

    16. Which memory will
    lose its data when the system is suddenly turned off – RAM.

    17. which author was awarded with Padma award recently – Ruskin Bond.

    18. Cauvery wildlife sanctuary located in – Karnataka.

    19. Sania Mirza is aappointed as brand ambassador of which state – Telangana.

    20. Work of Banking Ombudsman – Solving customer complaints.

    21. Prakash Nanjappa related to – Shooting(India).

    22. Which International passenger Airline crashed down – Malaysian Airline.

    23. Maximum antibiotics consuming country – India

    Kms for train routes in rail budget – 14,500 km (9,000

    Kyc for what purpose – a term used for customer identification

    G20 summit place – Australia(2014),turkey(2015)

    Parupalli kashyap which sport – Badminton

    Boeing plane crashed down in which country- Ukraine –

    ISIS – is a Jihadist
    militant group in Iraq and Syria –

    Mettur Dam on Kaveri River is in
    which state? Tamil Nadu –

    Scanner & monitor ?--peripheral device

    Time taken by process in comp called
    ?--processing time

    “aajeevika” scheme” is also now know as—NRLM

    Oslo accord between.—israel and palasten

    Literacy rate of female in india as per census 2011--65.46

    Where is SHIGMO festival celebrated – Goa

    First Bank to set up Payment Gateway – SB

    # Prakash Jonappa related to- Chief Electrol Officer,

    author who got padma award is Ruskin bond.

    LIC micro finance limit-Rs 10,000 to maximum of Rs

  6. me too, try other sections, dont waste ur precious time solving series.

  7. thanx guys for ur reviews hope it will help us a lot D:

  8. thanks for sharing your experience of todays exam........this will give idea about the paper pattern of difficulty.....and the area from where GA questions are asking.....

  9. Thank you gr8ambitionz. your Quick Guide helped us alot. God bless..

  10. thanks guys ang gud luck to all of you :)

  11. series and puzzles in resng is like mohini looks like simple bt hard to understand
    so dont caught by these two
    best way to solve these spent 30 sec to understand it if u get the idea then go
    otherwise leave and move ahead

  12. Chinmayananda BiswalSeptember 6, 2014 at 6:53 PM

    good questions

  13. Chinmayananda BiswalSeptember 6, 2014 at 6:55 PM

    Next G20 will be held in TURKEY

  14. Thanks for the valuable reviews

  15. ISIS is operative in N. Iraq not in Jordan.

  16. my attempts r
    with 85-90% accuracy..
    frm kolkata

  17. Hiii Ritu. dont be upset. Prepare well for IBPS Po 4. I am also not satisfied with my attempt as it could not touch my target that was min 170+ . Unfortunately I have done only 154 with 90% accuracy. But However I am not worry as My ambition to crack Po 4 anyhow at any cost. So All The best to you also. prepare well . You have done a superb work by sharing your experience Your exam review. This sharing thought is really awesome jobs which will help you in future. May God fulfill your all desires. have blasting Upcoming Exams with tremendous satishfaction & 100% confidence of selection.. God bless you. @ Partha : Kolkata.

  18. actually rituparna m totally focus on simplification n of topics lyk ci si. profit loss bla bla.....m too weak in these topics........... :P

  19. ok from DI you can score atleast 20. But u can improve ur skill in average, percentage, time & distance, trains. These are not much tough. ya ci si is a little bit tough and need more calculations. so leave that. but u know todays in DI section also they are giving questions from ci si and profit loss. u need to know some useful formua, then u can solve those.u can find materials from gr8ambitionz. But dont try series. beacause there is no definite formula for series. u have to find the formula during the xam. so all the best :)

  20. Thank u very much Partha. ur msg is really encouraging :). Yes I am preparing for PO 4. All the best to you. and u r surely going to crack RRB PO also. :)

  21. thnq for ur suggestion ....i ll try it..... :)

  22. mention not :)

  23. hi i want the expected score for ibps rrb po and sbi clerk pls let me know

  24. i also attended 167. exam was quite moderate

  25. can we write squares and cube in rough sheets given by the examiner ?n pls reply

  26. can any one tell maths section only D.I. will come or all type of questions

  27. these are expected cutoffs who knows about actual cutoffs?? u can also make a guess...


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