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September 15, 2014

Quiz on Science & Technology 2014 - Set 3


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Friends, here is the 3rd Set of our Expected Questions series on Science and Technology 2014. You can check Set 1 from here and the Set 2 from here. Happy Reading :)
  1. Which British Nuclear Power Site came to news recently raising fears of a Radioactive Leak ?
    1. Bradwell
    2. Sellafield
    3. Anglesey
    4. Sizewall
    5. None of these
  2. Where Asia's 1st Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) has been established recently ?
    1. Goa
    2. Mumbai
    3. Bengaluru
    4. Chennai
    5. Pune
  3. Which Meteorological Data Processing System was dedicated to the Nation on the Occation of 1369th Foundation Day of India Meteorological Department (IMD) ?
    1. INSAT 2D
    2. INSAT 3D
    3. INSAT
    4. INSAT 4D
    5. INSAT 3E
  4. The Name of the Oceanographic Research Ship which was trapped by Ice-sheets on the way to Antarctica ?
    1. Sindhu Sadhana
    2. Archana Sundaram
    3. Polar Pioneer
    4. Akademik Sokalaskiy 
    5. Robert Fisk
  5. What is difference between PSLV and GSLV ?
    1. PSLV can take more weight than GSLV
    2. PSLV is longer than GSLV
    3. PSLV is faster than GSLV
    4. GSLV can take more weight than PSLV and can go to higher heights
    5. GSLV is faster than PSLV
  6. What is major achievement of GSAT-14 launched by India ?
    1. First time GSAT type satellite launched
    2. First time GSLV used by India
    3. India used indigenous cryogenic engine in GSLV
    4. No achievement
    5. It was build by complete Indian technology
  7. Which fighter aircraft built by India is inducted in Indian Air Force recently ?
    1. Mig-21
    2. Sukhoi
    3. Tejas
    4. F-22
    5. MH 320
  8. Pakistan recently started building tow Nuclear Plants. Which country aided it ?
    1. USA
    2. Germany
    3. China
    4. Russia
    5. Japan
  9. Kholongchu hydro-power project is a joint venture between ?
    1. India and Bhutan
    2. Bhutan and Nepal 
    3. Nepal and India
    4. India and Myanmar
    5. India and Bangladesh
  10. INS Vikramaditya has been in news recently, what is it used as ?
    1. Aircraft Carrier Ship
    2. Ballistic Missile
    3. Nuclear Powered Submarine
    4. First Indigenous Warship of India
    5. Pilotless Aircraft
  11. From which country India bought INS Vikramaditya ?
    1. USA
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. Russia
    5. Italy
  12. The Satellite SPOT 7 which was launched by ISRO belongs to which country ?
    1. Japan
    2. Israel
    3. France
    4. Italy
    5. USA 
  13. Brahmos Missile has been successfully test fired recently, it is a /an ?
    1. Air to air anti aircraft missile
    2. Surface to air anti aircraft missile
    3. Air to air beyond visual range (BVR) missile
    4. Supersonic Anti Ship Cruise Missile
    5. Surface to surface Ballistic missile
  14. Which of the Nuclear Plants has become India's first to generate 1000 MW nuclear power ?
    1. Kudankulam
    2. Kakrapar
    3. Tarapur
    4. Narora
    5. Kalpakkam
  15. The Indian Navy has recently received the first fully indigenous built anti submarine warfare corvette at Visakhapatnam. Name it ? 
    1. INS Kamorta
    2. INS Vikramaditya
    3. INS Karmista
    4. INS Narendra
    5. INS  Tarapura
  16.  Which Element's Tiles have been developed by scientists to combat air pollution ?
    1. Titanium Chloride
    2. Titanium and Zinc
    3. Tin and Zinc
    4. Titanium Oxide
    5. Titanium Sulphate
  17. India's Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) set a new record of flying 500 sorties in 2013. This is the highest sorties achieved in a calendar year so far. Name the aircraft ?
    1. Tapas
    2. Manas
    3. Tejas
    4. Tamas
    5. Ojas
  18. Bolivia's first communications satellite was successfully launched by China recently. Name it ?
    1. Tupac Katari
    2. Japac Ratri
    3. GSLV D6
    4. Ranio Katari
    5. Tupac Ratri
  19. Name the India's most efficient Supercomputer, developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) recently  ? (It is ranked 9th in Asia Pacific and 44th across the world
    1. PARAM Yoga II
    2. PARAM Shiva II
    3. PARAM Dharma II
    4. PARAM Ganana II
    5. PARAM Yuva II
  20. India on 11th September 2014 has successfully test-fired it's indigenously built nuclear capable Agni-I missile, from a test range off Odisha coast as part of a user trial by the Army. What is it's strike range ?
    1. 700 Km
    2. 800 Km
    3. 900 Km
    4. 1000 Km
    5. 1100 Km
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