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September 23, 2014

Quiz on Recent Appointments / Heads 2014 - Set 2


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  1. Who has been elected as first speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly ?
    1. Sriramjhathwar
    2. Jaganmohan Reddy
    3. S. Radhakrishnan
    4. Damodara Rajanarasimha
    5. Sirikonda Madhusudhanachari
  2. Who has been appointed as solicitor General of India ?
    1. Anjali Prasad
    2. Rajnit Kumar
    3. M. J. JOseph
    4. Alok Gupta
    5. Rajeev Madhur
  3. Who has been appointed as Mayor of London Borough of South wark ?
    1. Anjali Prasad
    2. Sanjay Kapoor
    3. Yash Chopra
    4. Sunil Chopra
    5. Anil Chopra
  4. Who has been appointed as USA's interim ambassador to India ?
    1. Ashley Tellis
    2. Katheleen Stephens
    3. Hillary Clinton
    4. Janet Yellen
    5. Angela Merkel
  5. Who has been appointed as commander in chief of Western Naval Command ?
    1. K. P.Singh
    2. Rajesh Mishra
    3. Aditya Chopra
    4. Anil Chopra
    5. V. K. Singh
  6.  Who has been appointed as brand ambassador of health campaign, Mamta Abhiyan of Madhya Pradesh Government ?
    1. Hema Malini
    2. Rakhi Sawant
    3. Madhuri Dikshit
    4. Nandita Das
    5. Smirthi Irani
  7. Who has been appointed as Chairman of Micromax ?
    1. Anjali Prasad
    2. Sanjay Kapoor
    3. Nandan Nilekhani
    4. Ajay Prakash
    5. R. Neela Kantan
  8. Who has been appointed as member of UN Expert Panel on Peace Keeping ?
    1. Mukul Rojatgi
    2. Abhijit Guha
    3. Dhruv Sitwala
    4. Krishnan Nair
    5. Sunil Sabharwal
  9. Who has been appointed as member of US Holocaust Memorial Council ?
    1. Nisha Biswal
    2. Indira Talwani
    3. Shefali Duggal
    4. K P Singh
    5. Suresh Kumar Reddy
  10. Who has been elected as the President of Egypt in 2014 ?
    1. Peter Mutharika
    2. Sohaib Ali
    3. Abdel Fatah Al Sisi
    4. El Bardai
    5. Karim Massimov
  11.  Who has been appointed as Secretary Department of Posts ?
    1. Ranjana Paintal
    2. Kaveri Banerjee
    3. M. J. Joseph
    4. Pankag Gupta
    5. B. Pandya
  12. Who has been elected as President of Malawi ?
    1. Peter Mutharika
    2. Nabam Tuki
    3. Kathriyin Janway
    4. Sara Errani
    5. Jacob Zuma
  13. Who has won Presidential Elections of Lithuania ?
    1. Dalia Grybauskaite
    2. Zigmantas Balcytis
    3. Kathryin Janway
    4. Viktor Yushenko
    5. Jacob Zuma
  14. Who has been elected as the President of Ukraine ?
    1. Yulia Tymoshenko
    2. Petro Poroshenko
    3. Paul Biya
    4. Viktor Yushenko
    5. Dalia Grybauskaite
  15. Who has been sworn-in as Prime Minister of Libya ?
    1. Ahmed Maitiq
    2. Ian Khama
    3. Abdullah al-Thani
    4. El Bardai
    5. Petro Poroshenko
  16. Who has been appointed as chairman of Special Investigation Team on black money ?
    1. B S Chauhan
    2. M B Shah
    3. H L Dattu
    4. B Mahapatra
    5. Y V Reddy
  17. Who has been appointed as Dean of Business school of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ?
    1. Ravi Dhariwal 
    2. Jitendra Vir Singh
    3. Dhruv Sitwala
    4. Krishnan Nair
    5. Sanjay Singh
  18. Who has been appointed as Chairman of Australia-India Council ?
    1. K. P. Singh
    2. Ashok Jacob
    3. Rajat Gupta
    4. Ajay Prakash
    5. B Pandya
  19. Who has been appointed as Dean of University of California ?
    1. Surjit Chowdary 
    2. Indira Talwani
    3. I P Khosla
    4. A P Singh
    5. B C Sanyal
  20. Who has been appointed as chairman of Central Water Commission ?
    1. B S Chauhan
    2. Ashwin B Pandya
    3. H L Dattu
    4. M B Lokur
    5. Ranjit Kumar


  1. anyone have bsc magazine pdf?

  2. Question 5 is wrongly answered as Aditya Chopra in place of Anil Chopra.

  3. ans number 5 is wrong

  4. thanks for this set

  5. mam pls post government recently launched schemes...

  6. 17/20, thanks a lot mam..:)

  7. i attempt in ga 24 but 16 are right is there any chance

  8. rrb assistance cut off share plz

  9. dumb read the ques properly... related to which game in addition to tennis!! and ans is Golf.

  10. congratz u got selected den b4 d result.... :p

  11. Today Morning Session GA Questions..27 sept 2014-office assisatnt of new IIMs-5
    2. in 5th test between england and india whos scored maximum runs from india team
    3. on 15-08-2014 talles flag mass was hoisted at which place
    4. COO full form
    15 1st president of indian republic-Dr Rajendra Prasad
    6. AIZWAL is the capital of which state-Mizoram
    7. TOM JOESPH belongs to whichi sport
    8. S.SATISH belongs to whichi sport-Weightlifting
    9. "work for nation,not for self " was said by
    10. INSURANCE bill was reffered to
    11. largest student population was in which country
    12. No of free ATM transactions in metro cities-10
    13. operation VIJAY was launched in which war/conflict
    14. JITU RAI belongs to whichi sport-Shooting
    15. india s 1st sattilite launched in to orbit
    16. ADHANI's $15.5bn coal mine deal in which country
    17. SEBI power on PONZI schemes
    18New express trains excluding ac trains going to be started this year
    19. juvenile justice bill ammendments
    20 Aviation minister to AI on empty 1st class seats
    21. sergio ramos belong to which sport
    22 % capital gain tax on debt funds-
    23. marayam mirzakhani belongs to which country
    24. ravindar kaur belongs to which sport
    25. who acquired udupi thermal power plant
    26. education cess-3%
    27. MURALI VIJAY belongs to whichi sport-Cricket
    28. the term HOLE belong to which soprt
    29. cricketer turned politician - imran khan belong to which country
    30. LOCK IN period for long term gain tax is-3
    31. ASHOK CHAKRA was given to
    32. who is HR KHAN-Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India
    33. SANJEEV RAJPUT belongs to whichi sport
    34. main objective of KYC norms
    35. BOKO HARAM belongs to which state
    36. ARC full form
    37. TAKA is currency of which country-Bangladesh
    38. who is ROBERT AZIVEDO-WTO director general
    39. no of tourist circuits to be developed as per budget
    40. national judicial appionts ment commission going to replace

  12. sameer bhai....over confidence accha nahi hota

  13. cricket nahi ho sakta....strike word koi official word nahi cricket me...kisi cricket rule me strike word use nahi hota.....jabki base ball me srike one , two , three hota hai...than player out....this is an official word in baseball.

  14. kitne kitne attempt kare hain sabne....maine 187 kare hain......

  15. hi ma'am....thank you so much for such fantabulous'am could u plz share all the mareials related to AFO...

  16. anybody have idea about ssc grade D skill test
    will it be easy r difficult

  17. i think this a fake review..because no interviewer replied to any candidate in such manner that u r very good..this is very nice answer etc etc... no matter how inteligent candidate is

  18. hi any one having full study material of all subjects in pdf for bank and ssc exam preparation if any one having then please mail to i will be greatly oblige to u

  19. the R.S.Agarwal pdf page is showing result "page not found"


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