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September 07, 2014

Questions Asked in Today's (07-09-2014) IBPS RRB CWE III - Morning Shift

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Review shared by Madhu from Tamilnadu

This is MADHU from TAMILNADU and here comes the questions of ibps rbb officer scale 1

GK - Questions asked in rrb exam morning shift
  1. head of sit (special investigation team)
  2. rbi coo function
  3. recent change rbi atm withdrawal is not applicable to
  4. minimum paid up capital for small banks
  5. diabetes day
  6. currency of Finland
  7. Egypt capital
  8. sadbavana award musalfer ali based some question
  9. board of governors of bank of India head
  10. some question on LIC
  11. regulator of chit fund
  12. some question on satellite
  13. some wildlife sanctuary
  14. dronachariya commiee head
  15. one question on tennis
  16. stories on telengana
  17. railway budget- how many persons can travel
  18. union budget
  19. tribal minister which place
  20. one scheme
  21. ebaat
  22. Joshua Chinnapaa which sport
  23. pongal is celebrated in
  24. brics summit
  25. one question on Nobel prize
  26. silk development center
  27. 2011 census highest rural populated state
  28. foreign countries fii must register with
  29. book and author
  30. one more question on satellite
  31. one question on banking awareness
remaining I forgot …. :(

  • GK moderate
  • Computer was easy
  • Reasoning easy time consuming
  • English moderate (time consuming for passage)
  • Appti  moderate (time consuming as well for passage)
In simple interest they gave amount after 3 years and 2 years and they asked rate of inters

In profit and loss they gave a person bought a thing at a discount of 15% and sells at a percentage of 20% what is the over all profit or loss

Problem on ages – x:y ratio 3: 5 before 6 years the half of the age of y +1 is the ages of x what is x present age

A can do a piece of work in 12 days and B in 15 days they work together for 6 days and leave . how many more days are required to complete the work

Menstruation – 2 sums (only in square and rectangle)

One sum is like the side of the square and rectangular is same. The difference between the length and breath are 14 units. What is the side of the square?

One question is like the length and breath of a rectangle is in the ratio 5: 7 (not sure about the value). A road 3 meters is done and its area is given (some thing like this) not sure about the values

5 sums on no series

di- 15 sums ( one is Venn diagram , table , graph)

Nos around 10 or 5 I don’t remember


Tabular seating arrangement like 7 persons in 7 floor with 7 different language which is hard for me

Seven people are in seven different floors

3 people sit between L and Gujarat
L is above Gujarat
2 people sit between English and Gujarat
k sits immediately above Hindi
k is not on the even floor
Hindi is not on the top floor
English is not on the bottom floor
K is not Gujarat or English
M is a Marathi
J is not on the bottom floor

Some thing like this

Another seating arrangement was quite easy …. 9 ppl facing center

L sits 3rd to the left of s. two people sit between s and p. l is immediate neighbor of q and r. m is third to the left of q. n is second to the right of l. some thing like this…. But it was easy

Codification- easy (seeds are essential – al sd de) like this

Mathematical operations and syllogisms with possibility easy
No input output
One series
Sch pare of letters
Statement conclusion
Data sufficiency

Overall I found that the paper is difficult for me

Review shared by Atulya Kumar Tripathy from Bhubaneswar

Hi friends this is ATULYA KUMAR TRIPATHY from BHUBANESWAR , ODISHA sharing my today's exam experience that ..

I've attended 31 qns from reasoning  section, as this section was very very easy took 25 minutes to solve it....

32 from computer ... computer qns are practical oriented and tricky... not much problems for students from I.T. background.. (a suggestion to +3 students plz go on depth and clear all ur concept... ) i ve taken 15 min to solve it

31 from general awareness....
1.mujaffar ali got rajiv gandhi national sadbhavana award for which movie? umrao jaan
2.dronacharya award selection committee head?
3. Brand ambassador of champions tennis league ?
4. full form of E BAAT ? written by  THE VIJAY MALLAYA STORY ??
6. full form of CTBT??
7. THAI PONGAL is observed in which state?
8. heighest civilian award given by USA GOVT.?
10.chandraprava santuary is on which state? uttar pradesh
11. what is the capital of arab republic of egypt?
12.currency of republic of finland?
13.union tribal affairs minister juel oram from which constituency?
14. jyotshna chinnapa is associated with which sports? squass
15. finance minister arun jetly allocated how much fund to tribal area?
16. which city is not among the minimum atm withdrawl limit?? punjab
17. chit fund companies in india regulated by which organisation ?
       A. GOI , B. RBI , C. SEBI , D. STATE GOVT. E. NONE

go for depth knowledge of GK as it was little bit tough...

32 from English as it was easy..
1. synonym antonym 05 nos.
2. cloze test , sentense arrangements etc etc..

31 from maths
some lengthy calculation
be fast on calculation on decimals, percentages and compound interests

over all 158 attempted....
with 95% accuracy

Thank you friends..

Reviews of IBPS RRB Officers Exam dated 6th September 2014
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