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September 07, 2014

Evening Shift Reviews of Today's (7th September 2014) IBPS RRB CWE III


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Review shared by Chinmayananda Biswal from Odisha
Good Evening Friends !!!!

I am Chinmayananda Biswal From Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Today I have appeared IBPS RRB OFFICER SCALE - I Exam Afternoon Shift (2.30 P.M. to 5.00 P.M) . I want to share some reviews , hope it will be helpful to you people.
Come to the Sectional Reviews ::

Quantitative Aptitude :
----------------- Moderate --------
If You will take a calculator then it would take more than 1 hours.  You can 5 questions on series , 5 questions on simplification (decimal value) , 5 questions on inequalities , 15 question on Data interpretation ( 1 table question , 1 garph question , 1 venn diagram questions),  1 questions from Simple interest ,  1 questions from  Time and Work , and others.

Reasoning   ::
------------------- Moderate ------------
In reasoning you can get , 5 question on syllogisims (possibility type ) , 2 puzzels ( 1 puzzle is 9 members are there sitting in a circle , all are facing centre and another puzzels from seven floor is there lower floor is 1 and top floor is 7 , each have been one profession( Doctor ,lawer,farmer ,professor , engineer etc...)  and named as   P ,Q ,R ,S ,T ,U ,V , W ) ,  2 to 3 question on cause-effect , 5 questions on coding and decoding , 5 question on statment based etc...

English  :
-------------------------- Easy- Moderate--------
One of the Scoring Section. 10 questions on Paragraph (Rural Development ) ,  10 question on question on Cloze test , 5 questions on fill in the blank , 5 question on error spoting , 5 question on paragraph jumbled , 5 question on replacement type.

General Awareness ::
------------------- Easy –Moderate ----------------
You can get questions on Railway Budget , Union Budget , Capital ,Currency , Full form ,Census – 2011 and others.
1.       CTS Full form

2.       Australia Capital

3.       Netheland Currency

4.       National Human rights days

5.       Total Number of ATM presents in India

6.       Toal Number of Railway Station present in india.

7.       IBSA Next Summit

Computer Awareness ::

------------------------------------ Easy  ---------------------

Computer section is a scoring section , you can get questions on Memory , Input / Output device , Firewall , E-mails , Word , Excel , Database (primary key) etc.

Which protocol Responsible for E-mail.

MY attempts ::
1.       Aptitude : 23

2.       Reasoning : 33

3.       English : 34

4.       General Knowledge : 27

5.       Computer : 34

Total :: 151 (100% Accuracy)

Suggestion ::
Don’t Waste More time on one question , marked reviewed and answer it in last if you have time , answer the question which on you have confidence .Try to adjust with the platform of the Examination , Never lose your hope till last moment , who will be  said  the next chance is yours .

P.S. One thing i want to say that Gr8ambitionz provides a great platform to us . Don’t forget to practice the questions provided by Gr8ambitionz Admin.

Review Shared by Sandeep Singh from Himachal Pradesh

Hello friends.I am Sandeep Singh from Himachal Pradesh.
I gave my RRB PO exam today (evening shift).

Overall exam was of moderate difficulty level and for a surprise time allotted this time was not 120 but 150 minutes.I was hoping to solve around 180-190 questions in that given time but wasn't aware of what's coming next.

Computers - I begin my exam with this section and this time it was not that easy. I am not saying its difficult to score in this section..but some questions asked were of moderate difficulty level.I attmepted 37.

General Awareness - This time they have asked very easy questions mostly from the current affairs..
Like larjee hydro plant
Maths nobel prize winner
Parliament award winner
Roger federer related to which sports
Highest urban poulation state Maharashtra etc etc
 Overall this section was very easy as compared to previous banking exams I have given organized by IBPS. My attempt 32

English - this section was of moderate level not as easy as SBI Clerical.still one can attempt all 40 questions having good skills in laguage.My Attempt 31.

Quantitative Aptitude - This section was of moderate level. Some questions were vey tough and some questions were low level mental maths problems...I could have easily attempt 33 questions if I had time for that.My attempt 28 accuracy 90%

Reasoning - Reasoning as usual was of easy level for IBPS RRB puzzle I found time consuming and did not waste my time on that asking about profession, floors, cars of the questions were very easy like...
Circular arrangement but with nine people this time instead of typical 8 person question but they all were facing centre so u could easily solve it.
Blood relations etc

MY Attempt 33 accuracy 90-100%.

Overall Attempt 162 (accuracy 90%)

So all those having exam next week try studying GA and banking material provided by gr8ambitionz team as it is more thn enough to score good in GA section.

Review shared by Siram Kiran from Andhra Pradesh

Hi Friends,  my name is Kiran from Andhra Pradesh. Today i wrote ibps rrb po3 my total attempt is 131

Reasoning section is easy.

Quantitative aptitude is moderated.

Today evening session gk questions.

1. Currency of netherlands- euro of australia - canberri

3. Iyenger famous personality is releated which field

4. Recently vnr vignan jyothi 24 students are droved in river .
Operated hydro elecritic project name.

5.Food and public distribution ministry.

6. Recently which private sector  bank got approval to open in october.
- bandhan financial services limited.

7. Human right day - 10 th december

Reviews of IBPS RRB Officers Exam dated 6th September 2014
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  1. Hey guys, I am quite worried about one thing in RRB. As this was my first exam, I need help from those who have given it before.
    I attempted 162 questions. I picked up English Language. But when i clicked on the final question of the English Section and submitted its Answer, it took me to next question that is Hindi section. However, I did not attempt any question from Hindi part. But since the first question of Hindi was visited, in the summary it showed for HIndi as 0 attempted, 1 visited; and the total number of questions were shown as 240.
    is this common for everyone or did it happen just to me? I talked to the exam inigilator about this, and a person from Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank. He told me not to worry. I have not attempted any question from Hindi Section. I am worried. Please help me out.

  2. are they asking input-output question..plz reply..

  3. usse kuch nahi hoga sab ka waishe hi dikhata hai

  4. it happen bcoz it have 5 sections but u have to choose between hindi or english ....but dont wry you got marks for english... nice attempt...thnx 4 sharing :)

  5. Madhu u have wonderful memory....thanks for such a breif of questions asked

  6. hey friends hey can u send me rrb officer scale1 2014 reasoning nd math q.pepers in hindi


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