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September 14, 2014

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Officers Scale I Online Exam (13th September 2014) - Topics to Prepare


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Hi friends this is K. Krishna Chaitanya from Tirupati, I would like to share my IBPS RRB officers-scale – I Experience (afternoon shift) with you………………..Happy Reading

  1. Alessandro Del Piero is a famous – Italian Football player
  2. In the budget 2014-15 shri Arun Jaitley proposed “NEERANCHAL” programme with an  outlay of – 2,142 crore
  3. EWS is the abbreviation of – Economically Weaker Sections
  4. BATUKAMMA Festival is the cultural festival celebrated every year  in - Telangana
  5. A book “one who knew infinity” written by Robert Kanigel is the biography of a famous Indian mathematician – Srinivasa Ramanujan
  6. According to new KYC norms of RBI if a person changed to new address, the person has to submit the fresh proof of address within the period of – six months
  7. Indian Railways carries how many passengers daily – 23 million passengers
  8. Our Government launches .Bharat domain with how many languages including Hindi, Konkani – 8 Languages
  9. In the Union Budget 2014-15 Arun Jaitley introduced “Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana”. This is revived for a limited period from – 15 August, 2014 to 14 August, 2015
  10. The following documents are submitted as the proof of address except – Ration Card
  11. GIRO Advisory Group (GAG) was headed by Umesh Bellur. Umesh Bellur is a- IIT Mumbai Professor
  12. Parthasarthi Shome  chairman of the special investigation team recommended the abolition of the post of – Revenue Secretary
  13. Dhronacharya Award in Wrestling category given to- Mahaveer Prasad
  14. Capital of Uzbekisthan – Tashkent
  15. Currency of republic of Portugal – Euro
  16. In Pradanmantri jan dan yojana scheme overdraft facility is – Rs.5000
  17. World Vitiligo day – June 25
  18. Central minister of women & child development – Menaka Gandhi
  19. Best Paliamentarian award was given to Arun Jaitley, Karan Singh and - Sharad Yadav
  20. BIMSTEC is an international organization involving a group of countries in south asia and south east asia. It consists of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Srilanka- Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal
  21. One question on money laundering
  22. One question on INS Kolkata
  23. One question on Depository receipts
  24. One question on RTGS
  25. One question related to sports cup
  26. One question on Draft guidelines for licensing of payment banks and small banks
  27. One question on padmavibhushan awardee
  28. One question on sanctuaries
  29. One question on Equate Monthly Installments
Remaining sections are moderate to easy

TOPICS to read in depth:
  • Railway budget and General budget in depth
  • Youth Olympics and commonwealth games
  • Shri Narendra Modi initiatives(For example : jan dan yojana etc)
  • Days, Cups and Trophies
  • Books and Authors
  • RBI news
  • Summits and conferences
  • New Cabinet Ministers*
That’s all friends……………………………ALL THE BEST for all of you  :)

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  1. The Republic of the Congo Currency is , Central African CFA franc

  2. Office assiatant ki exam kab shuru hogi

  3. now its changed to cpi pls mention...

  4. what changed to cpi dude

  5. Hello krishna chaitanya how many did u attempt yesterday???

  6. 7 sep 2014 to 27 sep 2014

  7. any body know the answr of qstn related to census

  8. Self preparation

  9. Sorry for the mistake now it was corrected................ verify

  10. now it was corrected......sorry for the mistake

  11. Sry for the mistake. it was corrected

  12. tera bhai kuch nahi ho sakta. only one part attempt in hindi & english

  13. tmrw my exam this review will be very helpfull for my exam

  14. Self preparation


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