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September 14, 2014

Reviews of Today's (14th September 2014) IBPS RRB Officers Scale-I Online Exam - Morning Shift


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Review shared by Ashish from Uttar Pradesh
Hellof friends, I am Ashish from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). Again Going to share my exam experience with you.. here's my review of today's exam.

G.A. :
Moderate to answer some questions i remember is as follows:-
1. Ozone day,
2. Full form Of FTAT,
3. Name Minister of Information and Broadcasting (Independent charge)
4. Yojana Started recently by PM for Financial Inclusion,
5. "Chanu" well known as IRON LADY form which State?
6. Maximum limit of Balance in an BSBDA a/c,
7. related with which ?
8. Full from of T-BIT,
9. Number of employees in Railway According to Rail Minister ?
10. Amount sanctioned for 100 Smart Cities?
11. Comapny Awarded for encouraging and finding players in Games  ?
12. A Book Author Name ? ( I don't remember the name but answer was
actor "Devanand" )
13. Currency of GERMANY ?
14. Capital of IRELAND ?
15. Minimum Limit of Salary for EPFO?
16. State where Mallapullar Dam in Located?
17. Maximum literate State according to CENSUS 2011?
18. Question Related with Narrow banking License.
19. Question Related with CTS-2010?
20. Recently American army landed in a land of which Country ?
21. Tea festival for PM in Japan?

and other i forgot !!!

Computer :
Not easy but not too difficult to answer, it contained question related with,
1. Program Run,
2. Excel, space b/w row and column is called ?
3. Ms word, Most used word processing application ever?
4. Device Drivers
5. USB modem network type?
6. Embedded Computers
7. FTP, file tranfer uses which protocol?
8. Hyperlink, webpages connected each other by?
9. Browser, Software use for surfing internet ?
10. one question about HTML?
11. By which cable type data transfer in computer?
12. MS DOS, Character based operating System by Microsoft?
and etc etc...

Reasoning :
1. Sitting arrangement of 9 people in a circular table,
2. floor wise puzzle 7 people live in building with different occupations,
3. 5 questions of Syllogism with possibility,
4. 5 questions of  inequalities,
5. 5 questions of coding -decoding,
6. 2 form Course of action
7. word in alphabetical order in PRODUCE
8. number of word with meaning  by using F,E,D and A ,
9. 3 question form Data Sufficiency.
10. 2 questions form Blood relation.

Maths :
Toughest of all, 2 D.I.,  5 question form a question like X% is workin A, Y% in B Blah blah i don't answer because i have no time for this... 5 Simplifaction but easy on calculation, 5 series not easy catch able i hardly answered only 2, Compound Interest. and Equation solving and find relation b/w X and Y (X>y, X

Hindi :
Hindi is like... "Cold Coffee".. Just read and answer....  2 Passage with 10 queston, 1 close test with 10 question, 5 error detection, synonyms, antonyms ....!
That Sit.. Thanks!!

Review shared by Anu from Bhubneswar
Hi friends, This is Anu frm Bhubnswr.

Today's morning shift office asst exam was quite easy compare to yesterday.

Numerical,Reasng and Computer totally silly type.

Gk moderate

englsh moderate.

my attmpt

numerical 32
reasng 40
computer 40
eng 38
gk 39

total 189 with 95% accuracy.

some gk as follows.

1. Koshi river enters ind frm country?
2. Hampi located near river?
3. 3 yrs degree by university?
4. Icra
5. Agriculture. grwth %
6. 5.5 gdp grwth predicted by?
7. Piyush goyal.minstr?
8. shankaraman gov of?
9. yuan currency of?
10. Aizol capital of?
11. highst milk prdcr country?
12. highest milk prdct exporter country?
13. men's 10 mtr shooting gold at glassgow.
14. tripple jump medalist of ind.
15. azvedo president of?
16. US frgn secretary?
17. Nxt cmmnwlth game country?
18. 3rd test ind-eng stdium name?
19. 4000mw solar plant state??
20. pele relatd to game?
21. wht is ebola ?
22. padma award gvn on date?
23. e rickshw govrnd by?
24. kasturirangan commssn deals?
25. mundra port state?
26. manchestr united relatd to game?
27. pran singh famous fr?
28. whch aviation company reduced nmbr of board of directrs fr smooth decision making?
29. international below poverty income  per day in dollr?
30. malini village of state??
31. railway fare hiked %?
32. kallis belongs to country?
33. adani deals wd whch country fr coal?
34. prime ministr visit to nepal aftr hw many years?
35.No. of new IIT to b opend.?
Review shared by Ahmad Nadeem
Hi,I m Ahmad Nadeem from jaipur and my exam centre was VIT,Jaipur 60 km away from my place of residence in jaipur ,anyway exam starts at 9:30 am with some technical problem in my all shits happens and later on rectified.

Hindi was too easy i attemoted all 40 questions with 95% accuracy ( main reason to save time )

Reasoning was moderate and little lenghty my attempt was 27 i think all are correct hopefully.

20 questions from direct current affairs and out of 20 ,17 from gr8ambitionz RRB Study material,Banking awareness wad quite confusing and attempt 25 approx all correct.

Computer awareness :
20 questions are fine as per exam but 10 questions are really bullshit and wired,i have done stll not able to track those qiestions.
My attempt - 24

Maths :
Math is my weak point ,and today 2 DI questions are not less than SBI PO Level m,simplication and series are also wired so we can say maths was moderate to hard,my attempt 17 only hope all correct.

So finally my attempt around 132-135 hope for the best,finger result depends all on my maths marks...

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  1. Koi rrb assistant ka pattern btao......??I

  2. why d questions are only translated to hindi... for tamilnadu students it is in english only... english is always difficult to answer and time consuming .....

  3. Hi can anyone help me to find out best coaching centers in bangalore near by BTM OR JAYANAGAR. ..its important

  4. Thank you :)

  5. pls provide all d shifts GK & Computer questions in pdf format. it is very useful to read . already u provided for sbi. pls ????

  6. Hi dear.. (issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration) Whats the meaning to this line related to OBC in IBPS PO IV. I did not take OBC till now.. But I belongs to BC-B under non creamy layer category. AM I Qualified to write EXAm?

  7. Friends want to share something i know--->WPI(2004 as base),CPI(2010 as base),these bases are being used to calculate "Economic deflator"(as the process of national accounting system) which is key to calculate inflation. WPI calculated by(Office of economic adviser,DIPP,Min. of commerce),CPI by(Central statistical office,Min. of stat&Prog. implementation) by using 'Laspeyre formula'.WPI&CPI has both 'headline' and 'core' strata's of inflation indices,where 'headline' part covers Primary,Fuel,manufacturing items and 'core' part covers non food processing industries. WPI,CPI contains 682,100 items respectively.So if we compare contribution WPI has upper hand over CPI.But if we see the exact importance then CPI's influence is more on our day today lives. WPI used for formulate trade,fiscal and other economic policies,and for business people to calculate the price hike of raw materials to assess supply-demand issues.CPI is used by govt. to monitor price stability,and calculating D.A for employees,and most important thing is used by RBI to design its monitory policy from April 2014 based on the recommendations of Urjit patel(earlier WPI was being used,but due to its inefficacy in controlling inflation this measure has taken).for banking exams this much stuff is enough,thank you.

  8. bother please read my comment,you will get the answer,thank you

  9. rbi asssistent exam kb se start h

  10. How to plan aptitude & reasoning for po.....this is my first bank exam

  11. mene RRB PO me 132 attempt kiye ha 95% accuracy ke sath kya me scure hu or ap ke idea se math me kitne tk secure hoga

  12. Mam , Now the inflation has changed to wholesale price index (WPI) to consumer price index (CPI).

  13. prime ministr visit to nepal aftr hw many years? Plz tell answer

  14. Nice share team . I Would like to share some points , may be useful for mcq's .
    1. Recent all time high inflation rate was in Nov-13 at 11.16% and record low in June-14 at 7.31%. Present Aug-14 at 7.8% .
    2. Inflation rate is reported by MOSPI .
    3. Important category on CPI - food , beverage and tobacco (49.7% of total weight).

  15. hi..friends...!! am venu kumar.. frm telangana i am sharing my experiance of RRB (Office Assistent)-3. evening session on 14-09-2014.
    G.A QUESTIONS ARE : many gold medals india got in glascow2014? many gold:silver:bronze medals india got in glascow-2015?
    3.serina wililams related to which sports? many india players duck out in england 4th test match series? many rajyasaba seats in india? many seats B.J.P got in U.P out of 80 seats in election?
    7.loksaba speker?
    8.prakash javadekar ministry?
    9.v.k duggal is which state governer? many smart cities proposed in budjet? which state 2015 elections are sheduled?
    12.CCI- abbrivation?
    13.EFT- full form ?
    14.from which year we (india)are having good relation with nepal country?
    15.inflation rate?
    16.GDP. rate?
    17.vidhrba singh is c.m of ?
    18.paran kumar is related to which field? qustion related to e-rikshas....?
    20.largest war ship in our navy recently INS ........? question related port?
    and remaing bank related.but not simple questions..
    so prepare well friends.....

  16. Ashish- answers bhi bata do..

  17. Not changed to CPI, CPI also calculated after recommendations of urjeet patel committee dy rbi gov.

  18. Take it easy guys.. Those preparing for cwe will find it damn easy.. Concentrate on gk as its getng tough in coming sittings...
    I attempted 148 with 90%accuracy hope u guys will do better.. Good luck.

  19. Wpi is now changed to cpi on recommendations of urjit patel commitee

  20. Hello Friends,

    My name is Hitesh and i am from

    Nagpur(Maharashtra). First i would like to thanks all Gr8AmbitionZ

    team for the great work they are doing for the others. My paper was on

    14th September (Afternoon Session). I would like to share my

    experience with all the friends who are member of this website like

    me. So without wasting time see what i experienced in exam.

    A) REASONING: (Level- Moderate)

    This section was moderate not much easy and neither hard.

    But those who have command can solve most of the questions.

    1. 2 Puzzles (Circular and floor wise puzzle 7 people live in building

    with different occupations)

    2. 5 questions of Syllogism with possibility

    3. 5 questions of inequalities,

    4. 2 questions of coding -decoding,

    5. 2 form Course of action

    6. 3 from statement and assumption

    7. 3 blood relation

    8. 5 Data sufficiency

    9. 5 from Ranking Test

    My attempts = 30

    B) QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE (Level- Moderate)

    1. 2 Data Interpretation ( LINE GRAPH & Tubular chart)

    2. 5 Series(Easy)

    3. 5 Simplification (Easy)

    4. Simple and compound interest

    5. Mensuration 2 (Rectangular perimeter and digonal calculation)

    6.Percentage, Profit & Loss, Probability

    I am very weak at maths section always, my

    attempt was 21 only :(

    C) HINDI/ENGLISH : (Easy)

    I will suggest all of you to please attend hindi section beacause its

    easy and time saving. Anybody can solve 30+ questions. Paper was same

    as English pattern. :)

    My attempt = 36


    Most of the question asked from banking awareness around 15 questions

    related to banking.

    Some question i remember is

    1) Minister of state for Parliamentary affairs - Prakash Javadekar

    2) Currency of Japan - Yen


    I remembered only this. :(

    My attempt = 30

    E) COMPUTER (Level- Moderate)

    I suggest please read data base management system and

    others section in deep beacause papers are more difficult than


    My attempt = 30

    Total Attempts = 147

    Overall i attempted with 98% Accuracy.

    ALL THE BEST FRIENDS...........

  21. freight transaction automation tool

  22. Gr8 santhosh. Tanx for the info.


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