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September 08, 2014

IBPS RRB CWE III Online Exam Reviews Dated 7th September 2014


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Morning Session's Review shared by Manish from Jaipur

Hello everyone, I am Manish. I want to share my experience of RRB PO III. level of exam is moderate.

General awareness- Moderate. ques are mostly from current affairs. Ques that were asked in exam are,
Brics 2015 place, CTBT full form-Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), max rural population acc to census 2011, currency of finland, capital of egypt, book on vijay mallya, chaiman of arjun award committee, chit fund regulated by i think state govt is responsible, champions tennis league inauguration by, National Institute of Oceanography - Council of Scientific and Industrial Research flagging off the indigenously built Research Vessel- Sindhu Sadhana, joshna chinnapa related to -squash, burra katha story telling in andhra pradesh n telangana.. black money SIT head, pj nayak committee, small n payment bank capital, commercial paper in in form of.promissory note. sunita become face of the new anti-tobacco campaign by the union health ministry, Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission will be launched to deliver integrated project based infrastructure in the rural areas." rosetta spacecraft around 67p comet FII should be registered with-SEBI n US highest honour.. Francois Englert and Peter Higgs shared the 2013 Nobel Prize for physics for the prediction of a new physics mechanism to which Higgs..recently india called of foreign secretary level talk with which country
Computer - moderate. ques are bit tricky this time.
English - there were cloze test, one reading comprehension, error finding, phrase replacement n sentence arrangement...overall level is is some ques from eng section.

Cloze Test-
India has restored macroeconomic and financial stability, but structural impediments to growth and persistently high inflation remain key concerns, the IMF says in its annual report on the state of the Indian economy.

Over recent months, India has taken substantive measures to narrow external and fiscal imbalances, tighten monetary policy, move forward on structural reforms, and address market volatility. This has reduced its vulnerability to shocks, says the recent IMF report.
Although spillovers from global financial market volatility continue to pose a significant risk, the Indian economy is now better placed to handle financial shocks than it was last summer.
The current account deficit has contracted, the fiscal deficit target has been met, and investment project approvals are accelerating.
The report said that India has significant foreign exchange reserves to deploy in the event of external financing pressures. It also said that exchange rate flexibility, a tightening of liquidity conditions, and limited foreign exchange interventions had served India well in responding to the volatility of mid-2013.
Handling external pressures
The report stressed the need to foster an environment conducive to foreign direct investment to finance India’s current account deficit.

Reading comprehension-
A large number of voluntary organizations are involved in developing technologies for rural areas. However, these technologies have hardly touched the lives of rural population. Data on rural market potential shows that a population of about 250 million in rural areas exhibits a high level of market potential. This is almost 25% total population of India. With such a high market potential, why have the good efforts of organizations developing technologies, devices and products for rural areas not borne any fruit? This article tries to analyze the reasons and to give some possible solutions.

· Most of the technologies being propagated in rural areas are urban-based and biased. They trickle down to rural areas.

· Rural population is not composed of subhuman beings. Their needs and aspirations are similar to those living in urban areas. Technology development should take place keeping these aspirations in view.

· Most of the technology development that takes place for rural areas is carried out with an aim to keep it simple so that the devices can be made in rural areas itself. This is a peculiar mindset of technology developers. For poorer sections of rural population, it is asking too much to have them make their own chulhas, bullock carts etc. At least nobody in urban areas asks consumers to make their own scooters or cooking stoves!

· Again the emphasis of technology developers for rural areas has been on catering for needs (with small improvement) rather than creating a demand. History shows that technological development has been fueled by creation of demand. And the watchword is convenience. Thus convenience is the vehicle of development. For example, a large number of developmental groups are working on making better chulhas. Feedback from the ‘better chulha’ program has not been very encouraging. Developers do not realize that chulha is still a chulha, even if it is slightly better. Every housewife, irrespective of the economic strata, which she comes from, would like to have the convenience of blue flame of a gas stove. There is a demand for it. Negligible work has been done on developing technology for producing blue flame from fuelwood and biomass residues.

· There is also a peculiar mismatch of groups with perception of, and those with resource for, rural technology development. Thus labs, especially National labs, which have resources, do not have any perception of the needs and demands of rural population. On the other hand, the grass-root NGOs who have the perception of the problem do not have the technological resources to solve them.

· Again there is a mindset for simple technologies in rural technology developers. Why it is so, is difficult to comprehend when right in front of them are examples contradicting it. For example, bicycle which is the mainstay of rural transport is a complex piece of machinery and is manufactured in sophisticated plants all over the country. It has spread in every nook and corner of rural India because of the convenience of easy availability of spare parts and a large number of repair facilities. This kind of example should be followed in all rural technological development. Also no government subsidy is given for bicycle purchase. It stands on its own.

Quant and Reasoning sections are also moderate..keep practice with puzzles in reasoning and DI in maths..

Wish you all d best to all aspirants from my side.

Afternoon Session's Review shared by Abhyanand Jha from Ranchi

hello friends

I am Abhyanand from ranchi (jharkhand) going to share my ONLINE EXAM (afternoon) experiance held on 7th sep

My attempts - 133

Overall question was moderate to easy
please focus on BUDGET strictly
today 5-7 questions from budget
Consumer affairs minister
Netherlands currency
Number of ATMs in INDIA installed after 2007
TARC head
New bank license given to
Banks total NPA % in 2014
Which bank introduce EMI On debit cards
COMPUTER : MODERATE  attemt only 26 questions
some questions were from microprocessor ,reapeater , some advanced
questions around 5

5 inequality :easy
5 syllogism 3 possibility questions : easy
5 coding decoding :easy
5 data suffuciancy :moderate
15 puzzles
circular arrangement tricy
sitting easy but lenghty
5 from common sense reasoning

10 DI EASY lenghty
5 Quadratic equation :easy
15 rest (profit loss,SI,TIME& WORK ,AVERAGE
HINDI: easy

Hope for the best

Reviews of IBPS RRB Officers Exam dated 6th September 2014
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  1. Dude hw come u ve remembrd d xact passage bro...applause

  2. May be he might have posted similar passage from his book / google. Anyways, great effort guys.

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  4. anyone given the exam of rrb officer scale 2..plz share the review............

  5. I think its mostly from some editorials or articles from famous news papers or online news journals

  6. Hi can you pls confirm about 2 queries
    1. How many vacancies are there for RRB Scale 2 Genral banking offier. in RRB IPBPS III.
    2. should i prepare for current affairs as in syllabus only mentioned Financial awareness for scale 2

  7. Hi can you pls confirm about 2 queries
    1. How many vacancies are there for RRB Scale 2 IT offier. in RRB IPBPS III.
    2. should i prepare for current affairs as in syllabus only mentioned Financial awareness for scale 2

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  10. it's an article in business line/ economic times I think.... But a gr8 deal with him....

  11. thanks..i tried to remember some part of cloze test and reading comprehension, and then searched it on google and find exactly what i got in exams..

  12. Use of posting passage here is to tell about the level of reading comprehension that is asked in exam.

  13. it was same same paragraph... i m surprised, hw can he remembere..well done

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  16. Hello friends..i attempted my exam on 7th sep, 2014 frm Andhra. . My attempt 150 questions with 80% accuracy... any chances of qualifying

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  23. please please anybody tell me the function of COO in rbi

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  27. COO means Chief Operating Officer.RBI board proposed for a COO post,equivalent to Deputy Governors,so that COO + 4 Deputy Governors will make it 5 and the works will be divided between them.

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