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September 16, 2014

Expected Questions from Recent Appointments / Heads 2014 - Set 1


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  1. Who is the secretary general of NATO ?
    1. Jens Stoltenberg
    2. Arjun Bahadur Thapa
    3. Takehiko Nakao
    4. Le Luong Minh
    5. Donald Kaberuka
  2. Gro Harlem Brundtland is chosen for Teng Prize for her works on sustainable development. She was the Prime Minister of which country ?
    1. Sweden
    2. Finland
    3. Norway
    4. Denmark
    5. France
  3. Which Hindi women novelist's name was suggested by the Delhi government as the new chief of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) ?
    1. Smita Agrawal
    2. Maityreyi Pushpa
    3. Arundhathi Roy
    4. Kiran Desai
    5. Ms. Lakshmi Swaminathan
  4. Name the Indian-American Professor who was recently appointed as the Dean of Harward College in the US ?
    1. Prof. Rakesh Khurana
    2. Prof. D. Smith
    3. Prof. Nitin Nohria
    4. Prof. Raj Chetthy
    5. Prof. Anisuzzaman
  5. Who is appointed as the New Director of National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad recently ?
    1. Aruna Bhahuguna
    2. Anita Punj
    3. Neeva Jain
    4. Vani Palakurthi
    5. D. K. Pathak
  6. Who was appointed as Commerce Secretary on 15th January 2014 ?
    1. Anand Sharma
    2. S R Rao
    3. Rajeev Kher
    4. Ashish Kundra
    5. Rajeev Mathur
  7. Who has been appointed as the next Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) ?
    1. Shailesh Gandhi
    2. Deepak Sandhu
    3. Rajiv Mathur
    4. Sushma Singh
    5. S. Varadarajan
  8. Name the person who has been appointed as the head of the committee to Examine Indecent Representation of Women in Media Constituted ?
    1. Acharya Kripalani
    2. J. S. Verma
    3. Bimal Jalan
    4. K. Ratnaprabha
    5. S. K. Sharma
  9. Who was elected as the Regional Director for WHO South-Eat Asia Region ?
    1. Samlee Plianbangchang
    2. Poonam Kshetrapal Singh
    3. Ghulam Nabi Azad
    4. T. Nanda Kumar
    5. None of these
  10. Name the newly elected president of Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India ?
    1. Suresh Sharma
    2. Harish Lakshman
    3. Naresh Malhotra
    4. Ramesh Suri
    5. Rakesh Khurana
  11. Who has been sworn as the new king of Spain ?
    1. Felipe VI
    2. Juan Carlos
    3. Loyuis Phillips
    4. Felipe Lewis
    5. Felipe V
  12. Who has been elected as the first Speaker of Andhra Legislative Assembly after bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh ?
    1. Kodela Sivaprasad Rao
    2. P. Narayanswamy Naidu
    3. Chandrababu Naidu
    4. Jagan Mohn Reddy
    5. Mandali Buddha Prasad
  13. Who has been appointed as private secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ?
    1. Rajeev Mishra
    2. Rajiv Topno
    3. Chandrakanth Singh
    4. Abhijeet Mandal
    5. Rajeev Mathur
  14. Who has been appointed as Managing Director (MD) of Amul Dairy ?
    1. K Rathnam
    2. P Sundaram
    3. R Santhanam
    4. Rajesh Rai
    5. B. Pandya
  15. Which Indian has been appointed as an International expert advisor by World Bank ?
    1. Bikram Das Gupta
    2. Abhijeet Banerjee
    3. Sudipto Pal
    4. Sujit Das Gupta
    5. Pankaj Mishra
  16. Who has been elected as the new President of Colombia ?
    1. Jose Barroso
    2. Ariam Sron
    3. Junan Manuel Santos
    4. Benjamin Netnyahu
    5. Hon Dei He
  17. Which Indian has been appointed as member of the National Science Board of National Science Foundation in USA ?
    1. Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan
    2. Dr. Sundararaman Srinivasan
    3. Dr. Abhinav Garg
    4. Dr. Sumitra Narang
    5. Dr. Radha Krishnan
  18. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Infosys ?
    1. Vishal Sikka
    2. Vishal Bharadwaj
    3. Narayan Murthi
    4. Sunil Dutt
    5. Satya Nadella
  19. Who has been elected as President of Israel ?
    1. Reuven Ruby Rivlin
    2. Shimon Peres
    3. Paul Biya
    4. Viktor Yushenko
    5. Jacob Zuma
  20. Who has been appointed as President of Reliance Infocom ?
    1. Ranjana Paintal
    2. Ranjit Kumar
    3. Sunil Dutt
    4. Amit Kumar
    5. Subranshu Chaudhary


  1. please tell me the NATO abbrevation

  2. recently appointed of new RBI deputy governor
    who ?

  3. Rajiv mathur is appointed as New chief information commissioner. He replaced sushma Singh.

  4. can someone tell me, in syllogism-ALL APPLES BEING MANGO IS A POSSIBILITY. is what type of statement ? (A/E/I/O)
    I ll b relly thankful.

  5. norrth atlantic treaty organisation

  6. possibility wont come under any standard a/e/i/o

  7. then how shud it be treated if it come as one of the conclusions.

  8. apples fully covered with mango

  9. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Brussels,Belgium,)

  10. rajiv mathur is the new cic

  11. Please upload referable guide for rrb clerk n rbi assistant

  12. Bank Of Baroda managing Director S S MUNDRA is set to take over as the 4th debuty governor of RBI

  13. shiv mam.. are u providing reference guide for RBI assistant????

  14. good one boss

  15. Hello mem..can u please upload guide for english cwe ibps will help all students especially hindi medium students...pls mem

  16. I suggest you to do syllogism problems by using Venn diagram method rather Aristotle method.Because you may get these type of doubts even in exam.We can easily solve any question of syllogism by Venn diagram method,but should be cautious with questions having (1 all,3 some)statement types of questions.all the best

  17. find the venn diagram method confusing.

  18. thanku sir, but i find that venn diagram method very confusing, also m getting my solutions correct by the other method.
    I just had this little query, if you would solve this, i wud be really thankful.

  19. lol its not hussain bolt its 'usain bolt' xD

  20. I have obtained 64 in phase 1 and have phase 2 exam on Sep 24 in Madurai.. I live in Bangalore.. How much chance do I have to make it for final selection?? Is it worth travelling?? 160 posts for OBC??? Is my score good enuf for that???

  21. Ok
    friend,based on your statement let me formulate three statements...
    1)All apples are grapes
    2)Some grapes are mangoes
    3)All mangoes are strawberries

    conclusions will be
    (a)some strawberries are mangoes
    (b)some grapes are apples
    (c)all apples are mangoes is a possibility
    (d)some grapes are not apples

    options: (1)all follows (2)only a,b follows (3) only a,b,c
    follows (4)none of the options (5) only c follows

    with this question you can draw three inferences and so can
    figure 3 diag.(I have given then in link,i think here we can't zoom pic,fruits are denoted by g,a,m,st in the pic. you can visualize them,sorry for poor resolution).
    after assessing conclusions what will
    be your answer?...

    its option 3 is the answer,

  22. hey i have posted pic also(drawn by me for the above sum and i've uploaded it also,but it is not appearing here.I am sorry for that

  23. any idea about last year cutoff for RRB ASSISTANTS sectional wise ??

  24. thanku very mch sir for your concern.
    and in the above problem, i am able to draw conclusion a&b but i m facing problem with 'c'.
    so, please clarify my problem.

  25. is 50 enough for final selection in obc category??? pls reply me frnds............

  26. in my opinion u should solve some problem of rs agarwal book.... i was also weak in this section but now hv good command on this... nd venn diagram method is not confusing if u practice some questions.. all d best :P

  27. Ok, possibility is nothing but ultimate probability,where even 1% chance also can be considered into syllogism we should think statements in all possible ways.from the statements of above problem we've drawn 3 probable diagrams.the third diagram i drew to clarify "c" if some grapes are mangoes,then mangoes area can be entered into grapes,and so there is at least some(even 1%) possibility of entire "apples are"to be a part of mangoes.Had i given "some apples are mangoes is a possibility"as a conclusion then even that would have been correct.I hope your doubt now cleared.

  28. My exam venue is also @ d same college dude on 24 th...12 pm to 1.30 pm...i got 59 marks under OBC...whats d possibilities???

  29. Yes. Possibilities are very high to make through. Just try to pass in Phase-II exam. Though there are only 160 post for OBC, OBC candidate can be selected in the General Category. So, don't worry.

  30. Do your best in Phase-II exam. Leave the rest to almighty and hope for the best.

  31. Typing Mark will not at all be considered for final merit list. You have to just qualify in the typing exam. Mark list will be prepared from descending marks in phase-I (who have qualified in phase-II). Total of 778 post will be allocated for GN category in TN and 160 post will be allocated for OBC category and 96 post for SC/ST. If two candidate gets same mark in merit list, then the elder candidate will be selected. Maintain 30wpm in typing..

  32. Yes. you can make it into the final merit list.

  33. I am also having the exam on the same date.

  34. thanks for replying

  35. hiii... friends.. im Vineet from Lucknow. Today was my IBPS RRB office assistant exam .. It went good... The paper was easy. the asked questions were - Gk-

    1. Which country topped in the medals tally in Common wealth games(Gold).

    2. Which was the 2nd on medals tally

    3. Vinivesh Poghat is related to which sport.

    4. SLR rate

    5. Portfolio Of Rajnath Singh.

    The paper was easy.

    Reasoning constituted of a seating arrangement, simple data sufficiency, syllogs, etc.

    Maths - A simple DI. and other calculative questions.

    English - a short passage & Para jumble with error spotting . etc.

    I attempted 180 questions with 85 - 90% accuracy. Im keeping my fingers crossed, Let us see what happens...

    All the best to those who have to give the paper. Just keep Calm & Hakuna Matata....:)..

  36. it is avilable at the website.

  37. how many simplification question are there

  38. Thats good news.. Thanks John..

  39. Generally questions of simplification will be 10.. but aftr seeing review i guess it may be more or 10 questions from simplification + 5 questions from approximation + 5 from series.. so u can easily solve around 20 questions if u r weak in mathematics..

  40. 68 in general category.. What are my chances in TN

  41. 68 in general category.. What are my chances in TN

  42. My typing test is on morning. Have a good typing Test. And with god's presence, we can make it into the final list.

  43. Very very high possibility. Try to just clear the Typing Test. you will be definitely in..

  44. r u sure??? vats d highest mark in GEN... in kerala my friends told that cutoff is above 70.. in TN there is chanceaa???

  45. Thanks to both of u..god bless u...

  46. The difficulty level in each state varies. In TN, it is different from kerala. Try to just clear the Typing exam. You have a very good chance.

  47. expected date sbi clerk result

  48. plz provied short form average,age,%

  49. nice will be very useful for my exam......

  50. nice will be very useful for my exam.....

  51. plz provied shortcut method age, average,in aptitude

  52. thanks for ur score is 54 .any change to get a job. my wpm is 26

  53. If i qualified in phase 2 is there any chance
    for me to get in final selection?????coz i really confused whether to
    attend the phase 2 xam or not
    ???got 52 obc only??? belong to tamilnadu circle

  54. i am bala,can any one give tips how to crack the bank exam.I want to know the bank industry updates.This website is good in giving updates in all the competitive exam links with neat explonation.

  55. jayavardhan vanakudreOctober 27, 2014 at 4:51 PM


  56. hiii friends sbi associate letters are out check it out...all the best

  57. Can anyone tell the iof chargeman exam date and how to download admitcard

  58. Can you please inform me regarding the results of SBI Assistants as well as IBPS RRB clerical ?

  59. pls give some tips and study material for New India Assurance

    thank you.

  60. IBPS Clerk 4 Admit Card out

  61. when will our ibps p o results will come??????

  62. I compltd mba in JNTU speclztn of finance and mktng can i eligible for ibps so marktng offcr pls any one rply



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