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September 02, 2014

Agriculture in Five Year Plans


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Agriculture is the mainstay of the Indian economy despite concerted in industrialization in the last six decades. The highest outlay on agriculture was during the First Plan, it was 31%.
  • The intensive Agricultural District Programme (IADP) followed by Highe Yielding Variety Programme (HYVP) was introduced durign the Third plan. First and Fifth Plan were the only plans which achieved the set targets.
  • Tenth plan did not set any targets for crop production.
  • The growth rate of agriculture during the Ninth and Tenth Plan were 2.4% and 2.3% respectively.

Agriculture in Eleventh Five year Plan

  • Eleventh Plan, recognizing the importance of agriculture in promoting inclusive growth, fixed the agriculture growth rate of 4%. Actual outlay in the Eleventh Plan is estimated to be 18.5% of the total plan outlay.
  • Contract farming was encouraged in fruits, vegetables and other crops.
  • In the first four years of Eleventh Plan, agriculture growth is estimated to be 3.5% with agriculture growing at the rate of 7.0% in 2011-12.

Agriculture in Twelfth Fiver Year Plan

  • The Approach Paper aims at growth rate of 4% per annum in agriculture sector, with food-grains growing at about 2% per year and non-foodgrains growing at 5.6%.
  • The Approach Paper has emphasized on technology as the main vehicle for improving productivity in agriculture as natural resources are fixed. 
  • Severely indicating the public sector research in agriculture, the Twelfth Plan encourages Public Private Partnership (PPP) in agriculture so as to bridge the gap in dry-land areas and rapidly diversify agriculture. 
  • It emphasizes on greater road connectivity, development of horticulture, dairying and other animal husbandry to further improve the market access to the farmers.

Average Achievement in Agriculture in Five Year Plans (in percentage)

Five Year Plan
Growth Rate
First Five Year Plan (1951-52 to 1955-56)
Second Five Year Plan (1956-57 to 1960-61)
Third Five Year Plan (1961-62 to 1965-66)
Annual Plan (1966-67 to 1968-69)
Fourth Five Year Plan (1969-70 to 1973-74)
Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-75 to 1978-79)
Sixth Five Year Plan (1980-81 to 1984-85)
Seventh Five Year Plan (1985-86 to 1989-90)
Annual Plan (1990-91 to 1991-92)
Eighth Five Year Plan (1992-93 to 1996-97)
Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-98 to 2001-02)
Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-03 to 2006-07)
Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-08 to 2011-12)

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about the Green Revolution. Happy Reading :) 
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    One simple way is to remember them in group of 7. take it like
    1. ABCDEFG
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    4. VWXYZ ( Five letters only, but not misguiding)
    ( make a rhythm of 4-3, 4-3,4-3, 2-3 ABCD-EFG, HIJK-LMN, OPQR-STU, VW-XYZ)
    by remembering them in these four group u can easily, confidently get the exact number of any alphabet and that's even without doubt, within a jiffy.

    Let's check
    Suppose I want to figure out Q...lemme count its in 3rd group..a group of o is for fifteen( as we have made a group of seven, except last row), p is 16th and so Q is 17th.

    Try out works..

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    Another Shortcut Method for Multiply 45*55:
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    2nd Step:
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