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September 11, 2014

11th September 2014 - Daily Current Affairs updates


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International Affairs
  • Bhutan and India held third round of Development Cooperation Talks Today to review the Indian assistance of Rs 45 billion for Bhutan's 11th Five Year Plan. 
    • Bhutan Foreign Secretary - Yeshey Dorji
    • Indian Special Secretary (ER & DPA) - Sujata Mehta
    • Agreed to speed up the implementation of the mutually agreed projects  
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that Russia had withdrawn most of its troops from eastern Ukraine, raising further hopes that a peace deal struck last week would stick.
  • Unveiling its comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy, US today vowed to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State (IS) with air strikes and said terrorists who threaten America will find “no safe haven’’
  • Thirteen years ago today, nearly 3,000 people were killed when four hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania (9/11 attacks).
National Affairs
  • On this day in 1893, Swami Vivekananda gave his first speech in Parl of World's Religions in Chicago.
  • On this day in 1906, at Johannesburg, Gandhi launched the modern non-violence movement. Touching the world forever, he initiated the Satyagraha against the Natal Government, which was trying to pass an Ordinance meant to disenfranchise the Indians of South Africa.
  • The Government has approved Phase -V of Unique Identification project which entails generation of 100 crore Aadhaar numbers by 2015 including enrollments done under the National Population Register.
    • The government has also given go-ahead to the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), which is implementing the Aadhaar project, to undertake enrollments in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand.
  • The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the FDI Annual World Dental Congress hosted by the Indian Dental Association today at Greater Noida.
  • Bangladesh and India have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for enhanced cooperation in the fields of traditional medicine like Ayurveda and Unani, as World Health Organisation decided to lay an extra focus on the issue as an "important part of healthcare" in the region.
Business & Economy
  • Finding BSE guilty of lapses while conducting Rs. 6,000 crore share sale of PSU major NMDC, SEBI today censured the bourse for its conduct and asked it to take necessary actions after an independent review.
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana : Banks have been asked to hold camps from 8 AM to 8 PM on every Saturday to facilitate account opening.
  • Prominent Bangladeshi Nazrul Sangeet singer Firoza Begum died (on 9 September 2014) in Dhaka.
Science & Technology
  • India today successfully test-fired it’s indigenously built nuclear capable Agni-I missile, from a test range off Odisha coast as part of a user trial by the Army.
    • it has a strike range of 700 km
    • Powered by solid propellant
    • Surface-to-surface missile
    • Single-stage missile
  • Google has started letting people use its Hangouts message application for mobile devices to make free or low-cost voice calls over the Internet.
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  1. admin kindly change the format of comment the recent comments first it will be more helpful and easy to see whats happening currently

  2. plz provide ibps po 2013 papers... plz....GA

  3. Dear viewers ... Today i would like to share my experience of BOB interview ...which was held on 9/sep/2014
    As this website helped me a lot with interview experiences i would also like to help few who are eagerly working towards getting a job in bank.
    My GD was started at 10:05 AM after the docs verification.
    there were 13 candidates in my group..... the topic was ARE TV CHANNELS FOOLING US BY MEANS OF TV SHOWS?
    we were given 2 minutes to think and jot it down on paper.
    then each candidate was given 2 minutes to speak individually ....(EXTEMPORE)
    then an open discussion was help for 10 minutes....only 5 of us were talking of them were sitting quietly .....dont be that person....speak ....and do not gentle and also listen very carefully to others and reply to them in a polite manner.
    then my interview was taken at 10:50 AM
    there were 5 panelist ....left to right lady- L1 male1- M1 male2(head)-M2 male3-M3 and male4-M4
    first of all the head panelist started asking question....
    M2- you are from WB how come u are in UP?
    Me- i told them about my fathers job and his transfer before my birth.
    M2- why didn't you join sports like your father?
    Me- cuz i mentioned in the last answer that he was a sports person they asked me this.
    M3- what was your previous job?
    Me- i was working in BEL on contract basis.
    M2- why did u left it- even that was a PSU job?
    Me- as this was on contract basis....less salary and no job guarantee
    M1- what was your role in that job?
    Me- project management and execution.
    M2- how many total enrollments done in AADHAR?
    Me- they asked this b'cuz i was in this project under BEL.
    M3- what is disinvestment?
    Me- couldn't clarify picked up that days news on coal allocation disinvestment by CIL, NTPC, ONGC and the amount of disinvestment, and told them that i couldn't understand the real fact of disinvestment.
    M1- which company recently bought shares in banks?
    Me- can't recall...they said LIC
    L1- what is retail banking?
    Me- told them
    L1- what is MSME
    Me- told them
    M1- what is cardless cash transaction system?
    Me- told them about icici bank news and also BOI news few months back.
    M3- explain the transaction procedure.
    Me- by pin system...6 digit and 4 digit.
    M2- name 3 previous presidents of India...not including the current one.
    Me- i was so stupid at this time that after naming APJ and pratibha patil ....i took CV raman instead of sarvapalli radhakrishnan....they smiled at me....then they asked me to think again....all the questions were asked too fast i couldn't remember....all what i was thinking that could i name CV raman here....he he...chillax...if this happens to u.
    M3- why you opted for instead of
    Me- tried my best to explain.
    M2- why is better than other traits?
    Me- started bragging about field trainings and all.
    M2- hows your graduation helpful in banking?
    Me- analytical power and all stupid things...then again started talking about field training and many subjects to mug up.
    M2- what is TEV? something in technology.
    never heard of it...completely denied for this question....M2 asked me... u r a must be knowing it...i said no sir...sorry i can not remember...
    then they said thank you...u may leave of luck.
    so that was my total interview experince...i am still forgetting 2 questions...which were from current news....
    it was a rapid fire interview....all these questions were asked and answered in 10 minutes only....i was out in 11th minute....the girl waiting for her turn after me , even asked me...didn't they asked you any question??? i was surprised and also happy at that time that i didn't took the pressure of fast questions.
    so friends i would only suggest you not to mug up all the answers and try to be genuine if you dont recall or know the answer.
    they are just checking your patience, communication and a lil pressure testing :P
    so go and take your interview as a u'll be more confident.

  4. Munirathinam KandasamySeptember 12, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    Thanks guys, ...

  5. Dear sir/madam please requested Hindi main
    Quick refrence Hindi main bhi bhejiye

  6. you did well to posting daily CF. Really you guys are the trend person.

  7. hii please i need materila for ibps po where can i find it

  8. Thanks.. Help me for English preparation plz..

  9. Exam Related Question gr8 work

  10. please clarify my doubt whether we have to create cv or we have to just fill the format of cv present in the idbi site


  12. i lost my only 1st year memo is it mandatory .........

  13. please anyone clarify my doubt whether we have to create cv or we have to just fill up the format of cv present in the idbi site?

  14. can u provide pdf for these sets/..?

  15. i got the e receipt!!but thanx for d help

  16. If you have provisional then no problem!,you can convince them!

  17. i am unable to download the Application form of please help admin....

    it shows that you's details don't match.....

  18. afganistan v toh nai hoga yaar.

  19. am having on 17 in hyd

  20. hey share interview experience with me my mail id

  21. any body there who have interviews in hyd have in hyd on 17th

  22. do u have any doc supporting your answer dat even afghan signed it???
    do share if u have 1
    a tricy quesn.

  23. mam i have one doubt. we have to sign the agreement of bond and fee in the interview or at the time of admission?

  24. how to download application form as i have to attend interview 2maro

  25. Put the password sent to you in email or sms, don't put the password of admit card

  26. No not at the interview

  27. use registraition number and password sent to you through email

  28. pls share interview experience of IDBI............

  29. Guys
    let me know
    what we have to write in interest and professional column
    as i m confused
    n i heard that some times questions may be from that too

    so suggest what to write?


  30. mam plz provide quick reference guide for rbi assistants exam

  31. do u have any doc supporting your answer dat even afghan signed it???
    do share if u have 1
    a tricy quesn.

  32. do u have any doc supporting your answer dat even afghan signed it???
    do share if u have 1
    a tricy quesn..

  33. You are arguing like "Sanjay nirupam",what doc. evidence you need???,I never mentioned anywhere in my comment that Afghanistan signed it!What i said there is "Afghanistan" is a central Asian country,so we must consider it as the answer rather Pakistan.

  34. My interview experience of IDBI at Delhi on 18th......

    tell me about urself and family....

    why banking after B.Tech

    full form of ATM and how many ATM are in India...

    what is Bank....

    Types of Account....

    difference b/w credit and debit card

    about that place from I belong

    one current question

    difference b/w mainframe and super computer.......

    How much interest giving on saving a/c by banks...

    what is smart work(as i mention in my CV)

    thats all..............

  35. arey bhai..... cooolll.... even 1 mark matters a lot during d cut off process... i can't take chances
    thats y am askn for a doc.
    hope u understand.

  36. Sir banking pe latest update kro..

  37. thank for providing this information..

  38. gud work...lets kep it upp

  39. When will be the idbi final result out? Does some one hav any idea? Or is it already out?

  40. please remove the old current affairs and upadte the new one as it will make people confuse and they might learn the wrong answers.

  41. check wikipedia
    even i went to check that if afghanistan is not then which is the 5th member
    but even Pakistan is not
    KKTTU are th 5 members
    KazakhstanSep 8, 2006Nov 26, 2008 KyrgyzstanSep 8, 2006Mar 22, 2007 TajikistanSep 8, 2006Nov 12, 2008 TurkmenistanSep 8, 2006Apr 19, 2008 UzbekistanSep 8, 2006Apr 2, 2007

  42. check wikipedia

    even i went to check that if afghanistan is not then which is the 5th member
    but even Pakistan is not

    KKTTU are th 5 members


  43. Bro. First see what is the question! Which central Asian country is not a part! So we can remove pakistan as it is even not central asian so least bother about whether it is a part or not! and yah Afghanistan is a central asian country,but it is not a part of that treaty.KKTTU is correct! i never mentioned it is wrong! According to me this is some good logical question.

  44. i got 0 out of 20...............thaks for all

  45. Admin please upload assurance exam material
    thank youu........

  46. what mean download last date interview 28 feb


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