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July 28, 2014

Yesterday's SBI Clerks Online Exam Reviews


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Afternoon session's review shared by Arfat Ali
Hello Aspirants, I am Arafat from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Here i am going to share my exam review.

I started my exam with Reasoning & as per the previous reviews I decided to go for puzzles in the last. Overall Reasoning was moderate with Syllogs, Inequalities, Coding-decoding like "always win good" is written as "na ba ol"  etc.. and data sufficiency.  And puzzles as expected time taking, confusing. 3 puzzles out of which 1 from Circular (8 persons out of which Some facing inside and some out), 2
Row arrangements one row facing north n south etc.. and last puzzle 7 members 7 day seminars who like 7 flowers. Go for it if practiced well. Start it in the end.

After finishing I switched to Apti Section. I started with DI. It was easy. Table graph asking for average, difference, percentages etc.. Simplification as usual time taking. Practice well. other topics were
SI, CI, time and Work, Boats and Streams, Pipes & Cisterns, Percentages. Then I moved on to Marketing & Computer Section. Marketing was little bit confusing with the options and computers was easy.
Later I moved to GA. Some of the questions that were asked
  • Capital Of South Korea??
  • World Tourism Day??
  • NCRB full form?
  • Financial sector reforms introduced under which finance minsiter?
  • Defence Minister??
  • Some cafe name in Chennai??
  • Treaty with how many countries?
  • first bullet train introduced in which railway line??
  • Consumer affairs, food and social distribution minister – Ram Vilas Paswan
  • Chairman of HDFC Bank – Deepak Parekh
  • In which country is Damballu golden temple located – Srilanka
  • Controller of computer – CPU
  • National award for the best popular film - Bhaag        Milkha Bhaag
  • OPCW – Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
  • Golden pen award – Nigerian journalist
This section is some what tough when compared to previous. Finally, It was turn for English section consisting of Fill up the blanks, Error-detection. Correction of sentence, Passage, A story with
synonyms antonyms, a cloze test of a short story.  This is easiest of all. I attempted 145 in total and 9 kept for review.
Prepare well do well for your forth coming exams. Wishing u good luck And thank for Gr8ambitionz for guiding us through all the articles provided by them.

Morning session's review shared by Naazia Shaik
Hai friends, this is Naazia from Guntur. I wrote morning session exam.
  • GA was from both current aff and stock kaveri water dispute,vitiligo is which disease,social justice minister.Be update with current aff.then the session will be easy.
  • Computer was moderate like pdf full form,speaker and microphone are in/ was not that much easy.
  • English was easy from all.same pattern of questions.paragraph,cloze  test easy.two blanks in one question.
  • Apptiude is time consuming but can do it.di is v v easy so first can attempt it.problms on train,time and work,pipes,number series,si and ci,calculation.
  • Reasoning, the seating i did do it, persons with monday to sunday hobbies given i did not get it my time wasted there.syllogm was easy,less than n greater easy,blood relation also the same.

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  1. Hi friends,,I am siddhartha (B.Techfrom) Himachal Pradesh.My exam was on 26(evening session).

    Difficulty : Medium

    I started my attempt with marketing/Computers..this section was so easy..after reading so many reviews of 19 & 20th july session..I was not so confident about this section..but this thy came up with very easy marketing questions. I attempted 38

    Thn I attempted GA...this section iz of moderate level..even if one fully prepared in this section could not attempt more thn 30-32 questions with 100% according to me sectional cut off will be low comparatively previous exam SBI exam for this section.My Attmept 30

    And when it comes to English..I gt surpirsed..stories everywhere.. I mean almost 60% English section
    comprises of simple childhood this was the easiest section for me..and I think sectional cut off will be very high in this section. My Attempt 40

    Quant section diificulty level : between easy and medium

    But it doesn't mean one could attempt more thn 35 questions in this section within the given time.The questions were easy no doubt.but the calculations you need to wr so time consuming. It took me 45 minutes to solve 28 questions in this section.

    Reasoning : easy

    you can score good in this section if you manage your time accordingly..almost every question or puzzle h five marks against it is like advantage that you just have to solve one questions and you can get five marks for it easily. My attempt 30

    So according to me sectional cut off will be

    GA - 22
    Eng - 32
    Quant - 20 or 22
    Marketing/computers - 30

    This is just my idea beacause this time it is an olnline exam..and its not easy for score 150 or 160 plus

    so plan your strategy accordingly friends.Good luck.

    And thanks to guys are doing a great job god bless you guys...hope you guys publish my review too.

    1. Are out of your mind? Sectional cutoffs are usually keep lower than half the average number of attempts.

    2. Bhai mujhko bata de reasoning kaun book se padhta hai tu?

    3. @Arjun..
      I wasn't talking about normal cut off my friend....the cut off list for the candidates who ll make it to the interviews.

      Jaha se bhi mile bhai...n no need to clerical me reasoning bahut easy level ki ayegi.

    4. Hii..i also attended d same xam
      .n i found reasoning vry ny1 suggest me sm nyc book to prepare for reasoning??xcpt r.s aggarwalz

  2. i needgeneral awareness question full 40 question.27th jul evening session.plse anybody post it

  3. sip full form.saraswathi saman,shooting

  4. call money one day 15 day

  5. I want to know how many papers r there in sbi clerk exam. 2 papers r rotate or each session has each paper??

    Please tel me gr8

  6. what will be the maximum score in sbi clerk

  7. Hi I am Shantha Kumar, From Karnataka. I attended my exam on 27th July 2014 Morning Session.
    Over all exam was moderate.
    My Attempts are
    Resoning---> 25
    Total Atteempts--->135.

    What could be the Cutoff marks for karnataka region? What are my chances?

  8. Marketing and Computer = Easy
    in marketing they asked most of the questions in previous year questions in sbi.
    in computer they asked binary number, find which one in input and out, and some basic questions..

    GK = little bit easy
    nearly 17 questions only i 100% known.they asked the questions like twisted..i study the ratings they asked the out of range of the rating like this...
    Indian oil corporation hq?
    south korea hq?
    defense minister?
    food and public distribution minister?
    tourism day?

    English = Easy
    in this section they asked easy (story) passage and 4 lines cloze test and rearrangement these are all in the form of story...

    Maths = some how difficult to me.
    i attended only 18..that only i know.they asked table chart it is easy. 1-15 questions from that simplification 2 -4 are tough to me. out out simplification and DI questions all are indirect questions..age,train,chocolate distribution,time and work, boat are are twisted questions.must practice these sections,try to practice difficult questions..then only we can do that in exam.otherwise we dont have a time to workout in the exam hall.

    Reasoning = Not so difficult
    nearly 17-19 i may be correct.they asked 15 marks for puzzles like circle,line arrangement,a study class x,like this.
    syllogism are easy,equality like p<q<=n, na pi co means i can do like these types of questions are very easy.

    totally i attended only 126
    in gk 20
    comp & mar -37


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