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July 27, 2014

Written Exam Experiences of SBI CLERKS Held on 26th July 2014 Afternoon


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Review shared by Ravitheja

Hai All... Just wanted share my experience of written exam..i have appeared for SBI CLERK exam on 26th July Afternoon session...

Name : Ravitheja

Place: Andhrapradesh Near Tirupati

I started with English:
This section was easy. it just requires some basic knowlegde on grammer/ good understang of english langugage and very little knowledge on vocabulary...the paatern was as same as previous exams (Reading comprehension about a king and choosing one as his heir, finding mistakes in a sentence, fill in the blanks, parajumbles, cloze test passage about a boy got stuck in a forest couldn't find his way home and sage appears nd help him) ... so i can say it was easy...i could attempt 38 in this section...

Then i took MK+Comp Section:
As i am a B.Tech Graduate computer bits are very easy fr me..nd marketing bits r also easy some of the qtns are frm previous papers... i could attempt all 40 here

The i took Genral Awareness:
As i noramally feel this is my weakest area i spent most of my preparation for this section but still couldn't do well as the question r bit tough nd lengthy.. to my surprise 2 qtns r frm science also (Blood pressure is measured with wch instument?? study of diseases related to kidney is called?? i gave wrong to this qtn :( ) timer was showing 92:19 after completing this section.. i.e i dint see at timer till this point of time... i could attempt only 20 here

then i took Numerical Ability:
Though this section was easy (quite tough compared to previous papers) it was time consuming except approximation qtns nd series, qtns are lengthy i could attempt only 23 (but with 98% accuracy) after spending 50 mins... this shows i need to improve a lot in this section

Finally i took Reasoning my favorite section:
here i believe all 30 which i attempted r correct...
  • 3 qtns frm puzzle related to height of 5 ppl==> attempted all
  • 2 qtns frm blood relation==>attempted all
  • 5 qtns frm puzzle related 8 ppl sitting in a line (4 facing south, 4 facing north) ==>attempted all
  • 5 qtns frm days cars members puzzle ==>attempted all
  • 5 from syllogism ==>attempted all
  • 5 from inequalities ==>attempted all
  • 5 from coding decoding==>attempted all
  • 5 frm data sufficiency quite lengthhy qtns(solvable bt not attempted as time wasn't enough)
  • 5 frm circuler sitting arrangement few facing out nd others facing outside (solvable bt not attempted as time wasn't enough)
So my attempts were as below:
English       :38
MK+C        :40
GA              :20
NA              :23
Reasoning :30
TOTAL :=======
with overall 90% accuracy

That's hw i gave the exam friends...... for GA section though Gr8Ambitionz material is helpful don't solely depend on it have some additional knowledge too...Then, according to my analysis of previous week's comments nd frm my own experience..they are giving 2 sections quite difficult and 3 sections easy.. so my suggestion is to spend first 2-3 mins on analysing the difficulty of each section nd devide the time accordingly based on your strengths and weakness :)

Wish you All the very Best to all my dear friends who taking the exam today nd in coming weeks :)

Review shared by Rajkumar
Hi friends, I m Rajakumar from salem in tamil nadu. I was written my sbi-clerk exam on today(26-7-14) evening shift. Overall exam was moderate. I want to share my exam review. 

I was started with GK:
it was little tough compare to previous. Some of ques r
  1. Which country s held 2014 asean summit. 
  2. CEERI s where placed 
  3. Which state s first in milk production 
  4. Micro, small and medium industries minister 
  5. Capital of canada 
  6. Ashes test associated with which 2 country 
  7. Who open mahela womens bank 
  8. Which s used to find flood pressure 
  9. Tobaco free village(forgot name...i think grie...something like dis)placed which state
2 ques from history
1 from Geography
1 ques related to NAZA research
1 ques from bslv-c23 france satellite name others r banking awareness

Next my attempt was COMPUTER AND MARKETING
Bcaz I M from BE-CSE, Computers section was vry easy and marketing section wasmoderate

ENGLISH: it also vry easy sec to score more mark.

REASONING:  It little difficult section and time consuming section.
Der r 2 sitting arrangement( 1 circular facing outside and
inside(easy) , 1 straight line(moderate))
5 puzzles like day and color
5 sylogism(vry easy)
5 data sufficiency(moderate)
5 comparison(easy)
5 coding & decoding(easy)
5 blood relation

It s also moderate sec but more time consuming section. More practice
makes it s a easy section.
5 table chart(easy)
1 distance and time(easy)
2 time and work(easy)
1 boat( very easy)
1 compound interest(easy)
2  alligation and mix
2 geometry problem(1 easy)
2 profit
1 percentage(easy)
2 ratio

pls attend the reasoning and numerical aptitude section

All the best friends
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  1. hw many qns from series

  2. Thanks Friends for your valuable review, all the best you too

  3. Computer questions please......

  4. flood pressure ??? ru talking abt blood pressure ??

  5. yes its blood pressure

  6. Nice review rajkumar..


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