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July 24, 2014

SBI Clerks Marketing Aptitude Practice Tests - Set 23


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  1. Services have special characteristics namely ________________ which affect their Marketing process
    1. Intangibility
    2. Inseparability
    3. Heterogeneity
    4. Perishability
    5. All the above

  2. "Just in time" technique has wider acceptance world over. The technique was first introduced in ?
    1. India
    2. Indonesia
    3. Japan
    4. America
    5. None of these

  3. Consumer day is celebrated on __________________
    1. March 15th
    2. June 15th
    3. May 15th
    4. July 15th
    5. March 25th

  4. Which among the following is / are characteristics of common market ?
    1. A common external trade policy exists
    2. There are no trade barriers among members
    3. Creates mobility of factors of production
    4. All of these
    5. None of these

  5. In case of Diamond, if the price goes up slightly, demand will fall by a much larger margin. The demand is 
    1. Zero elastic
    2. Highly price elastic
    3. Income elastic
    4. Low price elastic
    5. None of these

  6. Advertising creates consumers demand for products that they would otherwise not feel a need to buy. This statement is 
    1. Partially true
    2. Absolutely true
    3. Partially biased
    4. Any one of the above
    5. None of these

  7. The Strategy used to charge different prices for the same product is called
    1. Price discrimination
    2. Price Revision
    3. Tariffs
    4. Restrictions
    5. None of these

  8. The nature of Internet commerce can best be described as 
    1. Tangible
    2. Non Tangible
    3. Territorial
    4. both 1 & 2
    5. None of these

  9. In on line marketing, there is 
    1. No exchange
    2. Exchange is the core of marketing
    3. Guarantee
    4. Only Warranty
    5. None of these

  10. The law of Pull & Push of Web Marketing refers to 
    1. Pull people to your site, then push quality information to them
    2. Pull people to your site and force them to purchase
    3. Pull people to your site and Push them away
    4. Pull the money of people and push them out
    5. None of these

  11. What is the first thing about an advertisement that attracts your attention ?
    1. Product
    2. Music
    3. Model
    4. Special effects
    5. None of these

  12. Business ethics is essentially about
    1. universal codes of business practice
    2. societal oriented behavior by firms
    3. A culturally conditional agreement on what constitutes right and wrong
    4. Honesty
    5. None of these

  13. If the market share of a company is increasing 
    1. It is a sign of progress
    2. The company must take the action to arrest the trend
    3. both 1 & 2
    4. neither 1 nor 2
    5. None of these

  14. In modern days, sales approach is based on 
    1. Value sharing
    2. Relation building
    3. Coordinated approach
    4. All the above
    5. None of these

  15. What do you mean by Delphi Technique in Market Research ?
    1. In this a questionnaire is prepared 
    2. Depth interviews are conducted
    3. Information is elicited by means of discussions with various experts in the field
    4. All the above
    5. None of these

  16. In the AIDAS theory of selling, 'D' stands for
    1. Determinants
    2. Demand
    3. Desire
    4. Development
    5. None of these

  17. Which criteria should be adopted by a marketer for a brand extension decision ?
    1. The fit
    2. The Value perception
    3. Competitive edge
    4. All the above
    5. None of these

  18. The quantity for which orders are placed when stock reaches the re-order level is called
    1. EOQ
    2. EPQ
    3. DOQ
    4. MOQ
    5. None of these

  19. In testing a new product, concept testing is 
    1. Customer reaction to the idea of product
    2. Salesman reaction to the idea of product
    3. To put the real product into a few selected markets
    4. To assess the total product performance
    5. None of these

  20. Niche Marketing refer to 
    1. A strategy that specializes in limited or unique product category
    2. A strategy that specializes Niche products
    3. Both 1 & 2
    4. Neither 1 nor 2
    5. None of these

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