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July 18, 2014

General Awareness Practice Tests for SBI Clerks Online Exam - Set 23


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On 15th June 2014, Juan Manuel Santos re-elected as the president of ___________ 

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) was first published in which year ?

USA named a mountain in ____________ as Mt. Sinha to honour an eminent Indian-American scientist, Akhouri Sinha on 30 June 2014?

Which state Assembly session held at Gairsain in Chamoli from 9th June to 11th June 2014 ? (This session was important because this is the first time the session held out side of the capital).

Who took over as the 22nd Chief of Indian Navy on April 17, 2014?

The Reserve Bank of India has extended the deadline to exchange pre-2005 currency notes till?

The Nobel-winning Colombian author of the book "One Hundred Years of Solitude", passed away on 17th April 2014. Who is he ?

Which public sector bank named Shikhar Dhawan, a cricketer, as its brand ambassador in March 2014?

Government of India withdrawn coins of denomination of 25 paise and below from circulation with effect from ____________

Which Part of the Indian constitution is associated with the provisions of citizenship?

Which Committee on 22nd March 2014 submitted a report to Recommend Data Format for Furnishing of Credit Information to Credit Information Companies ?

India asked which nation to invest in the country's infrastructure, including 100 smart cities and high-speed bullet trains?

Dakshin Gangotri is the first scientific base station of India situated in __________

The book 'Industrial Relations in India: Shifting Paradigms' written by ?

Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma committee submitted a report to RBI on 22 April 2014 relating to ‘Enabling PKI in Payment System Applications’. The full form of PKI is ? 

Which was the first film to win the Filmfare Best Movie Award in 1954?

List of Authors and Books is given below. Identify the mismatched pair?

  1. Kushwant Singh - Train to Pakisthan 
  2. Jhumpa Lahiri - We Need New Names
  3. Jim Crace - Harvest
  4. Mary Kom - Unbreakable
  5. Eleanor Catton-The Luminaries
  6. Ruth Ozeki - A Tale for the Time Being
  7. Colm Toibin - The Testament of Mary

In the connection of which case, the execution of death sentence of LeT terrorist Mohd Arif (Ashfaq) was stayed by Supreme court on 28 April 2014?

"Sachin, Born to Bat: The Journey of Cricket's Ultimate Centurion" is written by?

On 1st July 2014, which committee submitted the report on Data and Information Management in RBI?

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