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July 18, 2014

How to manage time in SBI Clerks Online Exam 2018

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Friends, hope you have already completed your preparation of tomorrow's SBI Clerks Online Exam 2018. From today's morning, we have been getting a number of emails from aspirants asking about the time management tips for SBI Clerks Online Exam. So, here we will try to give some useful tips to cover all sections in proper time. Before going into details, let's have a look at some important points to keep in mind.

Important Points to Note : 
  • If you have exam tomorrow's morning, then its better to stop your preparation by tonight. Having a quick glance of the topics which you have already prepared is ok. But don't try to learn new things. 
  • Try to be there at the exam venue atleast 1 hour before the time allotted in the admit card. This is because, for the sake of these online exams, the SBI has been allotting exam centers at Engineering colleges, most of these are located at city outskirts. Some times you may not get proper vehicle (bus / auto) in time. Many of our friends have missed their exams due to lack of planning.  So, it is always good to be there atleast  1 hour before the exam.   
  • Arrange all necessary items (your online exam Admit card, ID Proof original and xerox, pen, photograph, your dress and some money) one day prior to your exam so that you can avoid unnecessary tensions. 
  • Don't argue / shout at anybody before the exam. Try to listen to good music if possible. 
  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths before starting your exam.  
  • Check whether your answer saved or not before moving to the next question. 

Time management tips for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2018

As we have already mentioned in our preparation plan, you will get 2 hours and 15 minutes to solve 200 questions. That means, 40.5 seconds per question. This time is not sufficient to solve some Aptitude and Reasoning questions. So you have to save some time by reducing the time of remaining sections. Keep in mind that you should spend 35-40 minutes on Aptitude and Reasoning sections each. So schedule your remaining time accordingly. 

General Awareness section : It's always better to start with General Awareness section. As there is no need to think much to answer these questions you will get used to the exam environment. If you know the answer, then mark it or else, leave it. Don't waste much time on this section.  Just see the question and mark the answer. Attempt as many questions as you can in this section (only if you are sure of the answer) but you should be able to complete this section in 15 minutes. 

Marketing and Computer Knowledge : Here also same. If you know the answer, then mark it or else switch to another question. If you are in a confusion, then better to mark that question for reference so that you can visit that question if you have time at the end of the paper. Its advisable to complete this section in 20 minutes. 

General English : Some people feel its the easiest section and some feel its the toughest. If you are good at English then try to cover this section in 20 minutes. If you are not, then you can spend 30 minutes over this section. In English section generally first 10 questions in it will be that of comprehension passage. So we would recommend leaving that part of the questions as the rest of the section is pretty basic English which is very easy.

Aptitude and Reasoning : Depending upon your strength, go for either Reasoning or Quantitative Aptitude but remember to solve the easiest questions First (this will be the deciding factor). Anything that requires serious calculations in Quantitative Aptitude (DI) or serious thinking in Reasoning should be left behind at first and come back to it if time permits at the end. For example, questions on Puzzles and Circular Arrangement in Reasoning and Compound Interest calculations in Quantitative Aptitude could be avoided.

Should we solve Data Interpretation or should we leave it ?
From the feedback given by many test takers of SBI Clerks exam, what we found is that the Data Interpretation part of SBI Clerks will be an important part in the test which is also very easiest part. Most of the questions in it could be solved with out even using your pen. So, don't leave it.

So here you are, at the end of your Online Exam. Now check the time. If you have enough time then you can revisit the missed questions and answer them :)

All said and done, you should have at least 5 minutes at the last which you could either use to solve the Reading Comprehension in English or the arrangement questions in Reasoning.

That's all for now friends. Don't be tensed. Everything will be Okay. And don't forget to share your reviews with us :)

All the Best.

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